"Public and private things have always been divided into two parts. Do adults also have this semi-public and semi-private thing?"

"Because I’m here today because it’s my younger brother’s business, it’s said that the transfer of local officials in China must be approved by you."
You Yan Qimu nodded. "You said it should be chicken floc. Yucheng is indeed the hardest thing to do in so many cities in the inheritance country. It is time to collect food in January. Where is the inheritance country to share this 100,000-ton grain equally? Yucheng people must be unable to gather together."
"Today, I just want to ask you to be flexible and let him start from these seven county orders. If Yucheng can really develop, it is one of the few hundred cities. Even if he persuaded the people to come here to live, it delayed their livelihood."
You Yan Qimu nodded and looked at him for a moment. "Do you know how much it will delay his future if he starts as a seven-county magistrate?"
"Where is the livelihood of the people important for the country to serve his future? It is clear to me that he has a few pounds and two. Although he is determined not to work, if there is no such thing, he will hand over such an important position to others."
You Yan Qimu looked at Feng Hao Feng Hao all the time and showed him that he was an archduke. Now he wants him to punish his younger brother. "But this shrewd Yin is also one of these five officials, and he has been demoted two levels. Won’t your younger brother resent me for this?"
"So this is my personal purpose to adjust this new official from the other side of the country. It is necessary to list the reasons why this official is not suitable for this position. This is the real ruin of his future."
"You mean to ask me to make a call together and not say why?"
"I mean to let you talk about things and say that Yucheng is now ordered by a common people in the ghost town to start from the county magistrate and redevelop Yucheng."
You Yan Qimu got up. "I will give you an answer in three days."
Feng Hao immediately withdrew, and when he heard this sentence, he knew that this matter had become July 7th. You Yan Qimu asked him to go back, etc. because of this emperor’s skill.
You’ve arrived at Qimu, where you got up early on weekdays, but you’re still resting today, so you can return this flesh and blood to Qimu, and it hasn’t been cleaned up yet
Shelley was watching from the side, and she looked tired. When she saw you coming in, you knelt down and saluted quickly. "Don’t wake the empress up in the morning."
"Go to bed in the morning?"
"Empress has been watching handmaiden and stunned for several times last night. Empress just doesn’t listen to this day, and she feels sleepy."
You Yan Qimu nodded and turned to look at the shaking light. "You will bring all the memorials sent to the imperial palace here in a moment. If there are officials who want to meet me, they will all disappear."
Even when I got up at noon, I looked up and saw you sitting at the table in this bedroom correcting the memorial. This picture seems to be familiar.
At that time, she was in the scenic zone, too, because at that time, she had just managed her own intelligence network and had to hide from this Ruyan Qimu Institute, so Shelley let this information be skinned and pretended to be watching all kinds of things, and then carefully studied it, such as classification. At that time, it was often like now that she didn’t sleep until dawn.
It’s also like now, when you come together, you can see this Ruyan Qimu handling things in her room and waiting for her to get up.
"Did you bring the imperial house?"
"wake up and wash up. I’ll ask the imperial kitchen to cook something you like."
"Positions how can think of here today? Let a person go to the queen mother kilometers male and female servants can carry a political charge end to end. "
Ruyan Qimu shook his head. "I won’t know that I have your palace people and shake the light now."
Even WanJian sat up and called Shelley in. Shelley immediately came in to help WanJian freshen up. It looks peaceful, but Qi Mu is guilty. From time to time, he looks up and peeks at WanJian while dressing, and even WanJian can be seen through this glass mirror. He will be calm as usual.
After dressing and dressing, I came to this place next to Ruyan Qimu. This plate of ink and a plate of black ink are a little dry. I can see that it seems that I don’t want to be disturbed. I am doing my own food and clothing.
Even Jia Jian picked it up and put it aside, added a little water to the ink stick, and didn’t look at what this table was all about.
"I won’t go tonight."
"Ok, now that you’ve made a good start, you can walk around this palace and stay away from male and female servants. You can just see whether this queen mother is the Queen Mother of Heaven or even the Queen Mother of the Family. Although male and female servants always say that even the family has been ruined, in fact, even the positions should be able to see that they are still connected with each other."
When you hear this again, Qi Mu can see the words "What are you looking for?"
"Looking for? I’m looking at what’s behind the ladies-in-waiting for you. I don’t want you to have a place of peace of mind. "
"Why not? You are the most secure place for me. Too many secure places make me go. "
Lian Jian cocked his head and looked at him. "Do you want to see the harem catch fire one day?"
"You don’t need to worry so much now. You just need to raise yourself quietly."
"But I don’t want to hide it from you any more. I always think that this flesh and blood is far from the thing. People I know have set a trap for this kilometer. This is a place. I must find the real murderer."
"I didn’t let it go, but if they do it so watertight, it should be that they don’t give up until they reach the goal. I think it’s better to catch up with it directly when they make moves again."
It’s too late for you to say what you think and say. You rarely get into a dead end, but once this matter seriously threatens her, she will get into it and try her best to get to the bottom of it.
Chapter four hundred and forty-nine The queen mother is going to
The queen mother or the concubines in the harem don’t know who. Now I finally spent the night outside Fengxiang Palace, which is different from these impetuous people. One person appeared beside Ruyan Qimu at the same time with this step of snow, but it was the last person to pay attention to Yunwan’s self-cultivation for a long time, and now it is already a desire.
But she wants to be clean, but some people won’t let her be clean. Even the queen mother knows that this is a sea man. This is not a good thing for her. The queen mother prepared to go to the imperial house without thinking, but she was stopped by this shake when she got to the door.
"The empress dowager empress is in a bad mood today, and she ordered the slave not to see anyone."
"What’s the mood? No matter how bad you are, you can’t shut your mother out. "
Shake the light and lower your head. "The Empress Dowager is not resting now, but dealing with politics. At this time, the Empress Dowager is in a bad mood when she goes in. But I hate it when someone comes in when he is seriously dealing with politics. Even the Empress Dowager has been scolded for this. If you really have something, you should be able to deal with politics in half an hour."
Even the queen mother looked at him suspiciously. "The position is not in it, is it?"
"The empress dowager talked and laughed, and it’s not like this children’s class and this truancy."
"Then I’ll wait here for another half an hour." Even the Queen Mother asked people to sit by the veranda.
"If the Empress Dowager comes out later and finds that the slave actually let the Empress Dowager blow the breeze in this veranda, it will kill the slave and ask the Empress Dowager to move to this dining room or teahouse."
Even the queen mother looked around. "No need. If you blame the mourning family, you will explain it to him."
Even the queen mother is here not because she suspects that you are not in the imperial palace, but because she is afraid that even if you get the news, you will run over and shake the light at the door. He doesn’t need to report that there are so many dark guards in this palace. It’s not that stupid that you are here. Qimu has long known that although this imperial palace is still dripping, this escape secret passage can sneak back in addition to escaping.
Ruyan Qimu hit the plane from the inside, and the portrait hung on the wall of the imperial house fell to the ground. When he heard the sound, he walked to the side of the sundial and looked at it.
"When the time comes, the empress dowager, the slave, will please come out."
"What do you mean it’s time?"
"This is before the medical fairy said that sitting for a long time is easy to get sick, so that slaves should wake up and rest for a while and exercise their bones and muscles."
Yaoguang directly knocked on the door. You Yan Qimu had put the picture back in place, sat there correcting the memorial, and pretended to say, "Get out!"
"The Empress Dowager is waiting for you outside?"
"Tell my mother to wait another quarter of an hour. I still have nine memorials here."
Even the queen mother came in as a doorman. "The emperor is really diligent and loves the people, but just now he loved his family and listened to the shaking light manager and said that he had been sitting for a long time and became ill. This hand was put aside for the time being and went to this harem with Ai Jia."
You Yan Qimu picked his eyebrows. "Mother has something to say."