Tian Jue’s office hasn’t been opened since Tian Jue went to Kaifeng for office. He usually goes to Kong Maojie’s office for business.

Kong Maojie’s office is well lit and ventilated. It won’t be too cold in winter and too hot in summer, which is much better than Tian Jue’s office with poor lighting conditions.
Ludian heard that this room was planned to be made into sundries and piled up with some office sundries, so it didn’t consider lighting.
As a result, Tian Jue took a fancy to this room at first sight and stayed here as his office. Before he went to Kaifeng, this office brought quite serious psychological shadow to many people.
There are a lot of complaints about Tian Jue in this old circle.
Mainly because Tian Jue was a supervisor when he was still in Jiangnan, his identity was gloomy and rigid. Except Su Yonglin, no one saw him smile. Everyone said that Tian Jue chose a house just like a person.
It’s gloomy and rigid, and it’s full of depression inside and outside, as if it’s going to eat you up if you don’t agree with each other.
Ludian never faced Tian Jue alone. The general configuration of this interrogation hall made his heart beat suddenly.
He had to say something to ease this extremely depressing and embarrassing atmosphere.
"Ahahahaha, Mr. Tian, Mr. Kong, it’s been a long time. What are you doing looking for me? Is there anything you want to tell me? "
Ludian tried to calm down and walked to the chair in front of Tian Jue’s desk. She looked very bad.
Tian Jue smell speech stopped staring at him straight and didn’t speak.
Kong Maojie put the tea bowl and stared at him without saying anything.
The awkward and depressing atmosphere suddenly became strong, and Ludian was a little tired of this atmosphere and had to speak to break the silence, otherwise he suspected that he would be run to death by the atmosphere here.
"I’ve always heard that you tried Qiao Feng and Fan Jiang before … alas, they are old comrades. Why are they so weak-willed? I can’t figure it out! After so many years of being gay, I actually did such a thing! "
He exposed his legacy in front of Tian Jue and Kong Maojie with his poor acting skills.
Tian Jue saw through his anxiety and uneasiness and asked softly, "Lao Lu, I haven’t said anything yet, and how do you know that Xiao Feng and Fan Jiang are not determined?" What did they do? It seems that we haven’t announced anything yet? "
Ludian suddenly stood there with a pounding heart.
But he reacted quickly and immediately squeezed out a smile.
"That … ha, ha, ha, can let you out of traffic control and personally interrogation silly also know that they must have made a mistake, what else can make a mistake? It must be that the will is not firm and the bottom line is not adhered to! "
"Yes, they did make a mistake, a big, big mistake."
Kong Maojie suddenly opened his mouth and stared at him with a Gherardini expression. "But these things can be discussed openly after the chairman comes back, but Lao Lu, do you know what we should call you over?"
"This … this … is to let me help you? Look at you two, you’re so tired. Don’t worry, I’ll help you if you have anything to worry about! Although I am not young, my spirit is still very good. Don’t worry! "
"Yeah, that would be great."
Kong Maojie leaned forward and smiled. "Then please tell me what you are like to help Qiao Feng and others cheat and exchange interests honestly?" It’s best to hand over all your helpers in Douchayuan, which will save us too much effort, don’t you think? "
Ludian pupil shrinks, and the brain suddenly turns white. The heartbeat speed almost exceeds the human warning line, and fine sweat seeps from the forehead.
After a long silence, Ludian stretched out his hand and wiped his forehead, then laughed as if to hide something.
"Oh, hey, hey, look at you. Look at the old hole. How can I not understand you? What do you mean I helped Qiao Feng cheat them? This kind of thing can’t be said to be a revived member, even an ordinary old bureaucrat, can it?
If it is discovered, the former emperor will probably cut off his head, right? How could I do such a thing? I don’t think about it myself, but I want my family to think about it, right?
Let’s rule that officials break the law, but they have to punish even their families. If two or three generations can’t turn over, it may be the last time. Old Confucius, it’s a pleasure for us to have been wronged in the past and have been enemies recently. Why do you suddenly slander your comrades? "
Ludian rhetorical question did not produce Kong Maojie. Kong Maojie still looked at him so Gherardini.
I want to see how long you can hold on to this mask.
Ludian couldn’t stand his sight and turned to Tian Jue.
"Mr. Tian Lao Kong is behind to join the new people who don’t know us revolutionary old people, but you know me. You have a good talk with him about this false thing. It hurts comrades’ feelings too much!
Isn’t it tantamount to cursing me for the last time? This is too much. Although our revolutionary old people are not in a high position, we can’t be slandered like this, can we? "
Tian Jue silently looked at him and said nothing.
Ludian’s face became ugly.
"It won’t … Mr. Tian you also believe him? You don’t believe me? "
"There are more than 700 old friends from Jiangnan who are following Chairman Bei, and there are almost 300 people alive. I am not familiar with everyone, or I am familiar with a few people. I just don’t know you."
"Mr. Tian, you …"
"Explain this to me first."
Tian Jue took out the marriage files of the Qiao family and the Lu family he transferred before, "explain the marriage of your son and Qiao Feng’s only daughter and then sort out a wording to try to convince me that your in-laws and Qiao Feng have made mistakes."
Boy, that’s true!
Ludian burst of chagrin and regret that he shouldn’t have seen the benefits and the disadvantages, but he insisted on marrying Qiao Feng regardless of his wife’s opposition. Now he has to face such a situation.
If I had known that Qiao Feng was doing these things, Ludian hesitated to worry that his family would be implicated after the incident, but think again that Qiao Feng’s personnel can bring benefits to the Lu family …
What if it doesn’t get discovered?
As if by some strange coincidence, he agreed.
However, chagrin turns to chagrin, which is a life-threatening thing. You can’t admit it easily, but you have to struggle until the law continues to struggle.
"The children get married, of course, is very simple! We are old friends and old comrades-in-arms. We have known each other for so many years. His daughter didn’t get married. My son didn’t get married. Naturally, we talked about marriage. Isn’t this also advocated by the chairman? "
Ludian was in a hurry. "The chairman personally said that we should try not to form children’s in-laws with the landlords and the old bureaucrats and gentry, and it is best not to have any contacts. We have always abided by this rule!
We find revolutionary comrades to form in-laws. What’s wrong with this? If even revolutionary comrades can’t form in-laws, who can we find in-laws? Or is the marriage of children just left unattended? That won’t work, will it?
Mr. Tian and Mr. Kong, if you think there’s anything wrong with what I’m doing, it’s tantamount to asking the chairman for trouble. Don’t you take the chairman’s order seriously? Or do you have any other ideas? Want to slander me here? "
Boy, not only did he not admit the problem, but he also turned to the offensive
Kong Maojie looked at Tian Jue.
Tian Jue nodded his head.
"Do you know what Xiao Feng and others have done? Did you really know nothing about your past job? "
"I don’t know if I really don’t know anything!"
Ludian busy way "if I know, I will definitely not allow this kind of thing to happen. Worse, something happened to him or my in-laws. I’m sure I’m to blame. In that case, I’ll definitely stop it at the first time! Isn’t it? "
Chapter 1393 The root of the problem is me?
Tian Jue, who is struggling in Ludian, seems to have a feeling of indescribable paleness.
I feel very powerless.