Guo Xiaosi, who has reached the fifth level of pure yang skill and has been practicing continuously on the way, feels that his pure yang qi is getting stronger and stronger and hotter, but it seems that it is not easy to stop and surge, and the pure yang qi is getting out of control.

Guo Xiaosi point surprised the meridians, and it seems that they can’t stand such a turbulent impact, and their feet are getting faster and faster.
By the time Jin Xiafeng arrived, Guo Xiaosi already felt that his body was about to explode, and his body was so hot that he had to take off his clothes.
Guo Xiaosi knew that a mountain stream near here simply didn’t take the official road and walked to Jinxiafeng. Soon he went to the mountain stream and quickly took off his coat and jumped to immerse himself in the cold spring water.
The hot body was submerged in the spring water, and Guo Xiaosi felt carefree and stretched out more than his body and mind.
Suddenly, the whole body was hot and cooled rapidly, but it was still too hot. Now Guo Xiaosi suddenly feels freezing cold.
What will change so much? Guo Xiaosi is also surprised that it is good to be cool, but suddenly it turns hot and cold, which is also a great destruction to the body, because the roots of all parts of the body can’t keep up with the speed of change.
Guo Xiaosi quickly jumped into the mountain stream and put some clothes on, then put the inkstone away, but before he came to put on his coat, he felt a pain in his head as if he were going to crack.
I must have been hit on the head by the fox demon in the process of fighting just now, so now I feel that the pain is too heavy than this damn fox demon hand. I really wish I could divide its body into several pieces.
However, this headache is getting worse and worse. Guo Xiaosi can’t bear to hold his hair hard, as if it could alleviate the pain, but suddenly he found a few strands of silver hair.
White-haired Guo Xiaosi has just passed the age of fifteen, but his hair is black and he doesn’t have a trace of white hair. Now how can he pull a few strands of white hair?
Guo Xiaosi quickly looked at the water in the ravine to see what he was like, but it didn’t matter. The man almost fell into the ravine because the reflection was a monster he didn’t know. His face was blue with silver white hair and his face was almost black. What scared him most was that something like bamboo shoots appeared in the middle of his forehead.
Startled, he reached out and felt something like a horn, and the horn was still growing.
According to the mountain stream, a small corner has grown into a hard corner as big as a buffalo horn.
The monster’s reflection is a monster. Guo Xiaosi is squeezing his face and it hurts. This is not a nightmare, but the fact that he has become a humanoid monster.
Guo Xiaosi always wanted to use the inkstone to improve his skill quickly before he wanted to cry, but he never thought of such an ending. Now people don’t look like ghosts and ghosts, and they will be shocked. When others see it, they will run away without being scared. Is this like a person or a monster?
Chapter 36 Lead the neck to be slaughtered
You must have sucked the evil spirit in the inkstone, and it is hard to control your evil spirit. Now it erupts at the same time and turns you into this half-man, half-monster.
It’s the inkstone that caused the disaster. Guo Xiaosi was angry and touched the inkstone. It rolled a few times but was not broken. Guo Xiaosi was so anxious that he picked up the inkstone and smashed it to one side. The inkstone was still intact and damaged. The stone was smashed with a small break.
Guo Xiaosi was dumbfounded that this thing was still hard iron. Guo Xiaosi picked up the inkstone and stroked it with love and hate. Suddenly, an idea flashed. Since this inkstone can fly the golden dragon to kill the monster, there is no movement in the face of yourself now. Does that mean that you are not a monster?
It must be that Guo Xiaosi was in a better mood after he was convinced that he was not a monster. Although he sucked a lot of evil spirits, he was not a monster. Therefore, although there are strange changes now, he is still a person rather than a demon
I accidentally learned that some functions of this inkstone are eager to suck the devil’s breath and want to improve my skills quickly. To make this ending, I still don’t know how to blame this inkstone, but how can I blame it?
The former chief inkstone grinds the cinnabar painting symbol to record the Keke monster, and now I know that it can directly kill the monster. Speaking of this magical inkstone, there must be many functions that I don’t know can be true to myself. It must be beneficial to suck the monster’s breath a while ago, but can’t it be a big step up?
Guo Xiaosi thought of here, picked up the inkstone and carefully put it back in his arms. It is still necessary to bell the inkstone to solve the problem. Maybe this inkstone is needed to help change the present half-man, half-monster.
This mood did not last for a moment, and Guo Xiaosi suddenly became sad again.
Although I am still a man but not a demon at the moment, I still have a glimmer of hope, but I don’t know what to do with this horrible monster in front of this inkstone. However, I can’t show my face and scare others. If I don’t say it, I will also attract monks like Jiu Jianxian. These people have always cut off demons and put aside their own opinions. If they don’t draw their swords, they will cut themselves. At present, they can’t compete with those monks.
Thinking about where to hide, I suddenly heard a sneer and a figure flashed as a wine sword fairy.
Guo Xiaosi’s heart calmed down when he saw that he was not a monk. He just wanted to say hello before, but he listened to Jiu Jian Xian and Li for a drink. You monster actually killed my old friend. If he doesn’t kill you today, will he?
Guo Xiaosi hurriedly waved his hand. No, no, I am Guo Xiaosi.
You’re Guo Xiaosi’s wine sword fairy, with a finger in his left hand, and a pool of blood beside Guo Xiaosi’s clothes. Then your clothes are thrown to the ground and another pool of blood. You can’t justify watching the sword today.
The words sound just fell and a long sword was wiped, followed by a white light and a flying sword.
Guo Xiaosi genial smile that hurriedly jump jump a big bluestone and then ran desperately.
The flying sword missed and flew back to the hand of the wine sword fairy. The wine sword fairy flew into a rage, and it was another operator to record the flying sword and sell it again. This time, the speed was faster. Guo Xiaosi escaped slowly. Half a beat was wiped by the sword wind and a blood stain suddenly seeped.
Guo Xiaosi hand with a deep red blood ache feeling chung.
If he is facing an ordinary person at the moment, he will definitely fight for his life, but Jiu Jianxian is taking revenge on himself and explaining it clearly. I really don’t know if he wants to fight with Jiu Jianxian, but he will never be his opponent by his own efforts. Therefore, the first thing to do now is to save his life and explain it to him after avoiding this robbery.
When Jiu Jianxian saw that this sword had succeeded, but Fu Lu didn’t shine, he just froze to the ground. Generally, when the monster caught him and sent Fu Lu with the sword, it would play its role, but this time Fu Lu didn’t work. Is it because this monster’s mana is already very high, but this monster is very high, so why does he want to escape and not fight back?
A series of questions made Jiu Jianxian slow down his sword back and forth, but then he thought that some monsters would choose to practice and merge their yang or yin after swallowing people or demons with lower mana. When the integration is not completed, their mana will be greatly reduced, so this monster can resist the operator’s recording method and exert powerful attack mana.
Among them, if you think clearly, Jiu Jianxian will no longer be soft. Since Fu Lu’s effect is effective, you can fly the sword directly and take Guo Xiaosi’s revenge.
As soon as Guo Xiaosi caught his breath, he saw the flying sword coming like a flash, and hurriedly hid behind a big tree, which was strong enough for two people to fold their arms and hide behind.
But I heard a loud click, and the big tree was chopped flat by a sword, and it fell to one side.
Guo Xiaosi in the mind a surprised just now, if this sword is split in himself, wouldn’t it be to split himself in half alive? This wine sword fairy is really killing the heart. Unfortunately, this killing heart turned out to be for revenge, which really makes Guo Xiaosi feel in distress situation.
But the only obstacle beside me has been cut off by the flying sword, and there is no place to hide. This is really a place to escape.
Guo Xiaosi hurriedly drew his sword and saw that the flying sword struck again, but the power of the flying sword was too great. Guo Xiaosi’s jaws were numb, and the sword in his hand actually flew away, but it also resisted the blow of the flying sword
Wine Sword Fairy can avoid sneering at things and places in his hands. Anger surges and moves the flying sword again. This time, he is determined to win the flying sword. A white light is wrapped in bursts of anger and shoots at Guo Xiaosi.
Guo Xiaosi can’t escape, but I can’t help but feel sad. I didn’t expect to die here today, and I died in the wine sword and the fairy sword. It’s a terrible death
Flying sword will instantly hide, hide and close your eyes. When you die, Guo Xiaosi closes his eyes and laments.