It shouldn’t be too difficult to supplement the altar with sacrificial materials.

What gives them a headache is whether the spiritual people take away the fixed materials in the altar and accelerate their unknown evil plans. This matter is serious and makes people nervous!
it seems
Catch these two guys.
Is an urgent matt.
Hang Yu knows what they are worried about. He also thinks that these spiritual people are a big trouble after all. "I asked two dog to send one or two members to help you hunt down."
"If so, that would be great!"
Xu Tianhua knows that huskies are good.
He can be considered moderate in fighting spirit beast.
However, the ability of tracking and investigation is super strong. Even if there are a lot of talents, it is difficult for Skynet to find a role that is more powerful than a dog. It is really helpful for Hang Yu to send two dog to help.
Two dog protested that "Ow, boss Wang is not sharing dogs, but has dignity!"
Hang Yu stared at him and said, "I’m giving you an opportunity to earn extra money. If you don’t grasp it, forget it."
Two dog immediately pricked up his ears and was full of energy. "Will the government dog still pay rent?"
This is inconsistent with the official style since ancient times.
Isn’t it generally forced people to go to the corvee?
Xu Tianhua quickly said, "The times are different, and the methods of doing things are certainly different. You can rest assured that you will rent the two places to us to ensure that they will eat, drink and be rewarded."
Two dog suddenly said, "Oh, no problem. How many do you want to rent? Bao Wangshen! "
Skynet needs dogs.
How many dogs are in two places at once
Both sides are happy to get what they want from each other.
After two dog became a Lord, his ability to be a member was even stronger.
Hang Yu doesn’t need so many classes of dogs to rent one or two out for a long time. It is the same for China to rent giant pandas overseas, which can not only cultivate and establish friendship between the two sides, but also earn a little extra money by renting dogs.
"The indigenous people in the spiritual world are not so terrible. After all, Jiangcheng is a human territory and you are not too worried." Hang Yu looked at it for a while. "It’s getting late. Why don’t you leave first?"
Xu Tianhua nodded. "Let’s go."
This operation is not a success.
But there are also other gains.
Jiangcheng Skynet got the first person who captured the spirit world alive, and also found a ghost church. Zhu Yang lost three people here, and Skynet also gave full pension and expressed sincerity.
after all
They died with Skynet.
If Skynet doesn’t show anything, it will be difficult to get help from experts in the future.
Now it’s not the government that dominates all the time. Jiangcheng Skynet players are one in ten, even though they are very elite.
Only five full teams can be prepared at the very most.
There are five or six thousand regular combatants.
w w w
The whole skynet adds up to more than 10,000 administrative and production personnel.
Jiangcheng has a population of 10 million
Most of the experts are civilians.
Skynet wants to keep Jiangcheng stable.