"Playing in the rain …?"

Listen, Ye Yu said this, but Chin was lost in thinking. If it is an elf, it is likely that it is there.
"Come on, we also want to talk to you about this, but you already know everything? There is more than one thing for the elves."
"This is a simple statement, and it is easy to understand when you think about it. Because earthquakes are caused by elves, they have been reported all over the world. Although the scale is different, it says that there is definitely more than one elf."
"There is nothing wrong, as you think, the number of elves is far more than one. It is not clear at this stage, but it is expected to be five."
Murasame Reine nodded and said so.
"The suspected elf girl you met today should be the gentlest and weakest of the known elves if you guessed correctly. If it is her, it is not surprising that there is no earthquake in the world."
Chapter 398 Elves appear
"Oh, is this still true among elves?"
"That’s right. Even elves are strong and weak. Among them, ten incense sticks are very special. In ten incense sticks, we call them the first elf identification name" Princess Priness”AAA-level elves, and the spiritual costume is called "Shenwei Lingzhuang Shifan is a terrible elf whose destructive power is stronger than strong, which will cause extreme damage if it is not well controlled"
Murasame Reine methodically explained.
"The rest of the elves have their own characteristics according to their understanding, but they should not have such terrible destructive power as ten incense."
"According to your information, there is no doubt that this sudden rainstorm should be caused by that spirit."
I don’t know when I have tied the lacquer black hair band to my hair, and I have switched to the commander mode, Qin said
"But … there was no earthquake." Ye Yu nodded his head and there was something wrong with the key. With the elves in the present world, there will inevitably be an earthquake.
"Yes, there was no earthquake, but Shixiang also had a time when there was no earthquake," Murasame Reine said thoughtfully.
"If the information is correct, it should be the second elf this time. Heri, a recluse, is a gentle elf who is rare and will not damage the world. The characteristic of the elf is that there is always a downpour when the world is now." Chin expressed her inference
"The second elf hermit Heri? It seems that you have more information than usual. "Ye Yu muttered softly.
"I’m sorry that these are top secret information. I can’t tell you for a while."
Chin shook her finger and said with a light smile.
"I know. Anyway, I’m not very interested in these materials. I naturally have my own way to contact the elves."
"I said that dating them is the best way to make them shy. What, you just won’t listen to me?"
"Come on, you arrange …"
Ye Yu didn’t good the spirit made a supercilious look, thinking of this month’s special training and weaving experience, I couldn’t help but feel a little sympathy.
"Well, anyway, the second elf should have reached the present world. Although she is a gentle elf, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have destructive power." Murasame Reine said with a worried look.
"You should know that the purpose of AS is to kill the elves by all means, and whether the other party is really harmful or not. Although the second elf is gentle, it doesn’t mean that she will be willing to be killed by others!"
"AS those guys …"
Ye Yu some nai sighed to be honest, after he learned about Tobiichi Origami’s past, he couldn’t say that to the girl again.
After all, how can hatred be easily released when the other parents died because of elves?
The second elf … should be to see that a girl is not wrong … that girl.
In retrospect, Si Nai looked so timid that Ye Yu couldn’t help but have some regrets about not bringing the girl back directly at that time.
If it’s her … How can I escape from those guys AS?
"So I want you to be ready to go out at any time. Maybe you will find the trace of the second elf in a moment, and then you must receive the elf before AS, otherwise …" Murasame Reine said very seriously
"I see … don’t worry, I won’t let her get hurt." Ye Yu nodded gently.
After that, I spent three and a half hours quietly
After dinner, Shixiang went to the Shi Zhi Fang to consult the girl’s career. Neither she nor Shi Zhi knew the news of the second elf.
After the two girls went downstairs for a while, they sat on the sofa and licked their lollipops. Suddenly, they raised one hand and pressed it on their ears and said strange words. Then the expression in the piano became serious.
"Well … I know what to do."
"What’s the matter? It won’t be an elf in the piano, will it?" At this time, only’ Frainus’ members can call Qinli through this device.
"Well, it’s faster than I thought. Many hermits Heri" said Chin and shrugged his shoulders.
"So soon?"
"Yes, the news came from Lingyin, saying that the earthquake omen was detected, but the scale was very small and almost no damage was caused. She must be right."
Jean said so, pulling the leaf hand. Two people quickly put on their shoes at the door.
"Don’t tell and weave? If I remember correctly, he is that key to your plan, isn’t he? "
Ye Yu asked some funny, while Qin gently shook his head.
"For the time being, it’s better not to let them know. After all, we should also consider the feelings of ten incense. Let’s move to’ Frainus’ first."
Jean gently shook his head and refused Ye Yuyi immediately put a finger on the ear com again.
"Is the tone locked? Ready to send"
As soon as the "White Commander" entered the work mode, Murasame Reine was more serious and meticulous. With her words, she suddenly appeared in the piano and Ye Yushen, and then the two disappeared.
The scenery in front of me changed, and when I looked up, I saw the bridge full of sci-fi style.
It’s hard to imagine a building with technology now. It’s hard to imagine how such an incredible airship was built.
"Commander!" When I saw the instantaneous’ frainus’ in the piano, all the members saluted respectfully.
"Well, go back to your post." Calm and wave to a leader. The piano beckons the crew around to continue to do their own thing.
Ye Yu followed the piano and two men came to the commander’s desk, and the crystal screen crashed out.
Then the bridge sounded a noisy whistle.
"Oh, has it started?" Hearing this, my eyes widened in the piano.
"Very strong spirit wave reaction confirmation! Coming! "
While Ye Yu didn’t know what had happened, a male crew member came from the bridge. After hearing this, Qin Li snapped his fingers.
"Ok, switch the main screen to the predicted location for me."
"White Commander!"
After the piano manager gives instructions, the main screen will reflect the image overlooking the street.
Chapter 399 Four Nais
I have been familiar with the street scene for a month, and I am already very familiar with the buildings around here.
Then it crashed and twisted in the center of the image.
The earthquake just happened in front of everyone.
It turned out that nothing rippled like throwing pebbles at the water.
"It’s the first time to see the earthquake happen intuitively …" Ye Yu said with some curiosity when looking at the strange scene of screen distortion.
Ye Yu has always been curious about what kind of power the elf power is, but after studying it for a long time, he has not worked out any doorways
Because the strength of the Ten Fragrant Bodies has weakened to the point where it can hardly be captured, although this force seems to have entered Ye Yu’s body, Ye Yu still can’t find it.