I think it will take them a lot of effort to get Sherang to treat this egg!

But no matter what, they can still be!
There’s always a way
In the end, things will work out. They won’t give up so easily!
Turned around and looked at the lock demon tower, which was still shaking. The two men marched away without looking back!
Chapter 324 The little white snake
As the name implies, this is a scenic city.
Here, five poisons.
An Xiaoya and An Jinxiu made a trip to a third-class city before they came here. The foggy forest is a city that is surrounded by miasma all the year round. There is a special thing here called Avoidance Dan.
However, in fact, this kind of pill is not able to resist the toxicity of miasma.
It is also a relatively extensive detoxification and avoidance drug.
The two bought a large handful of Fog Forest Avoidance Dan and put it in the package at any time, and then it was sent from Fog Forest to Wudu City.
Unlike the foggy forest, which is covered with strange and miserable green miasma all year round, although Wudu City is full of poison, on the surface, the color is still very bright.
But more of these lang tones are dangerous colors at first sight.
Such as green, purple and blue.
Wudu City Wudu Zun snakes, scorpions, geckos, centipedes and toads can be seen everywhere, and their status is higher than that of people.
Sherang, the high priest of Wudu City, is actually the high priest of the snake clan.
"People here feel so exclusive …"
An Jinxiu’s first feeling after arriving here was that it was a world of its own.
An Xiaoya nodded. "It’s like the underground city excludes Terrans except you."
Wudu City has always been a very exclusive place.
So this is their difficult problem!
Generally speaking, players will not come to Wudu City unless they have a special occupation or a special race similar to the snake clan or the sorcerer clan.
An Xiaoya didn’t want to come, but after all, she still crustily skin of head.
Although exclusive, I still won’t tell you if I ask the way
The two men soon bought a lot of things from a shop and learned from the boss where the high priest Shelang was.
That’s the Snake Temple in Wudu City.
After getting the specific location and route, the sisters rushed over there without much delay.
Although it can last for a long time, it can last for 24 hours in the foggy forest, but it can last for half an hour in the more toxic Wudu City.
So even if they buy a lot, they can’t last long.
In this case, it is better to solve it early.
"Here it is."
An Xiaoya looked at the huge sculpture in front of her. This is the snake temple.
An Jinxiu also looked up.
Almost to the sky snake statue inside the number.
This is the snake temple?
It’s amazing that the body is a snake.
But that’s what people believe in, and they didn’t say anything
When they entered the snake temple, they found that there was no keeper here, as if they could just come in.
Where is the high priest? They don’t know what they can do, and they are looking for it here.
The snake temple is criss-crossed with four accesses. If the map plug-in didn’t completely record all the places they passed by, it is estimated that they might still get lost in this three-dimensional intersection.
But it’s not the way to keep looking for it.
But they walked in the snake temple for a long time and didn’t see a living person!
This makes them very nai.
There is no way to find someone to ask where a high priest is!
Ears will hiss anytime and anywhere. An Xiaoya frowned and looked at the bright sky outside.
This is just a small platform that can directly see outside.
"I think there’s something we haven’t considered."
An Xiaoya frowned. She thought there should be someone here.
That’s what my intuition told her.
But the eyes told her that there was no one here.
There is no one alive except her and Xiu Xiu!
Trouble AnXiaoYa rubbed his eyebrows and was about to look again when she heard the ear "hiss" and she suddenly froze.
Why didn’t she think of that before?
It’s really wrong!
Excited, she looked directly at An Jinxiu. "Sister Xiu Xiu, do you think everyone in the snake temple is a snake family?"
Snake dialect should be snake-shaped, right?
An Jinxiu thinks that there is indeed this possibility!
So she nodded and said, "If that’s the case, there should be many snake walkways besides these people’s walkways, so that we can often hear snakes spitting!"