Su Yu one leng then exultation.

"Lei Zhen is here!"
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I have to say that the speed of unification is really fast this time. Lei Zhen will soon come to Su Yu.
Su Yu was excited, but he soon discovered that he seemed to have overlooked a key problem.
If I summon the generals of all worlds to become stronger and stronger, all of them are Lei Zhen at this level, wouldn’t it be nothing for Leitian, Zhaoyun and Zhuge Liang?
Su Yu hurriedly told Tong Su Yu that he was worried about it, and then he summoned some ordinary generals. Is it impossible to keep pace with his own development?
It takes a million people to summon a general from all over the world! Su Yu don’t want to lose these command energy in vain.
Soon the system gave the answer.
[drop! Host: You can upgrade the strength and talent of ordinary generals through all kinds of elixirs of lords and servants in Wanjietong Mall, so that they can break through the shackles of peak strength and gain his new function of cultivating Wanjietong generals after the territory level is high.
"That’s good!"
Su Yu nodded with satisfaction.
Want zhaoyun their theory can continue to be strong to Su Yu don’t worry about this problem.
After all, although these mortal generals are inferior to the fix true people, they are among the best in leading the war. Su Yu can’t bear to leave them.
Soon Su Yu came to the palace to see the male body guards in white armor and orange cloak gathered around.
All Terran soldiers are on the alert for fear that this monster, which looks like a winged family but is much uglier, is an assassin.
"The emperor is here!"
Shi Huhe Su Yu separated the army and strode to take a closer look at the man.
This Lei Zhen is indeed a dissident. His face is like indigo, his eyes are like cinnabar, and his teeth are out of his lips. The body is two feet long, with a gold stick in his hand and a pair of meat wings flickering behind him.
This guy is really ugly!
But you can fight!
Su Yuxin lamented
Soon after a routine ceremony, Lei Zhen signed up.
Tong arranged for him to be a mountain monk, and the original tribe changed after swallowing fruit, and served the country wholeheartedly. Lei Zhen came to serve Su Yu
Su Yu naturally agreed to recruit Lei Zhen people.
Soon Lyu3 bu4, Leitian and others received the news and dared to come. They heard that the Emperor had a new "wing family" man?
As a result, when I saw Lei Zhen, these big men were scared. Later, according to the usual practice, the newcomer returned to the emperor to learn from the old people and have a confidence in each other’s strength. Even when Lu Bu returned to filial piety, he tried with Leitian and Zhao Yun.
Su Yu is also happy to see everyone try, while Lei Zhen is loyal and listens to Su Yu’s arrangement.
Su Yu put the driving field specially charged Lu Bu, Leitian and Zhao Yun against Lei Zhenyuan. These three people felt that there was something wrong with the group fight, but soon Lei Zhen let them see what is the power of fixing the true.
Thunder flashes high and hides a wind and thunder stick. Hoho has a paralyzing flow and keeps shuttling air, which makes Leitian three people miserable.
Thanks to Lei Zhen’s mercy, otherwise these three men would have lost.
At the end of the World War I trial, it was not only Leitian three people who sat up and took notice of Lei Zhen, but Su Yu was also happy from ear to ear.
The most powerful fighting power of the Chinese Empire will be replaced again!
And this Lei Zhen can still practice independently and become stronger and stronger!
Emperor Yue gave Lei Zhen the position of personal bodyguard on the spot, which made everyone envious. Su Yu didn’t give Lei Zhen the idea of forming an army. Although Lei Zhen has also helped Ji Chang to fight several wars, Lei Zhen is, after all, a practitioner who specializes in his personal strength and has a talent for leading the army to fight.
Let him be a personal bodyguard, which can more flexibly arrange the battlefield positioning in Lei Zhen, and let him hide his yellow card.
After the generals fought, Su Yu returned to the palace to continue to arrange and deal with some political leisure time and continue to accompany the queen and others.
At that time, Su Yu also continued to consult a magic weapon and the information of those who fix the truth, and by the way, he learned what level the world of fixing the truth with his own real imperial sword and real imperial treasure scroll was.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t check it. It’s a shock to check it.
According to the unified introduction, it turns out that Su Yu’s real imperial scroll is a practice! The theoretical basis of cultivation is that the real imperial scroll can make a mortal cultivate the Tao into a shoulder saint! And Su Yu’s innate sacred body is the best talent for monasticism!