Being trampled on also has that door.

It’s like snow after a cold front crosses the border.
When Chen Senran decided
The world behind him
Those land valves
Scattered like snow
The five virtual allies were defeated by his sword.
I can watch the door float like snow and do nothing.
Because the five of them are also dissipating like snow.
They can mobilize all their energy to fight against the collapse of their bodies.
"go! ! !” Finally someone decided to give up.
North Fratu, who has been deeply eroded by this world or is the most human, seems to have some ways to endure the dissipation of his body.
He screamed and kept his hands catching the dissipated smoke as if he wanted to put it back in his body.
He kept muttering to himself nervously, "Give me blood, give me blood, I’m so cold, I’m so thirsty, I want blood."
While others are consciously look at the dissmason.
This is a habitual movement.
When many decision are made by one person
People will consciously regard this person as a threat.
Even temporarily.
There is no doubt that Desmason became such a person at this time.
He’s still watching.
Even though his body is feathering like flying snow.
Now it is urgent to stabilize your body quickly.
But that door …
Desmason looked at Chen Senran.
Turn your back on them Chen Senran.
Chen Senran never looked back.
Then he looked at the door.
He suddenly threw himself at the door regardless of his sudden movement and accelerated the melting of snow.
Almost at the same time, I watched Desmason, and others also made this move.
After that, several times in history, at the same time, we robbed and parted ways.
At that door, every virtual alliance member before re-dividing the world number.
Have grab their own share.
Even a tiny piece.
May develop into a prairie fire in the future.
They escaped.
The fastest speed in all directions, no more communication.
This alliance, which seemed to be United before, came to nothing in the shortest time.
Everyone seems to be afraid that others will know where they are going to hide their bodies.
No one cares whether Chen Senran is dead or alive.
Where did that twist go?
Have been watching in the distance east coalition finally have a reaction at the moment.
They also breathed a sigh of relief at the bottom of their hearts.
Because Chen Senran is still alive.
Not dead
Otherwise, all the achievements they have just achieved, the victory of the war, everything built from the ruins of Noxas.
Will be meaningless
Fortunately, he didn’t die.
Chen Senran, he is still there.
He turned his back on everyone.
I have closed my eyes and put them away again. The sword that shocked the whole world still has breath.
The army led by a group of Nokessas military high-level leaders in Duke Khao moved quickly towards Chen Senran.
And at this time.
"Make cheep-"
Harsh sucking