Yao Shangjun has no other way to do this.

"Then when will I go? I always think it’s unreliable."
"You will go tomorrow, and I’ll pack your bags now."
Liang Yu said anything and immediately began to do it. She got up and turned to go to the room to tidy up.
No matter what Yao Shangjun is doing, Chen Guri is really getting better and better.
Moreover, Yao Shangmin came out, and he was very positive and had a good attitude, so his sentence was reduced.
Yao Zhizhao kept his word and sent the two children away when he settled himself.
Yao Xu and Yao Kang are very reluctant to give up their grandparents
Yao Shangmin waited silently outside the door of his old house, knowing how much the old couple hated themselves. He knew he wouldn’t step in.
"Can we come back later?"
Yao Kang looked at Yao Zhizhao crying with his little package in his hand.
Yao Zhizhao didn’t speak, turned his back, waved, and then entered the room.
Zhou Xingyue sighed and wiped her tears.
"You two can come back later. Don’t be so diligent."
Yao Xu’s eyes are red. He has grown up a lot. Now he knows what his father did in those years. This is definitely unforgivable.
"Come on, we’ll come back later."
Yao Kang, an eleven-or twelve-year-old boy, was crying.
Yao Shangmin saw the child coming out of the door before he dared to go over and take the child’s things.
"Mom, I’ll correct it for so many years. I always owe you an apology from my parents. I’ll teach the two children well and thank you for taking them for more than a year."
What he said was from the bottom of his heart, and it was only after he was in trouble that he understood some truth.
Zhou Xingyue didn’t speak.
"Then let’s go first."
Yao Shangmin didn’t feel embarrassed. He also thought a lot, and the result was much better than he thought.
The transformation of Chen’s ornaments was successful, and the style in the store immediately went and began to build his own brand.
In the summer of 1993, Chen Yougong’s Yingfeng brand has gradually gained market recognition.
Chen Yougong has not bought less land in the past two years.
There are no fewer shops in the capital of the decoration shop.
Yao Shangqing really said that it is better to buy some lots, and the store preparation department will remember the name of Yuanyuan.
Fortunately, Yuanyuan stopped her, but she has many names, but there are also seven places in the base.
Yao Shangjun started tossing about opening a shop last year. At first, the situation was still very good. After all, he was eating crabs behind the Chen family. Slowly, people floated up and began to buy some fake goods, which began to go wrong.
Great changes began in the south in 1994.
Chen Yougong received a notice that he would start planning to buy land.
Cooperate with the government and some foreign-funded enterprises jointly develop
Chen Yougong was worth dozens of times that year.
The windward card really began to rise in the wind as its name suggests.
Chen Shaoer and Chen Shaozhi graduated one after another.
However, the two manual conditions are very special, and it is not necessary to come back for the New Year holiday.
Chen Juanjuan and Tang Ruxiao tailor’s shop were joined by Yuan Yuan, and then they began to take their own things to participate in some competitions.
The Chen family accumulated a few years ago and now it is in full swing.
Yuan Yuan joined the Chinese Academy of Sciences before and was also the youngest student of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
In the summer of 1995, Yuanyuan had her first holiday and could rest for fifteen days.
Go and send a letter to Chen Shaoer and Chen Shaozhi and ask them when they can come back to get together. After all, the Chen family has been gathering less and leaving more over the years.
However, it is a coincidence that Chen Shaoer sometimes has a holiday because he has just completed a more dangerous project.
Chen Shaoyuan is even busier. Now he has gradually come into contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and moved to the distribution room.
"Let’s go back to Yuanyuan for a long time."
Chen is still the same. It’s good enough to be with her. Don’t worry about those others.
I’m coming back from the train in high spirits. Chen Shaoer? ? ? ?
Chen Shaoer directly buys his hometown ticket, otherwise he will have to go back to the capital and then go back by train, which is too much trouble.
Chen Dayu and Chen Chengcai stayed in the provincial capital after graduation. Knowing that they came back to Chen Chengcai this time, they went back to their hometown and cleaned up their homes. What should be swept and what should be done should be done.
Zhao Qinhua came back after chatting outside and passed by the door to give him a look
After all, men who work outside the home have money to send back two girls every month, except for the second girl who doesn’t go home, and the eldest girl who works has money and the children’s university has money. Anyway, she doesn’t worry about anything, and not many people in the village look down on her. That’s really good.
"Yo, why are you back? Won’t be niang with old home to come back? "
She leaned against the doorway and watched Chen Chengcai work alone.
Chen Chengcai is a senior. It’s hard for him not to talk when talking to him.
"Well, my grandmother and my third aunt are coming back for two days with Yuanyuan."
Zhao Qinhua’s mouth is flat. Although her mother-in-law hasn’t come back for several years, she is still a little scared.
"Ok, you tidy up."
But as soon as I got to the door, I remembered that my man was still working in the factory and turned back.
"Do you need my help? Can you handle it alone?"
Chen Chengcai didn’t guess what uncle Niang meant but shook his head and refused. After all, he was almost finished cleaning up.
"By the way, uncle Niang Dayu will be home tomorrow, and Xiaoyu may come back. Please tidy up your home, too."
He still has to wake up when he thinks about it, and he knows that at home, but the family always has no overnight feud, and if both sides don’t make efforts to reconcile, they will always be enemies.
Zhao Qinhua is a little scared when she hears Chen Xiaoyu’s name. She is really afraid that this girl is terrible. She also knew that she had hardly come back during the New Year a few years ago. When she came back, she quarreled with her and broke the basin and bowl, but she didn’t point at her nose and scolded her.
"Okay, I’ll go back and tidy up" and left.
Their family has also built a new house now. This courtyard is paved with blue bricks, and many people in the village envy her. Everyone says that she will be born in Zhao Qin.
The next day, Chen Dayu came back as scheduled. She also bought something for her grandmother and three aunts to prepare everything. I haven’t seen it in these years, but I have sent letters. It’s hard to see her work. When she has money, she naturally wants to buy gifts. You can’t forget it.
Zhao Qinhua looked at Chen Dayu’s big bags and went home to see the package first.
"What are these? Did you buy me new clothes?"
Chen Dayu took a sip of tea by herself.
"Mom didn’t buy you these. They are all grandma, three aunts and Yuanyuan. Don’t rummage around."
Zhao Qinhua was reluctant to throw the parcel with her hand.
"You are my life. Why do you always think about outsiders?"
Chen Dayu knows her mother’s temper
"Of course I know that you are my mother, but it was my uncle’s family who gave me money to learn from Xiaoyu, and my grandmother couldn’t see it, but she gave us something to eat in private and found us in the snow."
She said it all at once. Just because she has been kind to this family for years doesn’t mean she doesn’t remember anything.
Besides, she is not afraid to offend Zhao Qinhua at all. Anyway, she has said everything, and what she said is very common. If Xiaoyu is here, it is estimated that she will die.
Chen didn’t come back with her family by train until Friday, and she hasn’t come back for several years.