Watson said, "Then what are we waiting for? Go find him now! "

Holmes shook his head and said, "No, go to blackwood root now. There is no evidence. All we have to do is …"
Before he finished his words, the door of Watson’s laboratory was suddenly pushed by a policeman who rushed in and said, "Mr. Holmes, Director Lestrade would like you to come over."
"Another woman was killed?" Asked Holmes, frowning
"no! The Duke of blackwood was killed! "
Four people present exclaimed at the same time.
For Watson and Holmes, blackwood’s death is equivalent to the end of the serial murder clue, but for zhaojie and Bierces, it is the end!
Whether zhaojie wants something or Bill Seth wants something, it is a very unexpected mistake to get this doubt only when the plot develops to the final stage.
Holmes picked up the coat next to him and said, "We’ll leave at once!"
Zhaojie also got up and said, "Let’s go."
The passengers, the police designed a large carriage, and the four of them quickly arrived at the police station. At the door, they met Lestrade, a middle-aged man with an anxious face.
"Oh, my Sherlock Holmes, you’re finally here. I need your help now!"
As soon as Holmes got into a carriage, the man rushed over and said
Holmes looked heavy and nodded, briefly introduced a zhaojie and others and followed Lestrade to the police station morgue.
In the middle of the cold morgue, a single white cloth covered the body. Holmes pulled the white cloth out of the middle-aged man in the previous step.
A few people gathered around. Watson put his finger on the carotid artery and wrist of the corpse for a few seconds and said, "He’s dead."
Zhaojie stretched out his hand and scratched blackwood’s eyes, and Bill Seth rubbed his finger against blackwood’s earlobe. These two methods are common autopsy methods in detective novels, but in this era, few people are also surprised to see the two people move.
"Already dead …" zhaojie looked solemn. "How did he die?"
Lestrade, who graduated from Scotland Yard and was introduced by former Sherlock Holmes, did not doubt it, but simply said, "He was stabbed in the back of his waist and directly pierced his heart."
"the other way around"
In zhaojie, the ghost motioned for the war to turn over blackwood’s body one hundred degrees, revealing a smooth back, and the back was as small as a gap wound.
The war ghost stretched out his hand and pulled out a wound, then turned around and said to the crowd, "The killer made a blade knife thinner than a kitchen knife. This knife is very soft and difficult to grasp. It needs to go through compact muscles and dirty gaps from the lower back to the heart, so that when it pierces the heart, it will not let blood flow out of the wound, but will cause bleeding. Even the deceased will only feel pain in his back for one hour, and then he will die in the second half hour because the heart dries up and dirty blood accumulates in large quantities, which makes this knife man a master!"
Holmes touched Baba’s beard and said, "That is to say, the place where the deceased died was not the place where the murderer did it. It seems that it is very difficult to solve this case!"
Zhao Jiedao "who is this blackwood? Can we find clues from his family? Since he is a duke’s family, he should be famous, right? "
Holmes said, "No one knows how blackwood became a duke. He gives people the impression that he has always been a mystery and his family is a mystery. However, his eyes are very special. The iris is rare. It is dark green and has diamond-like hazel flowers. This kind of thing will only be left through direct relatives. If his family is still alive, I think it can be seen from this. The problem is that there are so few people who know this. It is impossible to investigate it on a large scale!"
Bill Seth asked, "So who does he usually meet?"
Lestrade said, "I don’t know. He has always lived in seclusion, and he rarely sees him attending the social banquet. What friends he has is also a mystery."
"So …" Holmes suddenly laughed. "The clue is so broken?"
"Holmes, you …"
Holmes patted Lestrade on the shoulder and smiled. "Don’t worry, Lestrade, I’ll find a way to investigate."
Bill Seth suddenly said, "in that case, why don’t I go with you and let my two companions look for other clues so that we can speed up the case?"
Holmes nodded noncommittally.
"blackwood’s death has a problem."
Walking in the streets of London, the ghost suddenly said
"Oh?" It’s hard to hear the war ghosts take the initiative to give their opinions, which surprised zhaojie. "Let’s hear it."
War ghost said, "Will blackwood be so easy to be killed? Let’s not just talk about this kind of killing technique … You also know that I used to be a mercenary. There are some studies on this aspect of knife machinery. Killing blackwood’s blade root is not something that can be created in this era. Whether it is softness, toughness or cutting edge is absolutely created in this era."
Zhaojie wondered, "How is that possible? There are even pistols in this era. "
The war ghost shook his head and said, "Having a pistol doesn’t mean anything because the world is the most difficult to build compared with hot weapons. It is said that an old man in China developed tangdao all his life, but he couldn’t bring it back to the world until his death (this is the story of tangdao, an old man from surnamed tang, Henan Province). It’s not said that a well-made dagger can be sold for millions in the mercenary black market, but a Barrett n2 is only worth hundreds of thousands."
Zhaojie mused, "I see what you mean. So you’re saying that the man who killed blackwood is probably not from this world … at least not from this era?"
"Do you remember what you told me? Although the world’s intermediate props method makes it possible, there are many D-level props. I think a knife like this is probably a D-level prop at most."
"How is that possible? There were three of us when we came in unless … "
"Wan Ciwang also sent a killer to deal with us?" War ghost asked.
"No, it’s not Wan Ciwang. After my research, he asked me to find this thing. Ten times, it can strengthen his strength to a terrible level. For him, this thing is more valuable than a country. He will never let anyone in to bother me."
"Is that Bill Seth?" War ghost gritted his teeth. "I knew that bastard was not a good thing."
Zhaojie shook his head again. "I don’t know what Bill Seth really wants, but I really can’t think of a reason why a proud man like him should deal with me in this plane. If there is one, he will do it himself."
"It’s not that it’s not that it’s not that someone broke through the blockade of Wan Ciwang and rushed in?" War ghost depressed way
Zhaojie thought for a while and was a little uncertain. "I don’t think so. When you first arrived, you also saw that Wan Ciwang deployed heavy troops around this plane. If someone really broke through his blockade, I can’t think of anyone else who has other abilities besides Tianlong Jiu and Sanshen."
"It may also be a resister!"
"This is also the reason why I ruled out this possibility. Bill Seth’s strength should be quite good even among the resisters. Yu Tianlong Nine’s strength is average among the crossers. From this point, he can see that he entered this plane in an understatement. According to my estimation, people should leave him alone among the resisters. Once a man like him is angry, he must be thunderous. I can’t think of any reason for the resisters to come in."
The war ghost is dejected and despondent. "Who is that?"
Zhaojie shook his head and said, "I don’t know if the amount of information is too small to judge by root method."
"Then where shall we go next?"
Zhaojie suddenly smiled, "The mysterious leader of blackwood Torre’s Four Saints … Thomas"
Thomas met the two self-proclaimed Manchester detectives in a magnificent building in the northwest corner of St. Sams Square.
Not because a big shot like him was able to attend the meeting, but because zhaojie Tommen gave him a piece of paper to refuse.
Painted with sphinx paper
"I have heard from the police that young policemen who graduated from Scotland Yard have the same observation and wisdom as Holmes."
Thomas, a white-haired man in the warm hall, was having lunch when zhaojie and the war ghost came over, and the old man said
"All observation comes from honing and all wisdom comes from accumulating what we have, but it’s just more complicated knowledge than ordinary people." zhaojie smiled and went to Thomas’s desk. The war ghost immediately helped him pull the chair and let him sit down.
"So beautiful lady, what can I do for you?" Thomas put a cooked potato in his mouth and struck a table with his fingers crossed.