The stowaway also showed a wonderful look in his eyes and said with a smile, "Congratulations to sister for his successful counterattack!"

"sister, look!" The evil man is eager to say that he is rubbing his hands.
"Let’s slowly uncover the mystery!" The returnee said slowly and dragged the summoning attribute interface to the summoning qualification interface, leaving two option menus of "Skill" and "Dan", and then the returnee clicked the summoning attribute interface with the left mouse button and slowly moved to the left.
All the attention of the five people is on the left side of the "skill" at the right time, and the focus of attention is slowly moving with the movement of the summoning property interface. The eyes of the five people are getting bigger and bigger, and it seems that it is possible to stare out of their eyes at any time.
"1 skill! 1 skill! 1 skill … "Cried the wicked and redeemer in a low voice.
Just when everyone’s attention was high, the returnee suddenly put the mouse down and stopped the interface movement. At this moment, the position is just right to see the last white line on the right side of each row of skill boxes. It is necessary to further verify whether there are skills or not.
Sister!’ Evil extremely surprised way
"I’m suffocating. I take a breath!" The returnee said with a deep sigh of relief.
A moment later, the returnee said again, "All right! Let’s witness the miracle together! " After that, the summoning attribute interface moved heroically to the left for about half a millimeter, and two bright yellowish bulges were exposed.
Chapter sixty-one A little puzzled
"had! Minimum skills! " The evil person excited way
"The counterattack! Counterattack! " Redeemer also excited way
The returnee suddenly pulled the summoning attribute interface greatly, and the whole summoning qualification field suddenly appeared, and the 19-skill humanoid leopard suddenly appeared in front of everyone
"Sure enough, nine skills!" The stowaway smiled excitedly and looked at the nine skills: blood sucking, luck, exorcism, advanced strength, anti-shock, coping with Mount Tai, sneak attack, eternity and fire.
"Although there is no domineering qualification of your dragon turtle, nine skills are absolutely enough!" The returnees laughed happily.
"Breakdown of barriers, advanced slaying, advanced sneak attack, advanced bloodsucking, advanced night fighting, advanced luck, advanced anti-shock, advanced exorcism, advanced perception and a high-magic set" The followers said skill by skill and said "It seems that there is still a high-power position missing!"
"Brother is a little greedy," the stowaway laughed. "If you say that you lack a high-level powerful position and a high-level agile position!"
The follower smiled shyly.
"Can this baby be worth hundreds of millions?" The redeemer asked with joy.
"No problem, three or four hundred million people still dare to take it," the stowaway said without thinking.
"ooh!" The redeemer excited way
"Nine skills! Nine skills! Why am I not so lucky? " The evil man said sadly, "Is it true that the baby also has sex?" But the boss is also a man! Is it related to looks? But I am so handsome! "
The evil man is so sad that his eyes are almost overflowing with tears of injustice, but no one cares about him. At this moment, he is a noise in the hearts of his partners, and his left ear just enters the right ear and then comes out.
"I’m a little puzzled," the returnee suddenly said
"What’s wrong?" Followers curious way
"I am quite puzzled!" The returnee said quite inexplicably, "What happened when all the skills were available?"
"Yes!" Everyone wondered, only then did they realize that this crazy leopard was synthesized with omega supreme, with advanced strength and Taishan coping, but there was no force to split Huashan.
The evil man sighed a long time and said, "It’s obvious that gm is naughty again!" "
They looked at the evil person in surprise and then the stowaway quipped, "It’s naughty again! It seems that the benefits are a little less! "
"How can gm be so greedy!" Redeemer further quipped.
"It’s okay to be greedy. Just give me ten skills to split the crazy leopard earlier!" The evil man said that he wanted to tell gm, "come and kill me!" Give me ten skills as soon as you are polite. It’s hard to say anything! "
The four partners were surprised at the time, and the redeemer sarcastically said, "What a beautiful idea! I think gm will give it to you at least after hacking you!"
"No problem, you can accept anything earlier," said the evil one generously.
The stowaway turned his attention away from the evil person and the redeemer and said to the returnee, "sister bought Yuanxiao and refined animal scriptures for the baby first, and I also gave the dragon turtle enough!" After that, I took my notes and flew No.175 directly to Chang ‘an City Post to find Yuanxiao and refined beast classics.
The returnees responded and found it in Chang ‘an City Post.
Hearing this, the redeemer immediately left his good friend and excitedly said to the returnee, "sister should give it to the baby after eating the Lantern Festival and refining the precious scriptures!"
"Not yet!" The stowaway stepped forward and said that without waiting for everyone to ask anything, he explained very consciously that "the weekend is tournament week, so we should sign up for the king’s war, and we should try our best to focus our resources on the current affairs."
The returnee said, "It’s still early for the wild leopard and the dragon turtle. The elite baby is brave, and we can wait until the elite baby is done. It’s not too late to get the wild leopard."
"alas!" The wicked man sighed.
"Yuanxiao is a little expensive, but it’s quite cheap to refine the beast treasure sutra." The stowaway said that he bought 5 pieces to increase the summoner’s growth and refine the beast treasure sutra, and 1 piece to increase the summoner’s attack qualification.
Each summoner can add up to 1 Lantern Festival every year, and the qualification is limited to the limit. Lantern Festival of this nature can no longer be refreshed on January 1 every year.
In addition to increasing the summoner’s attack qualification, Sesame Qinxiang Lantern Festival also increases the defense qualification, Osmanthus fragrans and fermented rice dumplings increase the speed qualification, fine grinding bean paste Lantern Festival increases the dodge qualification, honey cashew nut Lantern Festival increases the physical strength qualification, hawthorn wire-drawing Lantern Festival increases the mana qualification, and slippery jade lotus seed Lantern Festival is redeemed for lantern riddle points, among which Sesame Qinxiang Lantern Festival is the most popular among summoners, but players will exchange it in large quantities every year, but the price will still be higher by the end of the year, followed by hawthorn wire-drawing Lantern Festival. Animals are second only to sesame, fragrant and fragrant Yuanxiao, followed by slippery jade lotus seed paste Yuanxiao, finely ground bean paste Yuanxiao, sweet-scented osmanthus wine-brewed Yuanxiao and honey cashew nut Yuanxiao, all of which can’t be at the bottom, so that they have no sense of roots in the summoner’s mind. Every year, when the Lantern Festival activities are exchanged for the Lantern Festival, unless the player’s points are just left, they can be exchanged for a honey cashew dumpling or just a game of white. In these two cases, how many honey cashew dumplings will be exchanged? It is almost impossible to find out the excuse that the honey cashew dumpling is exchanged. The honey cashew dumpling is absolutely rare in the market, and it is still quite worthless.
The points of map-reading activities of refining animal treasures during Teacher’s Day can be exchanged for Four Treasures of the Study Qi Hou to find the np secret monster in Aolai country, and the maximum number of summoning animals can be 5 from September 1st to March 31st every year.
"Teacher’s Day activities should be so rampant only in the past," explained the returnees. "From now on, we should also add Yuanxiao and refined animal classics to our purchases."
Several partners agreed without a doubt.
Stowaways and returnees bought sesame seeds, fragrant Yuanxiao and refined animal treasures, and immediately flew to the warehouse in Aolai to give them to their babies.
The returnee first gave his humanoid leopard baby a refined animal treasure, and five identical messages in the timely game interface bounced out with the right mouse click speed of the returnee.
"After some study, your summoning has grown by 2."
"After some study, your summoning has grown by 2."
"After some study, your summoning has grown by 2."
"After some study, your summoning has grown by 2."
"After some study, your summoning has grown by 2."
Of course, these five messages also appeared in the chat interface.
"It’s really less than one to add 2! Five to grow up to 1252 "evil looking at returnees make refined beast Jane by the scene depressed way
"I’m missing one to add one." The stowaway laughed.
The evil man and the redeemer looked at the stowaway game interface at the same time.