Although it is impossible for a flower to make a light achievement like Pang Xia.

But it can walk on the body of the bloody giant.
Although the bloody giant interrupted the sword and constantly manipulated the blood to attack the flower.
However, the speed of flowers and flowers combined with the illusion ability of "Immortal Printing" has well avoided these attacks.
Blink of an eye, the flowers will come to the head of the bloody giant.
At this time, his hands concluded the French-Indian body, and the true qi surged wildly.
See his hands folded together and then suddenly boom to the feet bloody giant head.
This recruit boom original raised bloody giant that a pair of huge hands.
Just when I was about to hit the flower, I suddenly stopped.
But I saw ripples spread from the position where the flowers hit the bloody giant’s head
And with the ripple spreading, the bloody giant’s body gradually collapsed.
But just as the bloody giant was about to break up, thick blood ShaQi suddenly poured out from the bloody giant.
These blood ShaQi entangled in the blood giant body quickly stabilized the blood giant body.
At the same time, the huge sword in the hands of the bloody giant suddenly disintegrated to turn a lot of bloody firm but gentle silk.
Such a huge bloody sword casts the Upanishads [blood sword turns into silk], and its effect is really terrible.
As the fog is like a cloud, the number of firm but gentle silk quickly spread from the bloody giant.
When several breaths are short, this large amount of firm but gentle silk is almost covered with the center of the bloody giant, which is more than half of a challenge.
At this time, Hua Feihua’s figure flashed back to the edge of the ring and looked at many firm but gentle wires around the bloody giant.
Eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and finally felt awkward.
Take a deep breath and watch the flowers spread gradually and know that you must respond.
Otherwise, once you are surrounded by those firm but gentle wires, I’m afraid your downfall is the most likely result.
Right-handed sword finger is not a flower, and the sword finger stands on the chest.
At the same time, all the qi in the body surges up and spreads like waves.
"I wanted to leave this trick to fat shrimp or the sea, but now I have to make it."
Muttering a flower without a flower slowly raised his right hand and pointed his finger in the direction of the bloody giant.
Suddenly all over the sky refers to the shadow layer upon layer, and after a split in the palm of the finger.
Those finger shadows immediately turned into streamers, like heavy hammers and meteors, flying towards the bloody giants.
"Bang bang bang …"
A muffled sound, every fingering streamer is equivalent to a flower that is not a flower.
In such a dense attack, those firm but gentle wires gradually dissipate.
Even the bloody giant in such an attack has gradually produced bursts of signs of disintegration.
Finally, the bloody giant broke up in this recruit.
A lot of blood ShaQi spread around like waves.
Look at those who spread like waves, blood and anger, flowers and flowers, and immediately feel bad.
And just when he didn’t feel well but didn’t come to react.
A bloody figure emerged behind him, and at the same time, a bloody but firm but gentle hand emerged, taking the flower from the throat.
However, just as that bloody but firm but gentle watch pierced the flower’s throat.
Hua Feihua suddenly reached a conclusion with his hands, and his strength spread from Hua Feihua’s hands like ripples.
These ripples of gas strength directly ground the blood evil spirit but firm but gentle.
And invaded his body and completely cut off the vitality of the sword that had been hit hard.
The whole person flew out and a big mouthful of blood gushed out of his mouth.
Lying on the ground, looking at exhaled breath, I smiled.
The result of this battle will be speculated in the middle of this game.
But after all, he still wants to fight again, and maybe he can succeed.