Chapter 56 Songshan pick fights

Zhang Ping walked into the hall with Lao Denuo, and saw that the white-headed fairy Weng Bu Shen and the bald eagle Sha Tianjiang were sitting in the west first guest seat, while Yue Buqun and Ning Zhong were sitting behind the first Ling Huchong. Zhang Ping sat in the opposite plush chair and said coldly, "I have never seen two people before. I wonder what they are doing here?"
Bu Shen and Sha Tianjiang both flew into a rage when they saw Zhang Ping and didn’t take them seriously. Bu Shen shouted, "You’re a teacher-killer who colluded with the magic teaching thief, and you killed me by despicable means the other day. Three disciples of Songshan Paizhong have committed such a terrible crime in many younger brothers and Yue leaders, so please join hands with Wulin to get rid of this harm."
Zhang Ping suddenly laughed at this time. "Three, two, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three
After saying, "Lin Ping came to the hall to meet me quickly", he suddenly roared, "Don’t wait for Songshan to send two people to reply."
See BuShen hastily single-handedly unsheathed at a stroke to Zhang Ping’s head, but Zhang Ping’s right-hand sword suddenly shook and evaded him. When he looked up and evaded this sword, his left-hand bamboo sword suddenly struck him and gently stabbed him in the chest. From Min Rou’s clear view of constructio n’s swordsmanship, he knocked him down.
Sha Tianjiang saw that Bu Shen was knocked down by Zhang Ping’s two strokes, and his mind was greatly shocked. He quickly jumped forward to prepare for rescue. Bu Shen and Zhang Ping’s right-hand sword cut out the vicinity of the knife, but suddenly changed his point, and then his left-hand sword struck. However, Sha Tianjiang seemed to be more prepared for Zhang Ping’s left-hand sword because of Bu Shen’s example. He would rather abandon the knife and avoid this sword by snowballing, but Zhang Ping followed closely like a shadow. After five or six strokes, Sha Tianjiang was finally beaten by Zhang Ping’s right-hand bamboo sword.
At this time, Lin Ping just ran over to Zhang Pingdao. "Lin Shaobao, these two men are thirteen of the Songshan Sect. Today, it coincides with the fact that they are seeking revenge from me. This is a godsend. It depends on whether you dare to abolish their martial arts and offend the Songshan Sect."
Lin Ping took one look at Zhang Ping and said decisively, "Heaven’s long enemy is Lin Ping’s enemy. Lin Ping is willing to serve the long leader and abolish the martial arts of these two people."
Later, Zhang Ping said to Yue Buqun, "Today, two people of Songshan Sect are not as good at seeking revenge from heaven as people who died in heaven. Please ask Yue Zhangmen and his party to avoid being implicated in your Sect."
When Ling Huchong saw this, he seemed to think of something to say and Yue Buqun said, "Does that Ping also need to be avoided?"
Lin Ping saw that he had kowtowed to Yue Buqun three times before, saying, "Lin Ping’s family was unlucky to be rescued and taken in by Master and helped me bury my parents’ martial arts. This kindness will never be forgotten by Lin Ping, but Lin Ping has a bloody feud, and he never wants to get involved in the sect today. Therefore, please ask Master to expel his brother from the sect, and when he gets revenge, Huashan will be at the mercy of Master."
Yue Buqun said, "Ping, I shouldn’t see you take revenge, but your parents are bitter. If I stop you today, it’s just unreasonable. From now on, you are no longer my Huashan brother, and everything I do is my Huashan faction."
At this time, Yue Lingshan rushed out from the side and grabbed Lin Ping’s arm and cried, "Xiao Lin, do you know that dad wants to betrothed me to the master brother so that you don’t go? I like you. You practice so hard, and I will get my Huashan Sect’s revenge in the future. I will also help you then. Don’t go, ok?"
Seeing this, Lin Ping said to Yue Lingshan, "Thank you for your kindness. My father and mother were tortured, insulted and died such a miserable death. If Lin Ping can’t take revenge, I will waste people. Besides, I will always get started step by step. Even if my teacher and my mother take care of all my brothers and sisters at the latest, I will practice enough revenge kung fu for fear that Yu Canghai and others will die of old age. Therefore, I have made up my mind to stop Mo Guai Lin’s feelings if I do it again."
Yue Lingshan kept crying, "Don’t … Don’t …"
Lin Ping saw this and shouted, "Miss Yue has sinned against you and I will never be righteous again." Later, the new repair was carried by the arm, and Yue Lingshan was shocked and turned to Zhang Ping.
When Yue Buqun saw this, he took Yue Lingshan and walked inside. Zhang Ping saw this: "Lin Shao, the escort, do it. Your hatred has started from this Fuwei escort agency and ended from this Fuwei escort agency. I hope that Fuwei escort agency can be carried forward in your hands."
Lin Ping nodded and then went to Bu Shen’s side and put his hands together on his chest. Then Lin Ping sucked the stars * * and in a short time he sucked Bu Shen Li dry. Zhang Ping immediately went to the sword and ended Bu Shen’s words to Lin Ping: "Don’t be busy sucking him first, you will digest Bu Shen Li first."
Lin Ping meditated and digested it for about a quarter of an hour before concocting it according to law. All Sha Tianjiang’s strength was sucked dry. Zhang Ping let Lin Ping continue to stabilize the new strength, and dragged the bodies of Bu Shen and Sha Tianjiang to the outside and buried them. Sure enough, four pieces of cloth were found from them to ward off evil spirits. Zhang Ping tore the cloth to pieces and buried it three feet before their bodies.
When Zhang Ping comes back to see Lin Ping, his eyes are full of divine light and his temples are high. It’s like practicing for decades. Generally, if it weren’t for Zhang Pingbai’s skill, there would be major defects. Maybe he could not help but fix this star-sucking * * After all, plunder is easier than construction, not a fragment.
Zhang Pingdao said, "Good, good, good. How about Lin Shao’s escort to the restaurant with me?" Then he turned and walked. Lin Ping followed Zhang Ping silently.
When they arrived at the restaurant, they ordered some wine and cooked food, and then each poured a bowl of wine and ate some cooked food. After Zhang Ping said, "Lin Shao, you and I are both revengers. Your parents and my master both died of greed and intrigue in the Jianghu. May you and I kill him cleanly with our swords. Today, I am here to drink your wine. I wish you success."
Lin Ping said, "Thank you for your invitation." Then the two of them gulped down and smiled at each other, which shocked Fiona Fang ten miles. Then Lin Ping jumped out from the second floor of the restaurant with flying skills. His flying skills were not very good, but his strength was deep and his flying skills also increased with the height. When he saw him coming out, he fell very slowly and steadily behind the horse. He shouted to Zhang Ping, "Take care of yourself, and then come back to talk with him after Lin’s enemies."
Zhang Ping went to the window and heard this and replied "Good". Then he watched Lin Ping ride his horse to the north.
Then Zhang Ping was ready to bid farewell to Huashan Sect and others, and went north to find the bad luck of Songshan Sect. But when he arrived at the gate of Fuwei Escort Agency, he was just seeing several Hengshan Sect brothers and Lao Denuo, and the teacher and Yue Buqun were separated.
Suddenly, when Lao Denuo jumped backward to avoid the sword move, a book of sunlight fell from his arms. See the book with the words "Zi Xia’s Secret". Lao Denuo’s face changed suddenly and he was short and rushed into an alley, but Yue Buqun and Ling Huchong had already disappeared when they rushed past.
When Zhang Ping saw that Hengshan School seemed to be talking about the collapse of Huashan School and didn’t know what was going on, he walked out of the way "I was thinking of saying goodbye to you, and I didn’t want Hengshan School to be here, so I didn’t have to make an extra trip."
At this time, Hengshan sent an instrument and hurried to the front avenue. "Tian Daochang, our head master, wrote that he was trapped in Longquan Zhujian Valley. I have no friends in the Jianghu, so I sincerely ask Tian Daochang to help me."
Teacher Zhang Ping didn’t say anything about this. It must be that Yue Buqun refused to make moves, just because he had to find a way to break up the alliance of the five mountains and make Zuo Lengchan’s plan of uniting the five mountains into a joke.
Zhang Ping said, "It’s a good thing that the Hengshan Sect has to withdraw from the Wuyue Alliance from now on. I wonder if the teachers will agree?"
On hearing this, Yihe immediately said, "Why are you so chivalrous?"
Zhang Ping did not move, but looked at Teacher Ding Jing. Teacher Ding Jing said, "The aggressive leader of the left alliance made my younger brother pretend to be a demon teacher to harm me. Brother Yue, the Hengshan Sect, is just here to witness that I quit the Wuyue Alliance from today and will no longer pretend to be the Wuyue Sword Sect."
Zhang Pingdao said, "Good calm and quiet, Teacher really readily saves people, such as putting out the fire. Please go ahead and come later." Zhang Ping then flew to the north.
Zhang Ping shouted at the horse, "Please think about it if you want to persuade your sect to quit the alliance, but if you are alone, you should not bully it."
Teacher Ding Jing’s heart is tight when he hears this, even Yue Buqun is the same. The reason is very simple. If a master like Zhang Ping wants to leave, it will be extremely difficult to keep him. He is single and worried. If he makes enemies, he will attack his younger brother every day. That sect can’t stand it. This is also because Tian Boguang has done all the bad things, but no sect has actively encircled him. Because of his high flying skills, everyone is worried about his revenge.
Chapter 57 Around Longquan
Zhang Ping galloped all the way to sleep for an hour or two every day. After arriving at Zhejiang Mountain Road, he abandoned his horse and put his flying skills on his way. Therefore, he arrived at Longquan in the south of Zhejiang in a few days, and Zhang Ping went to Shuiyue Temple in the west of the city.
After getting to Shuiyue Temple, Zhang Ping couldn’t wait any longer, so he crossed the wall and saw seven shiny swords in the courtyard, the heads of which were obviously cut by sharp tools. Zhang Ping called, "Is there anyone in the temple?" After seeing people respond, Zhang Ping came to the backyard to see the door panel flying out of the back door several feet away as if being kicked.
Zhang Ping walked out from the back door and saw a path outside the back door leading to the mountains for more than ten feet. After that, he divided into two forks. Later, Zhang Ping found a sleeve arrow at the right fork, and immediately galloped forward and saw hidden weapons and a broken sword from time to time along the way.
After Zhang Ping bypassed a hillside, a big valley appeared in front of him. At this time, he heard an old male voice call out, "Oriental hierarch should advise you to surrender. If you are stubborn and refuse to listen, there will be no Hengshan school in Wulin."
Zhang Ping heard this and saw that there were about one hundred men in black, surrounded by three leaders, but he dared not rush inside. Zhang Ping quietly sneaked behind those people when he saw this.
Zhang Ping hid behind a few trees at this time and saw that it was getting late. He was ready to wait for those people to suddenly fight and beat them off guard when they were eating. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for those men in black to take out dry food and sit around for dinner. Zhang Ping sneaked into the grass and suddenly saved himself to a group of people.
Those people who had just eaten away from the mouth of the cave didn’t respond to Zhang Ping’s surprise attack. When they saw Zhang Ping’s figure, they rushed into those people in an instant. More than ten people were killed by his double swords. At this time, people in black came to see Zhang Ping with spears in their hands. The swordsmanship was strangely fast. Every sword struck out and one person was killed. More than ten people were killed in several ups and downs.
At this time, Zhang Ping heard an old voice calling out, "Let’s kill this fellow first." As soon as the voice fell, there were three gray shadows that should be thrown at three swords, pointing to Zhang Ping’s throat, chest and abdomen. Zhang Ping also had to avoid the edge for a while.
After Zhang Ping dodged the three men, the secret force called out, "The swordsmanship of Songshan School is really worthy of its name. I have held off the first three teachers, Hengshan School and Dingyi School. Why don’t you take the opportunity to fight?"
Then Zhang Ping’s three men avoided fighting, and his posture was running like a ghost, flashing two bamboo swords in the crowd or haunting the east or west. However, there must be a Songshan Sect sword dead everywhere for each sword, and the three leaders shouted after him, but they could not chase Zhang Xu for half a cup of tea kung fu. More than 30 people have been beheaded by Zhang Ping.
With the increasing screams of the Songshan Sect, two tall figures emerged from the cave mouth to see her covered in blood. It was the two teachers of Hengshan Sect, Ding Xian and Ding Yi, who held swords and saw that Zhang Ping killed the quartet in Songshan Sect.
Then, without saying anything, they went into the Songshan Sect and saw her. The swords in their hands were as sharp as mud, and the Songshan Sect brothers were afraid to compete with each other. However, Hengshan Jianfa was not good at attacking and two people were injured. The killing efficiency was far worse than Zhang Ping’s.
There are still forty or fifty disciples from Yu Songshan who saw that Zhang Ping’s swordsmanship was irresistible, and there were two new forces, leisure and escape. After Zhang Ping killed seven people again, someone finally couldn’t stand the pressure and fled into the bushes. Zhang Ping immediately used Xi Yi’s swordsmanship to kill all the people around him. After that, the rest of them fled to the bushes in an instant.
When Zhang Ping saw this, he went to Songshan to send three masters to see Zhang Ping’s swordsmanship. In the midst of many younger brothers, Zhang Ping still couldn’t stand it. How can he be his enemy when he saw him just visible and killed himself? The three men secretly complained that they wanted to escape, but Zhang Ping rushed over and attacked the double swords repeatedly, and the clever swordsmanship drove the three men to squeeze harder and tighter to protect themselves.
His two bamboo swords will encircle the three people, and their posture will soon disappear. One of the three people will be able to immediately behead all three people in the sword. The three people have made great achievements in Songshan swordsmanship, but they can also lose ground under the cover of Zhang Ping’s double swords. Zhang Ping is surrounded by them like a cat and mouse, and deliberately forced them to use Songshan swordsmanship more than to ward off evil spirits. Otherwise, Zhang Ping’s body can’t change ten strokes and will find flaws and kill all three people.
At this moment, Master Ding Xian came up with the sword and said, "Amitabha is good! Brother Zhao, brother Zhang, brother Sima, I, Hengshan Sect and your Sect are so bitter that they want to kill so many brothers of Hengshan Sect? Poor people don’t want to consult. "
Zhang Ping listened to the idle teacher’s question and suddenly shipped the sword spectrum to ward off evil spirits, and flashed a mile behind the three men. Tell them that you can’t run away.
One of the little old men saw that Zhang Ping’s flying skill was so amazing that he sighed and said, "God, someone can practice martial arts to such a level. It seems that the three of us were just playing cat and mouse!" Zhao was planted at the bottom of the cabinet sword, but it wasn’t wrong. "It was said that the sword in his hand was broken and seven pieces fell to the ground everywhere with a vibration of his wrist. The other two people saw this." My three brothers can’t live together, but it is also our brother’s righteousness to die together today … "It was also said that the sword in his hand was shattered to the ground with a vibration of his wrist.
Teacher Ding Xian said slowly, "Isn’t it a bit overbearing that your school wants to combine the Five-Mountain Sword School into a Five-Mountain School, which is poor and poor, and Hengshan School, and refused your school’s initiative for hundreds of years?"
Teacher Ding Yi was very strong-willed and angered, "What did sister tell them more? All killed for future trouble … Cough … "She coughed a few times and vomited blood.
Teacher Ding Xian said, "Three people who roamed northern Hebei 30 years ago and then suddenly disappeared into poverty, but they all realized that they had repented and repented, only to secretly join the Songshan Sect. Alas, the left leader of the Songshan Sect has collected many left ways … It’s really puzzling that many Jianghu scholars and fellow travelers are difficult …"
Although she still didn’t want to speak hurtful words when it changed, she felt a little too much when she spoke, so she sighed and asked, "The left head of Amitabha Buddha is already in the position of the leader of the Wuyue Sword Sect, and so on. Is it necessary to merge the five sects into one head? Isn’t it a hero’s laugh to make such a big move and maim fellow travelers? "
Zhang Ping said at this time, "I don’t know if I want to listen to a word."
Teacher Ding Xian saw Zhang Ping’s socket service road. "Is poor Nido disrespectful and hasn’t asked this young Xia? The Hengshan Sect deeply feels that young Xia is generous and has something to say, but it doesn’t matter. "
At this time, Abbot Dingyi interjected, "This is Teacher Tai Shan Paitian."
After hearing this, Teacher Dingyi said, "It turned out to be Teacher Tian. No wonder there are such stunts."
Zhang Ping said, "I am no longer a disciple of Mount Tai, but the Songshan Sect colluded with Yuji and others to kill my master. When I was away from Mount Tai for a while, I often thought that I was very sad here and treated me like a father. Should I ask the teacher to kill my father?"
After listening to this, Master Ding Xian folded his hands and said, "Amitabha has sinned when he avenged his wrongs …"
Zhang Ping then said, "Lu Bai, Ding Mian, Le Hou, Tang Yingjia, Zhong Zhen, Deng Gong, Gao Kexin, Bu Shen and Sha Tianjiang have been sent off first. Why don’t you go and accompany them?"
Seeing that the three men smiled at each other, then the old man surnamed Zhao said, "It turned out that Tian Daochang was a hero face to face, but he made a lifelong British decision, but he offended Tian Daochang. One move was a mistake, and all the mistakes I made before were lost. It is also karma to die here today." Then the three men saw each other’s palms intersect, and they laughed and died after a while.
Zhang Ping looked at the bodies of three people and said, "It’s rare for you to have friendship with each other once. If you are not sent by Songshan, I can cut you some slack. It’s a pity …" Then, the bodies of three people each made up a sword.
Two teachers, Ding Xian and Ding Yi, wanted to stop at this, but it was hard to say. Therefore, they learned that Zhang Ping’s Songshan Sect was probably immortal and went back to pick up Hengshan Sect’s other brothers.