Nodded nine Gang spit out one mouthful polluted air and said, "It’s really a big success, otherwise it’s really impossible to compete with your Dragon Ten Palm."

The top Juexue is really not to be underestimated, even if it is incomplete, it has great power. "
"I’m curious about what you palm dharma Dacheng gave you.
You are no less accomplished than me, and you should have achieved great success in several subjects.
But you didn’t make a secret meaning. You should want to play cards! "
"Yes, I came here to think so.
But now even if I want to leave my hand, it’s impossible. "
Nine Gang hands slowly raised the shock ripple and cold suddenly rose several times.
Then nine hands folded together and pressed in the direction of Pang Xia.
At this time, Pang Xia suddenly felt that there was a great danger approaching him.
I didn’t hesitate to make Bipolar Tread Half-way again, but Jiugang’s move was too sudden and the attack came too fast. Even so, Pang Xia was still attacked!
The ice pole earthquake "The Method of Crawling Frost and Breaking the Ice Palm" is a great achievement. The extreme cold gas freezes first, and then the shock wave breaks and freezes, causing great damage twice.
Although Pang Xia has long been psychologically prepared for Jiugang to display the Upanishads.
However, he didn’t expect that Jiugang’s story originated from the meaning of "Frosting and Breaking the Ice Palm Method" to be so destructive.
Almost in the blink of an eye, Pang Xia’s left arm was frozen, and then a large number of cracked blood stains were produced due to shock.
If Pang Xia hadn’t played it by ear to resist the cold and shock waves, his left arm would probably be scrapped directly.
Looking at the left hand has become broken, Xuanjin gloves, Pang Xia told horror at the destructive power of this Upanishads.
"It’s really a juexue. It’s so powerful that it almost abolished my left arm."
"But this is my strongest move. Just now, that move cost me forty percent of my strength. I can’t send it for the second time.
However, it’s really not worth it to attack in this way and only make your arm get hit hard. "
"The most powerful moves? Didn’t your "Left-right Beating" achieve great success? "
"Then" Left-right Beat "is actually very similar to substitute stealthily, which is between martial arts and meaning. In this kind of martial arts, it is extremely powerful but has no meaning."
"So it’s no wonder."
"But don’t try to beat me by dodging my strongest move. I won’t give up so easily!"
Talking nine Gang pulled out the seven-star sword on the ground and walked towards Pang Xia.
At this time, 54 firm but gentle words reappeared around him.
Pang Xia saw this and patted the sword box with a word behind it. Suddenly, a green sword light rushed out from the mouth of the sword box with a word and a green crystal dagger was held by Pang Xia in his hand.
Seven-star sword in the hands of Qinglei dagger drawn out of its sheath and nine Gang sounded like he was afraid of each other.
Swords, dances, and fights with Pang Xia hand to hand.
Two people out of the sword speed is extremely fast, already not weaker than a sword wins snow and Yan Shisan that battle.
But seeing a silvery white and a green sword light flashing in the two of them, it seems that two light whips are constantly colliding with each other to inspire sparks.
"What about the final move?"
"since brother JIU gang has this idea, I naturally want to cooperate.
! "
When the words were finished, the sword in their hands stabbed the tip of the Seven-Star Sword and the tip of the Qinglei dagger.
However, the Seven-Star Sword is the most powerful weapon in the world, and it costs a lot of energy to effectively support it.
This directly makes the seven-star sword in the power of Qinglei dagger. The body of the sword is full of cracks, and the blink of an eye breaks into pieces and flies away.
Yu Pangxia Qinglei dagger is through the broken fragments of the Seven Star Sword, pierced the chest of Jiu Gang and penetrated the beating heart of Jiu Gang’s chest.
A trace of blood flowed out of his mouth. Looking at Pang Xia, he showed a weak smile.
"Even if there is an artifact, I’m afraid I will lose this time.
I’ve exhausted my strength and can’t fight anymore.
How much strength have you reached? "
"One hundred and seventeen thousand!"
Slightly stare big eyes nine mouth way "you should have broken through the limit of one hundred thousand more than seventeen thousand is really give a person a blow guy!"
"I’ll wait for you to get the" First Merit "before you fight!"
"That’s settled!"
As the voice fell, a white light dissipated in front of Pang Xia.
Jiu Gang did not appear in the stands, but directly withdrew from the competition.
He didn’t see that Chu Qianqiu didn’t appear in the stands before, so he decided to leave the competition assistant.
Because he has something very important to talk with Chu Qianqiu about his future in Qianqiu Batu.
Pang Xia’s victory represents the birth of the top five in the first martial arts conference.
Whistling in the wind, Bashu guests, good names have been taken by dogs, Yan Shisan, fat shrimp.
These five people are the top five players in the first martial arts conference!
"At the end of the fifth game, the player’s fat shrimp won!"
"At the end of the fourth round, the king of ten sides played the fifth round of the first day competition."
"In those days, ashes of time Nandi Beigai’s avatar five masters talked about the sword on the top of Huashan Mountain.
In the end, Zhong Shentong forced the other four people to win the first place in the sky.
Now, five players will follow the example of Five Wonders and decide to be the best in the world at the top of Huashan Mountain! "
With the decline of the unified voice, the stands of the entire Roman Colosseum have not changed, but the central venue has suddenly become the shape of Huashan Mountain.
Compared with the fog around the top of the mountain, the audience in the stands seems to be watching the game in the clouds
"Five players, please!"
Pang Xia five people looked at each other one after another, and then successively jumped over the imitation Huashan Mountain.