But in the eyes of this woman, what he did, including running away from home, was actually childish

Zhang Ma pursed her lips. "Xiaoyu has always been a good boy in my mind, and I will choose to support you no matter what happens."
The night string moon raises its head and is silent.
Although he has always been selfish and thinks that his mother doesn’t love him or care for him, he stinks old woman, but when he looks at this woman with white hair and tears all over her face, she feels her heart tremble slightly.
After all, he is still not as cruel as he thinks.
God knows how upset Li Ruoxi was when he heard that something had happened to this woman.
I just don’t want to admit it
See the night string month don’t talk, Zhang Ma’s mouth opened and closed again, and it took a long time for Zhang finally to mumble, generally holding the night string month clothes silly and asked
"Mom knows it’s a mistake, Xiao Yu, will you go home?"
The night string moon didn’t answer because the corners of her eyes were a little wet and she turned and strode away.
Passing through the corner of the corridor, he glanced at the corner and suddenly felt that he could no longer walk.
The woman just stared at him at the door.
Finally, the night string touched the phone and smiled.
Li Re cherish and Yin Mo are not far from the door, and Zhao Zhe also hangs his eyes and leans against the corridor wall without saying a word.
"It’s all my fault." Li Re regretted some remorse. How could she know that things turned out to be so serious that it could not be explained clearly in a few words?
Zhao Zhe shook his head. "I know Mrs. Yin means well, but it’s not so easy to compromise. You see, I know that although I have to clean up his mess every time, I dare not say anything harsh."
It’s not that I dare not say I’m afraid of the night string moon, but that Zhao Zhe knows that the night string moon has a hard temper.
Yin Mokou: "You are the agent of Ye Xianyue, so you haven’t observed his facial expression or tone when he plays mom?"
Zhao Zhe shook his head. "Yin Dong, you don’t know something. Maybe Zhang Ma can say a few words in front of you, but the night string is very tight and never told me about his mother."
Li Rexi is a little curious. "Then how do you know so much?"
Yin mo smiled and said nothing.
No matter Zhang Yufan or Zhao Zhe, the artists they choose must have been investigated, observed and checked in advance.
Otherwise, if this artist is not good, then things will definitely be a lot of trouble.
Zhao Zhe will know so many things about the night string and the moon, and it is estimated that most of them are also found by intelligence networks and secret visits.
V Chapter two hundred and thirty-five Insomnia diagnosis and treatment have coup.
This is the default thing in the circle. Li Re will not know if he doesn’t touch these naturally.
Zhao Zhe was embarrassed and laughed. "This is my professional code, Mrs. Yin. Don’t ask me. This is not a good way to find out."
Li Re-cherish evokes a lip angle and squints and smiles. "You’d better call me if I cherish it."
Yin Mo’s eyes drooped and his thin lips gently bit a Li Re’s earlobe and scolded "Little fool, you just told people to call your name."
"Don’t get itchy" Li Re precious little she blushed.
Zhao Zhe Bie turned to be embarrassed and said, "Yin Dong and Ruoxi have deep feelings. I have always been a rumor. I didn’t expect you two to have such a good relationship."
Li Re blushed with pity and didn’t answer Yin Mo’s faint mouth. "Our relationship has always been very good, and there is still trouble. Agent Zhao is not allowed to call me a little pity."
Zhao Zhe leng leng "what"
In fact, he regretted this sentence as soon as he said it.
There are several big characters written on the fundus of Yin ink; My wife, I’d love to
When the night string moon comes out, her face is expressionless.
Li Re cherished some timidity and hid beside Yin Mo, who whispered in her ear, "How do you know you’re scared this time?"
"I’m not afraid," she blushed and argued that her fingertips poked her arm carefully and then whispered to Yin Mo secretly.