Hearing Mei Fanggu roar, Shi Qing and his wife have completely believed that the teenager in front of them is their second stone backbone, and their couple have been searching for enemies for ten years without killing their children.

There are too many things that happened in this day for the Shi Qing couple. They lost their children, they got their children, they found their enemies, and they lost their enemies. At this time, they don’t know what attitude to treat Mei Fanggu.
Mei Fanggu said to Shi Zhongjian, "Good boy, tell your mother where you have been all these years." Shi Zhongjian listened to her mother’s questions and told her own experience over the years bit by bit, while her adoptive father Shi Qing was holding her adoptive mother Min Rou and watching them quietly.
"Shi Qing, I ask you what I can’t compare with Min Rou. Why did you choose her instead of me?" Put stone backbone mei fanggu asked Shi Qing
"I look better than her, and my martial arts are higher than her. What is better for a knitting girl to cook and recite poems than her? Even if she has two children, I teach her better than her. What is this?"
Shi Qing replied, "Elder Martial Sister, because you are better than Min in everything and stronger than me, being with you is not worthy of you."
Mei Fanggu lost her mind and shouted for a long time. She always ran to the hut and Zhang Ping felt wrong. She shouted, "Stop her quickly and don’t let her do stupid things."
The voice just fell and the backbone had chased him in, and then Zhang Ping and Shi Qing also rushed in to see Shi Zhongjian holding Mei Fanggu and Mei Fanggu wanted to get the sword on the wall.
Zhang Ping quickly said, "Uncle Mei, don’t do anything stupid. Think about Brother Shi Zhongjian. He is your son. You have raised him for ten years. If you die, he will go back. Are you willing?"
It seems as if she thought of something. Mei Fanggu stopped struggling. She turned around and held Shi Zhongjian’s face in her hands and said, "Good boy, mom keeps calling you a son of a bitch and still beats you and scolds you. Do you hate mom?"
"How did that happen? I think my mother called me a son of a bitch. "Shi Zhongjian replied with a smile.
"A good boy promised his mother that he would never part with her again. Mom won’t call you a son of a bitch, but you can’t call him Shi Zhongjian later."
"Well, mom, I won’t part with you anymore, but I’m not a son of a bitch and I can’t be Shi Zhongjian. What’s my name?" Shi Zhongjian asked
Min Rou leaned her head against Shi Qing’s shoulder in judo. "Martial sister Mei is a bad karma native. Now that we know that Jianer is safe and well, and that I am outstanding in martial arts, and I am much happier than her in your heart, let Jianer be a child for her."
It is just around the corner to learn that his child is not dead and has grown up. Min Rou’s hatred for Mei Fanggu has lost its roots and disappeared, but her infatuation with Mei Fanggu is full of women’s sympathy.
Zhang Ping and Shi Qing couple came outside the hut to discuss what to do next.
"Adoptive father and mother think that Changle Gang is also famous for its rise in rivers and lakes in recent years. The gang has to seize Brother Yuer and Brother Jianer as Wang. There must be a conspiracy in this place, and in my opinion, most of them want them to accept the order of rewarding good and punishing evil as whipping boys for Changle Gang."
"Good Lill, your analysis is very reasonable. We can’t let her be a whipping boy in vain. We’ll go to Changle to get justice." Min Rou wanted to make her two whipping boys to get justice immediately.
"School sister, wait a minute. Changle Gang is very powerful. A few of us will go there rashly. Moreover, we have to have several famous people in Wulin to witness it. After the Changle Gang, we are entangled in Jiangnan Songjiang House, Yin Ji, Yang Guang, and Yang Dage have a wide range of friends and make friends with us. We might as well ask him to come forward and invite fellow travelers to worship the mountain with Changle Gang." Shi Qing then added.
Min Ruan Zhang Ping felt very well after hearing Shi Qing’s supplement, so Shi Zhongjian, the three of them, told a story and then went back to the mountain inn to rest and prepare for it. Then he went to Changle to help worship the mountain and wished everyone good luck in the Year of the Sheep and successful studies.
Chapter 19 Dongsi School
The next morning, Zhang Ping and Shi Qing had just had breakfast and were ready to start. Suddenly, they found Shi Zhongjian and Mei Fanggu coming from the mountain to be curious. Zhang Ping asked them about something.
"It’s not that easy for him to make my son a scapegoat. This time, I’m going to ask for justice for my son as a mother, and then he’s called Shi Tianyi. There’s no other name, okay?" It seems that I know that Zhang Ping is a Shi Qing couple, so Mei Fanggu has no good tone to speak to Zhang Ping.
Seeing that Mei Fanggu is a true heart, Shi Qing and his wife didn’t care much about her cold face, but instead bought a good horse for Mei Fanggu and a line of five people immediately rushed to Songjiang House.
On this day, five people in Hanghe Town saw that it was getting late, so they stayed in an inn. Zhang Ping suggested that they go to Changle Gang to find out the news first, and the remaining four people went to Songjiang Prefecture to contact their fellow Shi Qing couple, who were very confident in Zhang Ping’s martial arts. The next day, they took action here.
Zhang Ping, Shi Qing and others broke up in Hezhen, and then headed northeast to prepare to go to Zhenjiang, the lair of Changle Gang, to explore the truth and falsehood first.
Seven days later, Zhang Ping arrived in Zhenjiang to prevent the explosion. He had already changed his robe into an ordinary cloth.
After a day in Zhenjiang, Zhang Ping found a good-looking inn for dinner. Now it’s just past the weather in * * and it’s a good season for business, but there are not many people in the restaurant. Zhang Ping then talked to the shopkeeper.
"Laozhang is supposed to be a good time for business trips. Do I think the people in Zhenjiang are cold?"
The shopkeeper gave a wry smile when he heard Zhang Ping’s question. "The guest officer, what you don’t know here is where the Changle Gang’s helm is. In those years, the Changle Gang was overbearing, but somehow it was also a rabbit that didn’t eat grass beside its nest. But since three years ago, a surname Shi Wang has been bitter for the people of Zhenjiang. No matter whose daughter or the harem in the past pedestrians’ business travel, he has robbed it. In the past three years, I don’t know how many girls and good families have been spoiled by him …"
Zhang Ping stopped and said, "But I heard that this stone gang leader seems to have turned over a new leaf recently."
"The guest official said that this kind of thing really didn’t happen in recent months, but maybe it’s because of the leisure time recently."
"What do you mean?" Zhang Ping listened to what the shopkeeper said and felt that there might be any clues, so he quickly asked
"It’s not that I’ve heard that the four major sects in the East are coming to find Changle Gang’s bad luck. Once these Wulin people start to work, it’s hard to get rid of their fish. It’s not that everyone has been shut up after hearing the wind, and it’s a disaster. It’s that the little old man has a family to support and he has to earn more money to support his family." The shopkeeper Xu Xuqing chatted and brought one of the reasons together.
Zhang Ping feels this is a good opportunity to get this news. If we and others can join forces with the four major sects in the East to attack the Changle Gang, we will certainly add a lot of help.
And he estimated that if the four major sects of the East came, regardless of the road and path, they would come from the southwest. Zhang Ping stayed in the inn for one night and rode to the southwest the next morning.
Half a day later, Zhang Ping came to a small town about 60 miles away from Zhenjiang. After that, Zhang Ping found an inn to stay. Every day, he practiced late and went out of his body to investigate nearby and wait for the arrival of the four East sects.
A few days passed in the blink of an eye. About ten Eastern Han people rode to the town. They came to a restaurant and immediately went in to order some wine and meat for a big meal.
Zhang Ping saw this and hurried in to see the three white wooden tables in the lobby. At this time, they were filled by the Eastern Han Dynasty, so Zhang Ping sat at a small table in the corner. The guys were temporarily entertaining the three tables, busy with dining tables and temporarily ignoring Zhang Ping.
Zhang Ping, seeing that there are 19 people in their party, I’m afraid they will be strong in a few days. I just don’t know if these leading leaders can hold off several Changle Sect leaders with their kung fu.
Suddenly, an old man with white hair and beard walked into the store and said, "It’s good to have wine and meat. Grandpa is very hungry." Then he went to a big table and a bench and squeezed a big man who was sitting in front of him to eat and drink.
The old man gave birth to the four sects in the East, but he didn’t want to greet him. Suddenly, the old man wanted to be a good killer in Jinzhou Qinglong Gate. The reason was that others were not allowed to be like him. The old man turned out to be Ding Busi Zhang Pingzao, who had heard of Jianghu no three no four martial arts, high strength and anger, and often heard Shi Zhongjian talk about this. When Ding Busi saw it today, it turned out to be no three no four neither fish nor fowl. After a while, the two sides met and went out to perform martial arts.
It’s not a loss to see that Ding Busi has been in the rivers and lakes for many years, but four people are frightened. A golden nine-knot whip makes the impenetrable floating like a cloud, and the heads of the four sects in Longdong are fighting together.
Obviously, the leaders of the four major sects in the East are not weak in kung fu. It seems that they are still practicing converging attack. Fan Yifei, a Liaodong crane, and Lv Zhengping, a Zijin knife, are close to attacking Qinglong Gate. Good manners are on the side. Gao Sanniang, a locust knife, will be saved from time to time when attacking Ding Busi in the distance.
At that time, the two sides fought fairly well, and Zhang Ping was quietly observing at this time. If the leaders of the four sects were in distress, they would rescue themselves. If Ding Busi lost to themselves, they would look for opportunities again.
Perhaps God wants to help Zhang Ping cut off several beards of Ding Busi with a flying knife in Senior Three Niang. Suddenly, Ding Busi’s long-winded offensive immediately increased, and the four sects leaders seemed to have done their best to balance the two sides and gradually shifted to Ding Busi.
Seeing the five men fighting to the height, Ding Busi suddenly found out that the palm of his left arm had reached Lv Zhengping’s shoulder. Lv Zhengping waved a knife and cut his arm. Zhang Ping saw that this knife cut out Ding Busi’s return, and it was bound to hit his face. His ruthless palm forced Lv Zhengping’s life, so he quickly shouted "I want to hit your face!"
Zhang Pingli surprisingly called out that although everyone was still able to hear clearly in the whistling sound of all kinds of weapons, Lv Zhengping’s martial arts immediately realized this yelling, and he threw a knife in his busy schedule to get rid of it. It was a quick move, and his face was already caught by Ding Busi’s palm and he couldn’t breathe. His face was very painful if he was cut by a knife
After Lv Zhengping rolled out of several feet, he jumped into his heart, pounding and jumping, knowing that the other person was a line between life and death. If someone hadn’t woken up, Lv Zhengping would have rolled into the battle circle. Fan Yifei immediately took a deep breath and cried, "Knife!" His eldest brother immediately threw a single pole Lv Zhengping stretched out his hand and grabbed it and attacked it, but he saw that Ding Busi’s golden whip had been entangled in a gentle whip, and he had a good wind and rushed to Lv Zhengping’s blade to hurry back.
Zhang Ping shouted again, "Make the pen scratch your throat carefully!" Fan Yifei zheng don’t dwell on the judge’s double pen to protect the throat first, and sure enough, Ding Busi caught five fingers at the same time and wiped them over his throat and caught five blood stains. There was really a moment difference.
Zhang Pinglian told two people to save their lives successively, and Dong Qunhao was ungrateful. Look back at him. Zhang Pinglian saw that his kindness had been achieved, so he used his flying skills to jump into the fray.
See Zhang Ping’s hands flying into the right hand of the lance. continuous shooting, Lv Zhengping and Fan Yifei feel that the lance is soft and strong. They involuntarily hold the lance back two steps, while Zhang Ping’s left-handed paw is like a crane catching a snake. A cloud-detecting claw captures Ding Busi’s whip tip, Ding Busi’s force retakes Zhang Ping, but a pair of clouds are light and light.
Zhang Ping then said, "Master Ding did not know Master Ding in Ziyan Island when he was a righteous brother, Shi Tianyi, and there was nothing wrong with Master Ding and the four major sects in the East. Where is the great hatred? Please dare to ask Master Ding to stop here. The so-called enemy should be reconciled. I don’t know what Master Ding means?"
"I don’t know what stone providence is. Are you a Snow Mountain Sect?" Ding Busi saw that people’s martial arts were higher than their own, but it was much cleaner.
"Ignoring the righteous brother Shi Tianyi is that Da Zong didn’t know what Master Ding was thinking now?" Zhang Ping said, "Ding Busi felt another strong effort from the whip to think that men don’t eat immediate losses and said," I won’t care about you today for the sake of big rice dumplings. "