The sudden appearance of space cracks caught the ghosts in the secular world nearest to Zhang Xiaotian off guard. Even a few ghosts who just saw Zhang Xiaotian’s injury subconsciously stepped forward were sucked in, while other ghosts were struggling to resist the suction brought by cracks.

While Yang Xiaodi, who is in the distance, takes advantage of this opportunity to quickly disappear in the sight of all the ghosts …

Chapter 54 Crossing the Belt to Send the Beast?
"Well …"
Zhang Xiaotian at this time in a daze, as if still have some wet feeling on his face.
Slowly open your eyes, a big mouth, appeared in front of Zhang Xiaotian, also stretched out a generous tongue, licking his face. Zhang Xiaotian was scared to sit up immediately.
Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian felt a tearing pain all over, which Zhang Xiaotian had not felt for a long time since he became a ghost.
Zhang Xiaotian eyed this little thing that had just licked itself with his tongue. Yes, it’s a little thing. Just now, Zhang Xiaotian was lying on the ground, so there was something wrong with the line of sight. Now, if you look carefully, it turned out to be a miniature poodle. Er … it’s just that my tongue is a little big, and … it’s full of water ―― it’s all over my face. That mouth … is a little bigger than your own, but it’s not too big.
Now, this puppy is also curious to look at Zhang Xiaotian. Just now, it was also startled by Zhang Xiaotian’s action and retreated a few steps.
This puppy is very strange now, and I don’t understand why this’ food’ in front of me suddenly moves. His mother brought him all the food before, and he had never seen it move. At that time, it always liked to lick it before eating. But now my mother hasn’t come back for many days. She was so hungry that she ran out to find food for herself. Sure enough, she didn’t go far, so she found one. It then licked it a few times as usual, but now the’ food’ actually moved. This is really beyond its comprehension.
"Ha ha! Whose puppy ran out? " Zhang Xiaotian smiled, just what he thought it was, got a fright. I didn’t know that he was almost eaten by this puppy just now.
But now it is such a lovely puppy that I can’t help but reach out and want to touch it a few times.
The puppy not only moves when he sees this’ food’ in front of him, but now he even reaches out a hand and touches himself. He is scared and retreats a few steps.
Zhang Xiaotian saw a touch didn’t touch, I shook my head and gave a wry smile, no longer stretched out his hand.
Zhang Xiaotian tidy up the energy in the body, so for a while, has recovered, think of the moment just sucked in by space cracks, Zhang Xiaotian a burst of terror, violent energy straggling around, countless tiny space cracks appear around from time to time, the body soul force is swallowed up bit by bit, just like countless ants biting themselves.
Zhang Xiaotian felt for a moment, wry smile, for has fallen to the early ghost.
Mind move, induction under the black stone. Fortunately, Blackstone is still quietly staying in his body. With Blackstone around, he dares to face any difficulties.
It can be said that Blackstone is his pillar.
Zhang Xiaotian looked up and observed the situation around him, wondering where he was now.
What is this, traveling through space? He has seen this term in novels, but the fact remains to be seen, and he doesn’t know where he has gone. Another world? Different big 6? From the moment he was sucked into the cracks in space, Zhang Xiaotian made the worst plan, and the big deal was to die. What’s more, there’s nothing to be nervous about if you’re not dead yet. The more you encounter things, the calmer you are, which is also a great advantage of Zhang Xiaotian.
Tall trees stand everywhere, some … hundreds of meters high. When Zhang Xiaotian saw this height, he couldn’t help being surprised. As far as the eye can see, those "bushes" beside him seemed like some normal trees. Did you fall into the virgin forest? Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help worrying thought.
Zhang Xiaotian looked down at the miniature dog about the size of two slaps, and then looked at the hundreds-meter-high tree and the nearly ten-meter-high "bush", which made me feel depressed. The contrast was too big.
Now I can’t tell whether it is day or night, but there is light, not bright or dark. Can’t tell whether it’s sunlight or moonlight.
Seeing the forest as far as the eye can see, it may be a forest. Zhang Xiaotian was speechless.
Well, let’s see if we can get out. After Zhang Xiaotian wanted to think, he picked a direction at random and began to walk.
Zhang Xiaotian clutching his forehead, indecision at the front of the big tree.
Zhang Xiaotian looked back, but now it was the puppy. Now I’m lying on the ground, belly up, mouth whining, four little paws waving. It’s … It’s laughing at itself? Zhang Xiaotian shocked at thought.
Also, this tree, this dog.
Zhang Xiaotian suddenly thought of the plot that often appears in the novel, and looked at his body fiercely. You won’t be through possession, came to another world?
Well, it’s not like that. I’m still a ghost, and Zhang Xiaotian breathed a sigh of relief after reading the physical condition.
But why can this tree touch itself? And how can this dog see himself? You licked yourself just now? Zhang xiaotian is getting confused. Did you really travel to another world? You can touch everything in this different world by yourself?
Damn it, it’s not through hell, is it? Impermanence of the channel and the space cracks so close … Zhang Xiaotian eccentric thought. He listened to Yang Xiao’s talk about hell, as if it were similar to this.
Zhang Xiaotian thought of here, I wry smile. However, fortunately, at least there is the possibility of going back to hell. If you really cross the other world, then I really don’t know if there is any hope of going back.
Alas, hell is a different world, so consider it a trip to another world, Zhang Xiaotian thought optimistically. Nowadays, you can’t be optimistic.
Sure enough, the energy in hell is as strong as the legend. Zhang Xiaotian now just wants to improve his cultivation as soon as possible. I heard that there are many demons in hell.
Well, I don’t know if it’s safe in such a big forest, and I don’t know if there will be any beasts. Zhang Xiaotian, who thought he was a ghost, didn’t have to be afraid, and now he can’t help but start to worry. The soul beast of hell eats ghosts and doesn’t spit out bones. Of course, there is no bone in ghost repair.
Well, where can we be safer? Zhang Xiaotian walked around and looked around.
In the tree? No, it’s too high. I can’t climb it myself. On the bush? Joke, is there really a beast that can’t reach the bush?
Finally, Zhang Xiaotian decided to try and see if he could get out of this place. Look for a direction, Zhang Xiaotian again, this time with the previous lesson, Zhang Xiaotian know around the tree, rather than a wear.
At this time, the original puppy on the ground saw that this "food" was about to leave and stopped its original action. Paused, as if hesitated, and finally followed. He was hungry, and naturally wanted to have a bite when he saw this "food", but now this "food" is actually moving, and he didn’t dare to bite it for a while. Finally decided to observe first.
Zhang Xiaotian suddenly saw that the puppy behind him was actually following him. Think about it again. When he hit the tree before, it seemed to be laughing at himself. The dog that would laugh? Thought of here, Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help getting excited. I saw those yy novels before, and they all said that they had brought a god beast across the other world. This ….. This is not the only god beast that I gave myself, is it?

Chapter 55 I’m starving!
"Why are you following me?" Zhang Xiaotian tried to ask 1.
The puppy still tilted his head back and was speechless. He didn’t understand what this "food" was doing.
Zhang Xiaotian was depressed, and the little dog couldn’t understand himself.
All of a sudden, Zhang Xiaotian had a brainwave and asked the puppy a question. Spiritual thinking is different from speech and sound transmission. It conveys a meaning.
The puppy understood this time, but it was even more suspicious. I didn’t expect this "food" to be able to talk to myself, and it was scared to have a meal later. Since birth, only my mother has communicated with it in this way, and it has never known that "food" can also communicate with itself. For a while, it greatly changed its impression of the "food" in front of it, and promoted Zhang Xiaotian to the level of herself and her mother.
"I’m hungry …"
Zhang Xiaotian was trying to ask in another way when suddenly such a childish voice came from his mind.
Indeed, it is too hungry. If it weren’t too hungry, it wouldn’t stare hard at Zhang Xiaotian. Hearing Zhang Xiaotian talking to it like her mother used to, it couldn’t help but reply weakly.
Zhang Xiaotian was so excited, haha, it turned out to be a talking puppy.
"What can you do?" Zhang Xiaotian asked with excitement.
"I’m … I’m hungry!"
"Can you fly?"
"I’m hungry …"
"Can you climb a tree?"
"I’m starving …"
Finally, Zhang Xiaotian was speechless. At last, he understood that the puppy was extremely hungry, and he wouldn’t have any great skills if he wanted to come. Alas, I’m too yy myself. How could a damn thief God send himself a god beast? But it’s good to have a talking puppy. At least it can relieve boredom or something. Zhang Xiaotian depressed to.