Is this ….. is this Qin Shaojie?

In many movies and novels, in this case, the hero often smiles, then he is angry and sad, then he smiles, then he says "Fuck you", and finally he pulls his female companion around him and leaves smartly.
But in reality, this is not the case. Qin Shaojie is such a situation. Since I met him, I’m sorry that you left me when I didn’t disgust you.
"Hey, this isn’t Zhang Lili, you were alongside the Kai Zi? Divided? Is this new? " Qin Shaojie walked over and said sarcastically.
"I grass, who are you talking about?" Zhang Lili hasn’t spoken yet. The man next to him opened his mouth first.
"I’m telling you, boy, this is my woman. You speak with respect. Some people are not to be taunted." The man said.
Look at this boy, who is selling goods all over the place. It is estimated that everything is over 200 yuan. Who is he? His father is the director of the Urban Construction Bureau, and that group of rich developers depends on his father’s face. He has contracted projects over the years, and he also knows many wealthy businessmen and a poor boy, who can be sent away casually.
"Not to be taunted? Are you awesome? " Qin Shaojie said disdainfully.
"Of course, my dad is the director of the Urban Construction Bureau, Zhang Xuebin." The man said with a bullish voice.
Shit, is this a fight for dad? Qin Shaojie andao.
"Qin Shaojie, what do you mean? What kind of boyfriend I have has nothing to do with you." Aside Zhang Lili also said angrily.
My beauty is not bad. I wanted to be a star since I was a child. I only dated Qin Shaojie because I was honest, but later I found out that in today’s society, there is no way to live without money. So, I embarked on the road of being rich.
Qin Shaojie just wanted revenge today, and he didn’t want to play dress up as a pig to eat tiger again. He took out a phone and called Li Yuanchao directly.
"Master, what can I do for you?" Li Yuanchao’s voice came from the phone.
"Do you know Zhang Xuebin, director of the Urban Construction Bureau?" Qin Shaojie said in a cold voice.
"Huh?" Li Yuanchao one leng, but listen to Qin Shaojie tone is not good, presumably someone’s eyes open again.
"I know this person, just shrimp." Li Yuanchao said.
Yes, it is shrimp.
In some small developers, he is a great god, but in the eyes of the Li family, he is still not on the table.
"It’s good to know, let him step down." Qin Shaojie said.
With such a son, I don’t think he is much better.
Say that finish, Qin Shaojie don’t take care of them, also no longer ready to eat, directly called the package, and then pull Xue Dan with Lingfang, then out of the restaurant, get on the bus and leave.
Looking at Maibakh, who was gradually leaving, Zhang Lili was very surprised. She mixed in this circle and naturally knew the value of this car. It’s just that she can’t figure out how the poor boy had such a good car.
Chapter 73 New tasks
Qin Shaojie’s mood now is like eating an iced watermelon in summer. It’s awesome.
Looking at the expression on Zhang Lili’s face, he felt a sense of revenge.
It’s not that he is stingy. In fact, most couples break up in the same way. If they break up because of disagreement and noisy every day, it is understandable that everyone will die of old age. You don’t always say hello when you meet.
But Qin Shaojie was dumped, because he had no money, because he was a loser, and because it was the first love, so Qin Shaojie really looked down on such a woman, even the first love.
Qin Shaojie don’t say, two women also don’t ask. It was not until Xue Dan was sent back to school that Qin Shaojie said to Ling Fang, "Don’t you have anything to ask?"
Ling Fang shook her head and said, "No, as you said to me, the past is the past."
Damn it, where can I find such a good daughter-in-law Qin Shaojie was deeply moved.
"I’m a lonely bachelor, a miserable bachelor …" Before I got home, Qin Shaojie’s cell phone rang.
Depend, this who ah, disturb my happy time, don’t say, this bell has to be changed, we now get rich and run a well-off life, has been out of the bachelor and virgin two big hats.
"Hello, who is it?" Qin Shaojie reluctantly picked up the phone.
As soon as the two words came out, Qin Shaojie hung up immediately.