Looking at the golden metal tube, Sha Yue’s face was a little complicated, but then she became determined.

"Now that things have developed to the present, let’s act according to the predetermined plan!"
Pang Xia nodded slightly and said, "Well, in that case, I’ll entangle Huang Xuemei first. You took the opportunity to give her a final blow!"
It was said that Bi Pangxia let go of Shayue, and the whole person went straight to Fang Huang Xuemei vertically.
See PangXia since and towards his Huang Xuemei eyes wide open one hand holding monty piano stood in the rockery staring at PangXia intensely.
At the same time, her right hand slowly pulled the strings of the monty piano and pulled out a semicircle like a bowstring.
Just when Pang Xia was less than five meters away from Huang Xuemei, she instantly loosened the strings, but she saw a thunderous sound blade coming out of the strings of generate and shooting straight at Pang Xia.
"Pick me up!"
Seeing the arrival of Huang Xuemei’s attack, Pang Xia instantly took out the amethyst sword from the sword box with words behind it.
"You also pick me up!"
But see purple thunder flashing amethyst sword generate a sharp but firm but gentle crashing impact in that recruit auditions magic string of thunder.
A roar by blowing up PangXia mouth spray blood fly out quite some mess fell to the ground.
Huang Xuemei, on the other hand, fell out of the rockery with his nose and mouth bleeding and monty piano in his arms.
Just want to attack Huang Xuemei Yu Guang suddenly saw Shayue not far from himself.
Turned to look at sand month holding a golden metal tube to oneself suddenly Huang Xuemei heart welled up a very dangerous feeling.
This kind of feeling she has never felt since she was a child when she jumped from a cliff with her monty piano in her arms.
But today it is felt by him again.
That feeling is called death!
Looking at Shayue’s mouth, Huang Xuemei felt that she would say sorry again.
This makes Huang Xuemei feel very strange why Shayue should say sorry to himself.
But she never had a chance to ask again because she saw a dazzling brilliance like a peacock screen.
Then Huang Xuemei felt a slight pain, and the whole person’s sight became dark and he soon lost consciousness.
For the last time, Peacock Feather’s opportunity was exhausted, and the instantaneous white light of the golden metal tube dissipated.
In the moment when Peacock Feather disappeared, Huang Xuemei also disappeared.
There is a black guqin scroll left on the ground.
There is no doubt that these two things are the monty piano and the sound martial arts Juexue "Monty Sound"
Going forward, Shayue picked these two things up from the ground and learned Monty Sound without hesitation.
Then a rag wrapped the monty piano around her and carried it behind her.
At this time, Pang Xia came to Shayue and asked, "The first one is finally over, and the next one is to help you pacify Shahai City."
Nodding slightly, Shayue looked complicated, glanced at the place where Huang Xuemei died and sighed, and his eyes became firm again.
"Brother Fat Shrimp will still have to trouble you when he receives things!" ‘
Chapter 413 Sha Haicheng
Yuehua died, and so did her sister.
Lv Lin looked at the devastated fire palace and drifted off, not knowing what he should do.
He now regrets that if he hadn’t deliberately made trouble for Pang Xia and them because of a momentary impulse, things would not have developed as they are now.
It can be said that Yuehua and her sister were killed by Lv Lin’s struggle for his own breath.
Walk out of the fire palace like an out-of-body experience
I don’t know what Lv Lin thinks his head is a mess.
It seems that I suddenly know a lot, but I don’t know the meaning of these things