Xinwu’s health dropped to 12 o’clock as he started, but he pulled out four cards from the deck as if he didn’t care about the damage, then put two of them on the scene and put the other two back in the deck, slowly washing and cutting, as if he hadn’t woken up yet

"I’m on the defensive, saying that special summoning of the optical magnetic thunder (attack 2, defense 2) and the double-pupil white cat (attack 1, defense 5) will start the special effect of the optical magnetic thunder at the same time, indicating that offering this card can destroy a card! I offer a light machine and thunder sacrifice to destroy your weather and weather adjustment device! "
"Well, maybe …" At the sight of his magic being destroyed, Ataomma’s consciousness reflected the other party’s actions. As expected, he believed my hand as his voice reached his card group.
"Because the weather weather regulator is destroyed, the monsters will return to their original properties! At this time, the’ light black hole’ effect can also be launched! I’ll take a photo-attribute monster from your deck and add it to your hand card! At the same time, the special effect of double-pupil white cat has also been launched. This card means that the player can draw another card every time he draws a card! "
"Did he succeed in the end …" When I saw Shingo smiling smugly and adding two cards to my hand card, Goth sighed in a low voice, while Zoc stared at the field and gave a hey hey sneer as if he was very upset to see Tom suffer.
"Mr. Zock, it’s not a good time for you to laugh …"
Qian Liang’s timidity came to such a sentence that the horse was slapped by Zoc and fell to the ground. "Cut the crap! Uncle is in a great mood now, so don’t interfere! "
"Yan Liang!" City and Malik saw that Qian Liang was beaten and helped him up. "Zock, you guy …!" "
"What’s the matter? If you have a problem with uncle, just bring it on, you two losers? !” Zock beckoned with a provocative look, and his tone was extremely arrogant. But at the same time, when the city and Malik both started to Huo Ran, Mutt had already held Zock’s hand tightly, and the whole body was stopped in front of him.
"Bakula elder brother you don’t do this again! I know you’re upset. If you’re angry, just say hello to me, the culprit, and don’t involve anyone! "
"Fuck you, you stupid girl …" Zock’s face showed an unhappy expression and he dumped Mutt’s hand conveniently, but the city and Malik gave him this strange behavior without rhyme or reason. It seems that he never thought that Mutt was the only person who could control this demon.
"The preparations are ready. Then I will call the gods Apollo (attack 24, prevent 12) to attack and say! This card will not be destroyed by magic and traps when there is a’ light black hole’ or a magic strike to enhance the light properties! "
"Sure enough, it’s going to attack directly …" Atom carefully stared at the opposite flaming red-haired angel with huge wings, ready to give a strong counterattack when the other side attacked, but Shingo easily leaned back against the chair with a gesture that didn’t match Atom’s guess. "Because the card Apollo can’t attack all of us when launching the effect!"
"… I draw cards in turn!" I am glad that the other monster brought me an opportunity because of the effect attack. Atom couldn’t wait to draw a card from the deck. "I started the magic card’ Strong Desire Pot’ from my hand and then drew two cards from the deck!"
"I want to fight against my card-drawing tactics …" Shingo swung his swivel chair comfortably, and his face was filled with a smile of extreme confidence in victory. "Forget it, but most of your cards are dark monsters. Even if they are summoned, they can stay in your turn at that time. Is there any threat to me?"
"That’s not necessarily Valuda!" Ah Tao gave a knowing smile and lifted one of the two cards that had just been drawn from the deck. "In my deck, there are other monsters besides dark monsters! I launched the magic card’ Chestnut Ball Calling Flute’ from my hand, and specially summoned the feather chestnut ball (attack 3, defense 2) from the card set to show that it was placed on the scene! " A brilliant white light flash across a chestnut ball with white winglets, and it suddenly emerged from the Atamu field and made a lovely cry of "Guri Guri".
"Another chestnut ball and a light property?" When I saw Tom suddenly playing this card, everyone looked at each other. I don’t know when he added this inexplicable card to the card set.
"(Please give me another … no, Tom, this card entrusts me and Jaden Yuki Jun to crush each other’s ambitions! )”
"Partner, I will make good use of this card when you get it!" As soon as Ah Tao stopped the card, he suddenly looked up. "My turn is over! If you have anything to do, just take it out! "
A list of DIY card tables
Muto Game [Dark Game Pharaoh Atom] (Dark Guide Card Group, Change)
If you want this card to play on the spot, it means that both parties can’t draw cards in the process outside the card drawing stage.
Forever magic of weather and weather adjusting device This card declares an attribute when it is launched. This card has a table side when it is present, indicating that the monster department has become a declared attribute.
Symmetry (undead, four-star, dark attribute, attack 5, defense 5) effect monster When this card is specially summoned, it will summon a "symmetry token" exactly like this card in the opponent’s field (undead, four-star, dark attribute, attack 5, defense 5). When the control monster in the opponent’s field has a "symmetry token", the attack power of this card will increase by 2 points.
Immobile Xinwu [controlled by Hualuda] (optical card group)
Try to turn over the top four cards of your own deck to pay for the health points of your house magic card, and specially summon the two-star monster to your own field, and insert the other cards back into the deck to wash and cut.
Optical-mechanical magnetic thunder (mechanical family, two stars, optical attribute, attack 2, defense 2) effect monsters show the side of the field on this card, which can destroy a card.
Double-pupil white cat (orc, two stars, light attribute, attack 1, defense 5) effect monster wants this card on the side of the field table, which means that the player can draw another card every time he draws a card.
Apollo (Angels, Six Stars, Inflammation Attribute, Attack 24, Defense 12) Effect Monster This card has both "light" and "inflammation" attributes. This card must have a "light black hole" or a magic strike to enhance the light attribute to indicate that it cannot launch an attack declaration and will not be destroyed by magic and traps.
Chapter ninety-seven Despair! Seal the gods and fall into heaven
"Going to end so soon? Then it’s my turn to draw the card again! " Shingo picked up a card from the deck, and at the same time, a red light flew out of his deck, threatening the red-haired warrior with wings to fall on his own field. "In my preparation stage, the special effect of the gods Hephaestus (attack 25, defense 15) also launched a special call when this card returned to the deck from outside the deck due to the card effect."
"What? But I remember you didn’t … "Ah Tao was surprised and backtracked, but he couldn’t go in the middle because Shingo was picking up a card from the cemetery and shaking it in front of his eyes with a smile.
At that time, the magic card was drawn out and sent back to the card set for washing and cutting except for two two-star monsters. One of the two cards was decided by the light gods Hefastars because of its special effect, although it should not conform to the standard OCG rules.
"well? Six-star monster plus seven-star monster? " Zock was curious "hmm" and asked "How can a small plush toy escape this robbery? Look at you, Pharaoh"
"It’s not that simple. Now I’ll summon the light gods Prometheus (attack 24 and prevent 14) from attacking! Although this is a six-star card, it is usually called to halve its attack and defense value at this time! At the same time, I launched the magic card from my hand,’ True Heaven Punishs Come’, and selected my own field. One side indicates that the monster will have a lower attack power than that monster. The other side indicates that the monster can’t attack when this effect is successfully launched! "
"Can’t attack?" O TaoM mumbling to repeat my words suddenly mind a shock pupil rapid amplification "does he want to …? !”
"That’s right. Anyway, that guy can’t launch an attack. It’s better to squeeze out the last part of it!" Shingo proudly knocked on the desktop. "I appointed myself to be a light god. Apollo appointed a monster to destroy your chestnut ball!" "
"Shout" from the hands of Apollo, the gods of light, a sharp inflammatory light instantly devoured the chestnut balls on the wings of the Atamu field, and Shingo also targeted almost all the Atamu fields with this blow.
"The gods of light, Hephaestus, and the gods of light, Prometheus (attack 12 and prevent 7), attack the Pharaoh together!"
"It’s a pity that your post-attack is a wish!" As soon as Atom pointed to his graveyard, a chestnut ball with wings immediately flew out of the cemetery, blocking the way of the two gods. "After the chestnut ball with wings was destroyed and sent to the cemetery, the damage I suffered from fighting will change until the end of this round!"
"It’s interesting that I haven’t met such a tenacious guy for a long time. This is the real opponent!" Shingo laughed happily, but his face suddenly became gloomy after laughing, but it was never pleasant. "It seems that I was rude to you before, so I will try my best to get rid of you and I will cover a card. The round is over!"
"I draw cards in turn!" Atom raised his hand and pulled out a card from the deck, took a look at it in front of his eyes and put it on the field. "I’ll cover a card. Round is over!" "
"Still going to stay on the defensive round? This is extremely disrespectful to the opponent. It’s my turn to draw a card! " Shingo took a card from the deck and spread it on the desktop. "I started the magic card from my hand to wake up the silent light and paid my 5 health points. I took out the two-light monster from the deck and added it to the deck and washed it!"
Hippocampus looked at the exhibition card group with his hands around his chest looking for monsters. Xinwu snorted. "Did you start by taking the initiative to extract monsters?" This guy really is a sly fox. "
"When I added the monster to my hand card, one of the monster effects started at the same time!" Shingo put one of the cards on the scene with great generosity. "I’m going to summon the light gods Artemis from my hand (attack 22, defense 12). The attack means that this card can be attacked when it is added to the hand card from the deck. It means that there is a special call! Then, due to the presence of Apollo, the god of light, in a total of four’ god of light’ places, I can specially summon the god of light, Phaeton, from my hand card to attack and express! This is a very interesting card. If you want it to show on the side of the field, then the gods Apollo can launch a battle declaration in the battle stage depending on the magic limit of the site! "
"Five … units can be attacked?" Everyone is really in a cold sweat about the present situation of Amom. Although I believe that there are 7 health points left and Amom has 21 health points, I don’t believe that the five monsters in our field can attack with one blow, except Phaeton, and the other four monsters can easily kill Amom, which is even worse. A blow like this is definitely beyond his ability.
"The gods of light are now ordering you to attack Pharaoh with me in the name of Gao Shenhua Luda in my light!"
"Fold the card and launch the trap card’ Yangdong Special Forces’ to pay half my life value and forcibly stop the battle round!" Atom waved and pressed the fold button, and at the same time, the purple fold instantly turned up and stood in front of him, and the light gods had to declare their success again in front of a small card, and Atom’s health quickly dropped to 15 points.
"That card …?" Everyone was a little surprised to see Tom play this card, because he once played this card when he was at war with his uncle Wu Teng Tianyuan, and this card was also an indispensable element for his victory
"Because of the success of the special effect of’ Yangdong Special Attack Force’, I can extract the corresponding cards from the deck according to the number of cards in your field and put them in my hand! Now your field is five monsters and a field magic, so I can draw six cards! "
"Ha ha going to instantaneous reversal? But I’m afraid you can’t do it on your own! " Shingo’s self-confident face is still smiling, but even the cadres in the dark world can see that he has already been a little angry. If he can’t defeat the other side in one round, I’m afraid it’s the limit of patience for this god who lurks in the mortal body. What will he do in one breath? I really dare not let these cadres who have already felt scared think about it.
"I cover a card round … end! !” Take a deep breath, Shingo finally settled down and finished his round, so the balance of deciding the outcome once again pointed to Ahom’s side
"My round draw card! I started the magic card’ Worker Bee Patrol’ from my hand, and specially summoned a two-star monster attack form from the card deck to be put on the scene. I want to call it a magic guide student (attack 45, defense 2)! Then launch the special effect of the wizard student. When this card is specially summoned or reversed, the player can call all the wizard student attack forms from the deck or cemetery and put them on the scene! "
In a game field, three teenagers with magic staffs emerged slowly, each holding his staff in his hand and looking seriously at the five gods on the opposite side. However, their faces and atmosphere were out of tune, and their childish and delicate bodies were unfortunately marked. These children had nothing to knock down each other’s strength, but Atom summoned them not to attack but to create a road to victory!
"Now let you white evil in front of friendship Lihua road! I summon Osiris Draco (attack, defense) to attack the three-body magic guide student sacrifice from my hand card! In this instant, I have five cards, and the offensive and defensive value of Osiris Tianlong has risen to 5 points! "
"The game is reversed!" People in the gate border town and others cheered again. People in the hippocampus and Zock’s face also showed a happy smile. Zock and those dark cadres looked flustered as if Tao Mu had completely dispelled their high interest.
"It was God, but Pharaoh, don’t summon God, that’s great! Fold! " Just as everyone cheered, I believed that a word made everyone stop. "God is powerful, but that doesn’t mean that God is an enemy! Now I’m going to launch a trap card’ falling cross’ from the field, from the underworld god Osiris Tianlong yo, even you can get rid of all the forces that bind you! !”
"Stupid trap card is for God …" Ah Tao was surprised and shouted in the middle. Suddenly, the light cloud on Tianlong’s head quickly rolled up the vortex, and a huge white cross emerged from the vortex. Tianlong was dragged to the cross like uncontrolled and circled behind it, and then flew out of the vortex for several days. He held a long light pin and nailed the dragon’s body firmly to the cross. Tianlong twisted his body and screamed sadly, but his body had been nailed to the cross. It was also useless to struggle with it.
"Day … Draco was caught? !” The seahorse looked up at the inexplicable chill in the heart of the dragon nailed to the cross. "It is impossible that there should be no trap card to trap God!"
"Of course, there is no trap card in the human world to trap God, but there is such power in the divine world to restrain the inviolable God in your mind!" Shingo gave a loud laugh and pointed to the middle cross. "The cross of falling into the sky" is a trap card for God! This card will not be destroyed by magic, traps and monster effects, and the monster trapped by this card can still be on the scene, but it can’t attack, can’t change the offensive and defensive style, can’t launch effects against each other, and can’t be dedicated to summoning high-star monsters, but it can also be destroyed by forms! Even so, this illusion of yours is completely abandoned. Pharaoh, you can’t beat me, Guanggao God Hualuda! "
"Can’t you destroy the card …" Ah Tao’s face sank and waved a card in the duel plate. "I’ll cover a card and the round is over! In this instant, the attack and defense value of Osiris Tianlong changes by 4 points! "
"It’s my turn to draw the card!" When Xinwu’s eyes rested on the card he drew from the deck, his face suddenly became happy. "I’ve been waiting for so long and finally got this card!" Pharaoh has been waiting so long. This time, I will let you learn what divine punishment is … "