Chapter DiYiSanSi Battle

"I can’t remember, I don’t want anything, I don’t have anything else, heaven and man are one, hehe, Black Moon, I didn’t expect you to reach this state, good, good, good!" Xing Xuan couldn’t help calling three good words.
Black Moon was also very proud and said, "Xing Xuan, how is your mind and knowledge? Have you recovered?"
"Ha ha, not so fast, it will take two or three months!" Xing Xuan is telling the truth. God knowledge is not a panacea that can be supplemented. There are two ways to increase God knowledge. One is to practice hard, which has no skills at all. With high talent and long practice time, God knowledge will increase quickly. Another way is the magic door method, that is, absorbing living souls and ghosts, and supplementing God with God is the quickest way.
"Well, how long have I been practicing?" Xing Xuan asked Black Moon.
"Well, about thirty or forty days!" Black month raised his wrist, looked at the com that can only be used as a watch now, and said to Xing Xuan.
"Oh, I wonder if the devil has gone?" Xing Xuan said, and the second baby replaced the first baby to dominate the body and run the seven ecstasy methods. Seven wisps of light smoke of red, yellow, blue, white, black, blue and purple emerged in the body, attracting a large array of fireworks with seven colors of red, yellow, blue, white, black, blue and purple, two two combination, and a "bang" resounding voice sounded, Xing Xuan
He slowly revealed his god knowledge from the large array, looked outside, and was so scared that Xing Xuan quickly took it back.
",the demon spent with us, so many days, still waiting outside! All the masters of Blizzard are dead, and none of them are now this bastard. Why don’t you join hands to get rid of him! " Xing Xuan cut off contact with the large array. He cursed in his heart, and he was furious that this demon was still guarding outside the array, waiting for the two of them to go out and tidy up us. Moreover, the waiting place is still hidden, hiding behind a pile of rocks, presumably to carry out a sneak attack on themselves.
In fact, Xing Xuan only guessed part of it right. The green-faced demon hid behind the rocks outside the large array, not only thinking about the sneak attack on Xing Xuan and Black Moon, but also the practitioner who has finished exercising his mind from the large array and passed by him, and he has made a sneak attack, which took dozens of days of effort. Didn’t let him eat less practitioner yuan baby, spirit, was hit by the star xuan injury not only all good, but also slowly towards his original level.
It turns out that this green-faced monster was originally an extremely powerful devil a hundred years ago. His name is wild silkworm, and he calls himself the ancestor of wild silkworm, but outsiders call him the old demon of wild silkworm.
This old demon of Wild Silkworm is very bad at doing things, and he is even more arrogant. Over time, he became angry, and was killed in his lair by a group of experts. He was beaten and left a skeleton, only a trace of Yuan God ran out and attached to a green spider who had not yet been cultivated spiritually. Slowly recover, and swallow it while the green spider hibernates, occupying the green spider’s body.
It’s also the bad luck of this wild silkworm demon. It happened that I met Taoist Qi Gong, who took office as the door owner of the Goddess-sealing Gate. When I saw this green spider, I relaxed and took it to Kunxu Mountain.
This old demon, look at the flourishing people in that sacred door. Being profound, I didn’t dare to move a bit, so I had to hide my strength and bide my time quietly in the land of beasts, slowly recover, and wait for an opportunity to go out again. I waited for one hundred years until Taoist Qi Gong soared into heaven, and the door was closed, leaving only a group of young players such as Feilong to give up the idea of this comeback. Unfortunately, the land of beasts was impregnable, and he has been waiting for it.
However, there is a lack of aura in the land of beasts, and the wild silkworm demon is afraid that people who seal the door of God will see something strange. They have never dared to devour other monsters and fierce beasts. Therefore, their injuries have never been good. Now, they are out of the cage, and they are wandering around this aura-rich place in the Valley of Seven Emotions, even more attacking and swallowing dozens of practitioners who have just gone out, and their injuries have improved several times.
"I’m afraid we can’t get away. The demon is waiting for us outside the magic array. Once we go out, we won’t be able to use the power of this magic array. At this time, I’m afraid our strength is still a little behind him." Although Xing Xuan was a glimpse, he didn’t look at the demon carefully, but he still felt the crisis intuitively. His skill grew, and so did the other party. Although he improved himself to a higher level, it seemed to be fast, but he also made progress in low cultivation, which was completely different from others’ high cultivation. There was a cardinal number problem here, just like your cultivation value was 100 points, and an increase of 10% only increased by 10 points, while the other party.
Black Moon frowned and said, "It’s Fei Qiong, an abominable fool, who let this demon escape, and now it’s causing us so much trouble!"
"Well, maybe, hehe, all we need is a helper!" Xing Xuan suddenly hey hey smiled.
"You mean Caiyun!" Black moon looked at Xing Xuan, and his mind turned to Dianzhuan. I immediately remembered the shadow light I saw when I saw it. Who was that not a colorful cloud?
"Well, yes, let’s look for it and see if that bastard is still in this fantasy array!" Xing Xuan said, and suddenly jumped up and ran along the large array.
Black Moon followed closely.
Numerous soap bubble films burst, colorful light scattered everywhere, and pieces of tiny water mist stirred in all directions. It was Xing Xuan who crossed countless dreamlands and constantly searched for the sight of colorful clouds.
That is to say, both of them are patient enough to cross these many enchantments without getting lost. For ordinary people with unstable minds, let alone looking for someone, they are already delirious and can’t tell the difference between east and west, north and south.
In the sight of a concave film, two people entered a dreamland.
At this point, I saw Caiyun and Tobu quietly walking towards a practitioner who stood like a fool. It seems that they are going to do the dirty work again.
Suddenly, the two men felt a little crisis, and then looked back, only to see that the surrounding space had turned red, and Xing Xuan’s five-yin blood pocket had been opened wide. Quietly suspended above their heads.
Now, Xing Xuan uses nine head worm’s two places at once to control the five Yin’s blood pockets, and that little bit of evil can’t affect nine head worm at all. Although she is weak, she is still a tough Yuan Ying. Using this thing has no influence on the cultivation of Xingxuan at all.
"Ha ha, Xing Xuan, why are you here? Are you kidding us?" Caiyun turned white with fear, although her strength has increased greatly now. The five whores may not be able to do any harm to themselves, but after all, there is a shadow in my heart, and I dare not try it easily. At this time, I smiled and said to Xing Xuan with a face.
"Don’t do some immoral things, or people will feel that the whole school is chasing you!" Xing Xuan’s face showed fear when he saw the colorful clouds. I am relieved, but this guy still has some scruples about himself. Now he is going out to deal with the green-faced monster, which is just a boost.
"Ha ha. We are very careful and very careful! " Caiyun laughed and gave up on the wooden practitioner.
And the practitioner is still immersed in his own dreamland, with a fool’s smile on his face. It is estimated that he is experiencing the beauty of being a groom’s official.
"Well, colorful clouds, the guys in the fantasy array of seven emotions are all idiots. You can’t increase much capability by absorbing their Yuan baby. Now, there is a powerful one outside the valley of seven emotions. It’s still the usual practice for the four of us to kill him in partnership. You want Yuan Ying’s soul, but how about I want his magic weapon? " Xing Xuan seduced colorful clouds and preached.
"Really? Xing Xuan, you … you took us in again? " Caiyun was so grateful that she almost knelt down to Xing Xuan. She once thought that Xing Xuan had given up on her.
"Ha ha, don’t be so unproductive. Show some real skills, that guy outside is very difficult to deal with! " As Xing Xuan said this, he cursed in his heart, "I suffered a big loss this time. That bastard doesn’t have a magic weapon on him. If you kill him, all the advantages will be yours.".
Of course, we can’t say that at this time, we can only let the two people know how much they have benefited after things are done, provided that they are still alive.
"Well, the four of us will deal with one, damn it, he is, pick Jin Xian, and he will also be swallowed up by us!" That Tobu was in high spirits and immediately flew outside the valley of seven emotions.
Xing Xuan did Sarah laugh in her heart. She said, Your boy is a frog in the well. You have never seen a fairy. If we really want to deal with the pick of Jin Xian, it is estimated that we can’t even leave any residue.
And constantly through countless dreamland, now, four people are fearless, as a result, countless dreamland that bubble barrier are broken, the shadow is radiant, the sound of tinkling is sweet, and I was so angry that those practitioners who were awakened from the dreamland rushed at four people. They didn’t know that two of these four guys had quietly swallowed the soul of their companion Yuan Ying.
"Hua" a loud ring, four people have emerged from the fantasy array, away from the rubble, toward the front of the empty place for scurrying away.