There is no need to look at the rest, so Xiao asked Nan Yunqing, "Miss Nan, shall we go?"

"Good" Nan Yunqing wore a pair of lavender veil to reveal the eyebrow eye and immediately replied.
Then they walked to the outside of the crowd first and listened to "whew". A green leaf flew out of Xiao Wen’s ring and turned around him twice. At the same time, it quickly became bigger, and finally it was as green as a foot, which was very fresh.
Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing ate the leaf successively, and then they listened to the sound of the green leaf "om" and flew away with them.
This green leaf is almost the same as the nether sedan chair, which was refined by Xiao Wen purely out of interest, but its speed is much faster than that of the nether sedan chair.
"Miss Nan, where are we going now?"
"Let’s go to some distant places and have a look. It’s best to have an overview of Haoran."
"Well, you can sit down if you are tired."
At this time, that is, Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing sometimes flew to the edge of Haoran Sect and then continued to fly farther and higher.
"All right, you can slow down. Now just fly slowly around Haoran Sect. If you want to practice, you can change a fairy instrument and give it to me for control." Nan Yunqing suddenly said.
"Good" Nan Yunqing really said to Xiao Wen’s heart that he immediately agreed to come.
Then Nan Yunqing took Xiao Wen and handed me another fan-shaped fairy from Xiao Wen to sit cross-legged and soon entered the stone painting.
Nan Yunqing didn’t ask Xiao again. After flying around Haoran Sect for a while, she was really tired, so she simply sat down and looked at the environment near Haoran Sect with ecstasy. She didn’t like to concentrate on observation or thinking. If only on the surface, she could know that she was quite calm and indifferent to what she was doing, only she would know.
It was not until it was getting dark that the two men flew back to Haoran Zongxiao Wen, who had already woken up and chatted with Nan Yunqing without a word.
He didn’t regard Nan Yunqing as a beauty, and Nan Yunqing didn’t press people. They got along very well, giving people a very comfortable feeling.
"Xiao asked you some unexpected device level" slowly flying NanYunQing suddenly way.
"Really? How is this possible? " Xiao asked doubtfully
"You should have a lot of refining experience and master a lot of fairy refining methods."
"That’s true," Xiao asked crustily skin of head.
"You woke up at an early age? Before joining Ming Jianzong, your master was very experienced in the Tao? "
These are Xiao Wen didn’t say to Nan Yunqing that "I didn’t wake up until I was ten years old, but there were more opportunities for refining later."
Nan Yunqing also moved slightly. "You haven’t been in the contactor for three years until now?"
"Er … seems to be"
"That your qualification is better than I was." Nan Yunqing was somewhat disappointed, and the tunnel was reminiscent of the past.
To put it bluntly, Xiao Wen’s ability to have the present level and qualification is not due to stone paintings.
At this moment, Nan Yunqing suddenly added, "But if you don’t take advantage of the fairy, I’m afraid you can compete in the Taoist Department."
"I know, anyway, I’m just going through the motions, and I’m already satisfied to get a few high marks in the Dojo Department." Xiao asked the so-called tunnel.
"In fact, you can consciously cultivate your own refining style now. At this time, it is best not to imitate others too deliberately, but to join in your own thinking. My refining path has already been finalized, but now it is not easy to teach you to influence your style, but if you have any questions, I can still help you answer."
"Well, thank you."
Xiao Wen and Zuo Ningqing greeted each other after returning to the school, and then went back to his house to practice.
He didn’t know that during the day, he got ten things and was already in the whole school. Ming Jianzong had a total of 10 brothers who participated in the competition, and Xiao Wen asked this one to be the second one.
Is this a flash in the pan or a manifestation of real strength?
I don’t even know Zuo Ningqing, let alone others.
At this time, no one bothered Xiao Wen. It would be nice to see his performance.
One night’s talk quickly arrived the next morning.
If according to yesterday’s plan, even Zuo Ningqing won’t help Xiao Wen. As a result, Xiao Wen decided to follow Xiao Wen today, which is twice as much as yesterday!
Seeing so many people follow Xiao Wen, I still feel a little pressure. My heart says I must behave well today!
Today, the competition is still in Yuhuaping. After the thirty-two contestants were settled on the stone stage, Haoran Zong’s staff immediately gave them tables and refining materials. The scene is roughly the same as yesterday.
Then Wu Qujiang’s old man’s words were all over the place.
Pure material!
The start of the Falun Gong once again isolated the spectators from the contestants, and then the competition was formal.
Xiao Wen has changed his position, but it is impossible for him to have any influence. As soon as Wu Qujiang’s old man finished speaking, he checked the materials and then sorted out his ideas.
He is confident to get a high score again, but it is not as good as yesterday. The reason is simple: his pure material method usually relies on the high-purity materials extracted from stone paintings to exchange for Haoranzong, but it is impossible to give him the high-purity materials like stone paintings.
Pure materials are actually a rather boring process, but fortunately, the 32 contestants have different basic fairy methods and different flames, and the 32 groups, big or small, deep or light, are burning and dancing, which is quite eye-catching
Xiao Wenxiu was surprised by the strength of the fairy road. The initial state of the flame turned out to be Se. Outsiders can determine the size and shape of the flame by folding Se, but the effect is quite good. He is a true fairy at the initial stage, but the speed of melting materials is not slower than others!
The time limit is also two hours. There are five kinds of pure materials, three of which are more common, while the other two are more partial.
Little by little, after an hour, most people have purified those three common materials and then dealt with the other two.
Xiao asked whether he had suffered in the realm and his pure process was more complicated than others, but he hasn’t finished the third kind of purity yet.
Sharp-eyed people have seen that Xiao Wen’s forehead is sweating. Is it because he is weak or too nervous?
Xiao asked behind those who Ming Jian zong naturally followed Xiao asked nervous to see Xiao asked a little pure third material more and more …
"hmm? ! !”
"Too much? ! !”
"That’s enough. Why is Xiao Wen still pure? !”