A line of people simply packed up and quickly went to Zhan Lu Mountain-

An island in the East China Sea
Sanjielou Donghai branch
An old man was holding a writing brush and writing something on a roll of files.
"pa!" Not far away suddenly a crunchy.
The old man turned his head and saw a jade card not far away.
Jade brand just broke suddenly.
"Poke seventeen dead? Failed to assassinate Jiang Tai? " The old man’s eyes narrowed
Gently put the brush and the old man was silent for a while.
"The third floor has ten years without assassination failed unexpectedly failed? This Jiang Tai Yun Dao seems to be bigger than expected! " The old man was silent for a while
"Left and right!" Old man light way
Suddenly two shadows appeared in front of the old man
"Left, you go and find out the cause of death!" The old man ordered
The shadow on the left disappeared in situ.
The old man looked at the other way and said, "Tell Wuqi!"
"Yes!" Another shadow should way
In the future, in a mansion in the state of Wu, the moonlight is dark and Wuqi is facing a figure wrapped in black.
"What? Failed? Didn’t you kill the undead in Sanjie Building? " Wuqi immediately call way
The shadow said coldly, "The Third Floor really didn’t kill the undead. You can’t afford the price. It’s just that the assassin’s level is not enough. This time I came to inform you that Jiang Tai is still alive. My assassin in the Third Floor is dead. You are not responsible, but you must pay again. We will continue to assassinate!"
"What? You didn’t succeed in assassination. Why should I pay for it? " Wuqi immediately nu call way
If it’s just at ordinary times, it’s terrible for these three buildings to ask for money
"This is the third floor rule!" Shadow sink a way
Wuqi was a stiff.
"Then I don’t need you to continue the assassination. Let’s end it!" Wuqi shook his head a way
Five thousand gold, but it took Wuqi a lot of effort to raise it.
The shadow nodded. "I can’t stop the assassination of the Third Floor once I start, because I can’t have a failure case of the Third Floor. If you want to terminate it forcibly, we will send an assassin of the same level to assassinate you. Even if you die without this case, if you can kill the assassin, we will not pursue it! This is the end! "
"Ghost assassin stabbed me?" Wuqi face a stiff.
This is asking for money. If you don’t pay, you’ll kill me. I won’t buy you, not even?
"Then go on!" Wuqi looks pale way
"Smart choice!" Shadow nodded.
"How much is it?" Wuqi looks pale way
"You used to be a ghost assassin, but now you can have two choices. One ghost assassin is the king, the ghost assassin is the Er Shen assassin, and the ghost assassin needs to pay’ 10,000 gold’ and the god assassin needs to pay’ 100,000 gold’" said the shadow.
Wuqi whole face collapsed.
The next 5 thousand gold is going to kill itself. How much is it this time?
Chapter 25 Qiutan
Ten big ships in the East China Sea are heading south.
You don’t have to take the mountain road to go to Zhan Lu Mountain. Gou Jian and others take the sea to the port near Zhan Lu Mountain before boarding.
Jiang Tai stepped up his training all the way, and finally it was half a month, and he made another breakthrough.
There was a rumbling in the cabin, but Jiang Tai broke through again.
"Jingyuan is the fifth heaviest?" Jiang Tai, look at Poseidon’s eyes full of surprises.
How long has this been? You’ve hit the fifth place in Jing Yuan’s territory?
"Knock, knock!" There was a knock on the cabin door.
"Jiang Tai, hurry up, we’re going ashore!" Cried the little witch outside the cabin
"coming!" Jiang Taiying way
Simply pack up a Jiang Tai and walk out of the cabin.
The people at the dock outside the cabin are already waiting-
Outside a city, Wuqi several genera look pale and look at the ten big boxes in front of them and turn to look at the nearby city.