Li Jian Shang Wen pondered for a moment and replied, "Commander Pavilion, now we also have troops to retreat to Seoul to make a good plan. Seoul is our Korean root, and we must not lose our ability to adjust our troops to give up attacking Seoul."

"no!" It’s already time for ōyama Iwao to be unbearable and greedy. It’s a few days to take away the city. If things can’t be abandoned, even if ōyama Iwao sees eye to eye, he has to think carefully from this time.
"Yes, we must never withdraw our troops. We must take away the city and defeat the South Korean troops. The whole of North Nie Shicheng is ours. Just attacking thousands of Qing troops in Seoul will not hold us. If we fight, we can’t give up Seoul!" Mountain Yuanzhi came to see Shangwen for a while, but now ōyama Iwao refuses to see Shangwen’s suggestion, which naturally adds fuel to the fire.
Li Jian Shang Wennai looked at this general and a lieutenant general, but now the two pillars of the Japanese army are opposed to each other and can’t resist the pressure of two people.
Li Jian Shang Wen said, "The two men in Seoul are very important, but there are all our military materials and intelligence materials in North Korea. If we lose them, we will be stranded. How can we fight the next battle?"
ōyama Iwao said thoughtfully, "Send a telegram to Busan to order the Busan garrison to immediately move closer to Seoul to help the Seoul garrison defend, and then order the 17th Brigade and the 13th United Team to rush back to defend the remaining troops in Seoul. I must bring Seoul here. This time, I must make Nie Shicheng’s head fall to the ground!"
See Shangwen immediately. See ōyama Iwao’s determination. He promised to make it.
The Japanese troops in Kaicheng were transferred from more than 1,000 people, and there were only less than 30,000 people left. Although the troops were still dominant, the strength contrast was no longer so wide. At this moment, there was a turn for the better in the Qing Dynasty.
Kaicheng Nie Shicheng received a notification from Yu Wenshun, which was very exciting. Zhang Yi came back and brought back 10,000 troops. This time, he must fight hard with the Japanese army to express his anger.
Nie Shicheng ordered nearly 20,000 Qing troops in Kaesong to strengthen their alert, and they must resist the Japanese army’s continuous attack and stick to the arrival of Zhang Yi’s army!
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five The land shows reverse
ōyama Iwao also knows that it is now or never, and now the Korean war situation is ever-changing. If we don’t hurry, once Seoul changes, there is no place to cry.
ōyama Iwao was in the direction of Kaicheng, and all the Japanese attacked the west gate of Kaicheng. Except for the forced Shangmin Department by Jumping Mountain, his military departments devoted themselves to the attack, and two artillery regiments took turns to launch constant shelling on Kaicheng.
The offensive and defensive war in Kaesong has reached an extremely fierce level. On the first day of coming to the Qing army, more than 3,000 people were killed. If you don’t count the wounded, the Japanese army is not much better. Thousands of casualties have occurred.
The next day, the Japanese army still launched a onslaught, and the Japanese army kept attacking the Kaesong city wall. Finally, it couldn’t withstand the artillery bombardment for several days, and the large area collapsed together with the two forts were completely destroyed. The Japanese army began to attack the Kaesong city head. Nie Shicheng ordered Tang Keqiang to organize a thousand death squads to kill the Japanese army, and finally the Japanese army retreated when it was dark.
Two days ago, Li Gang and his new army had already arrived in Huoshan, less than 60 miles from Seoul. It was very steep here. Li Gang looked at the steep valley and nodded secretly. This is the only way from Kaesong to Seoul, and it is also close to the middle of Kaesong to Seoul. It is the best position to ambush the Japanese army.
Li Gang made the army immediately hide in the mountains on both sides and waited for the arrival of the Japanese Huiyuan army.
Only after more than an hour, the Japanese striker has arrived at the 17th Brigade of Huoshan, and more than 1,000 people marched all the way towards Seoul.
Li Gang looked coldly at this unit for half an hour, and when the unit was nearly halfway, Li Gang waved his hand and shouted "Fire!"
Five thousand new army rifles, heavy artillery and mortars fired at the same time, which immediately turned the valley into a sea of fire. The Japanese army really didn’t find the mountain peaks hiding, and the main shells of the Qing army poured down on the Japanese army like rain. The Japanese army was beaten like a fly, and quickly spread out to find shelter and prepare to fight back.
The unfortunate brigade commander Hideo Yamada happened to be in the middle of the brigade team and was hit by a shell. At that time, he was seriously injured and the whole brigade leader was in a mess.
Li Gang looked at the tumultuous Japanese army and shouted happily, "Order the artillery battalion not to spare the artillery shells. All artillery shells cover and bombard them!"
The chaos of the Japanese army lasted for more than half an hour. The whole valley was covered with dead bodies of the Japanese army, and the Japanese army wailed repeatedly. In such a short time, the Japanese army was killed, and nearly 2,000 people reacted. It is now that the Japanese army has already organized a counterattack, and the artillery team has already been in a mess because of the frightened horses. It is really difficult to withstand the attack of the Qing army just by relying on rifles.
Li Ganggao shouted, "Heavy machine gun fire suppresses the assault of submachine gun team!"
Li Hongzhang, a new army, equipped a hundred light machine guns to the Qing army.
The new army stormtroopers charged directly from the mountain, followed by the three-dimensional attack formation of the Qing army with rifles, and the Japanese army did not fight back at all, and the Japanese army could not hold back the Qing army attack in a hurry.
The deputy brigade commander, Hatano Yamada, ordered a team to stop the Qing army and lead the main brigade to retreat in the direction of Seoul.
Fortunately, the Japanese army is well-trained to advance and retreat. Otherwise, the Qing army will definitely make the 17th Brigade weakened. Even so, the 7th Wing of the 17th Brigade will suffer heavy casualties. More than 2,000 Japanese corpses will be left with Huoshan feet forever.
Li Gang watched a sneer at the corner of his mouth when he hastily evacuated the Japanese army. "Stop chasing and clean up the battlefield, and then evacuate Huoshan quickly and advance towards Songaksan Mountain one hour later!"
The new army of loyalty and loyalty quickly cleaned up the battlefield and sorted out the seized materials and began to advance rapidly towards Songaksan Mountain
At this time, Kaesong has entered the offensive and defensive war. On the third day, the Qing army stirred up the west of Kaesong, and they all killed each other.
At this time, the new army of Haozi Department and Dangzi Department also just arrived in Incheon.
Zhang Yi didn’t dare to stay for a moment. Although a large part of the new army felt unwell all the way by boat, it didn’t take a break. The army immediately dispatched and began to rush to the southwest of Kaesong, less than 100 miles away. Zhang Yi marched all the way to the southwest of Kaesong in just one day. Thanks to ōyama Iwao’s Zhang Yi army, there were no more reinforcements to rush to Seoul. All the Japanese troops had been in the west of Kaesong for investigation and the ambush had been withdrawn. The Qing army’s actions had been so rapid.
Zhang Yi stopped the team. Now the guns in Kaesong are still more than ten miles away. Although the war is fierce, there is still no final victory or defeat.
Zhang Yiqiang calmly ordered, "The army will rest for ten minutes and then quickly advance into the Japanese army to launch a storm on the back of the Japanese army!"
Zhang Yi ordered 5,000 Qing troops to rush toward the Japanese army like Tiger Mountain. Now the Japanese army is in full swing, and the Qing army and the Japanese army have completely stirred up together. It is difficult to tell the winner for a while.
At the anxious moment of Zhengda Mountain Rock, there was a sudden burst of artillery, and dozens of shells flew over from the rear and fell straight into the Japanese position, causing a great chaos in the Japanese position.
In the battle, ōyama Iwao, Li Jian, Shang Wen, and Yamanaka Yuanji were shocked. Where did this heavy artillery come from? Where did the Qing army come from?
ōyama Iwao shouted, "What’s going on? Where did the Qing army reinforcements come from? Didn’t the Qing army reinforcements already attack Seoul?"
Seeing that Shang Wen’s heart was bitter, he said, "Commander Pavilion, I’m afraid it’s a diversion of the Qing army. One of our reorganized brigades and one wing was transferred from the Qing army and led the main force to kill it back. Commander Pavilion is afraid that the situation of our army is not good. Please hurry to evacuate the battlefield. Once the Qing army is forced to attack the front and rear, it is difficult for our army to win!"
I saw that Shangwen’ s voice did not fall, and the second wave of shells of the new army was bombed. When the Japanese army came to the Japanese position, the Japanese army was caught between Scylla and Charybdis. This was a taboo for military strategists.
Li Jian Shang Wen shouted, "The commander’s pavilion should be evacuated quickly, and it is necessary to evacuate in the direction of Yuema Mountain to get rid of the current situation of being attacked between Scylla and Charybdis, forcing Shang Min to merge in one place, and we still have a turning point. Once we are surrounded, we will be in danger!"
ōyama Iwao Wanwannai was full of reluctance and roared, "Let the army evacuate to the north and move closer to Yuema Mountain!"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six The Japanese army lost the overall situation
ōyama Iwao ordered the Japanese army to retreat to the north, but at this time, thousands of Japanese strikers and the Qing army were smashed into a piece, and their respective wars were already in chaos. Want to get out and talk about it?
If the forward can’t be withdrawn, the Japanese ministries in the rear can throw the Japanese troops in front and evacuate alone, which is different from pushing thousands of Japanese troops into the fire pit.
ōyama Iwao felt very regretful when he saw such a scene. He should not have listened to Yamanaka Yuanji’s words, and his eagerness for work formed this fast knot today.
Zhang Yi in the rear also saw that the Japanese army was now in a dilemma, which made the new army attack and ordered people to rush to Songaksan Mountain to make the new army of Ligang rush to Xicheng to participate in the war.
Once Zhang Yibai is involved in the war, the Japanese army has a large number of troops here. Isn’t it possible to change the situation of the war by relying on its 5,000 people? There is also a brigade of the Japanese army in Yuema Mountain.
As Zhang Yi ordered the new army light machine gunner forward heavy artillery and mortar heavy machine guns to suppress fire, 5,000 new troops rushed to the Japanese army.
Nowadays, after four or five days of fierce fighting, the Japanese army is already a spent force. Where can it stand before and after the attack? The firepower of the new army is still so rapid!
It was the Japanese army that gradually became overwhelmed and the defensive position showed signs of instability.
ōyama Iwao also saw the clue and said, "What should we do now? Even if we want to withdraw from the battlefield, it is difficult for the current army to make it. The artillery fire of the Qing army reinforcements in the rear is too fierce and has already rushed to the crowd. There is no good plan, but our army is in danger!"
Li Jian Shang Wen said with a sigh, "Commander Ge quickly ordered to go to Yuema Mountain for help. Yuema Mountain is only 30 to 40 miles away from us. The Qiushan Haogu cavalry brigade is afraid that it will arrive here in less than half an hour, and it will only take more than two hours to kill the main force of Shangminjun Brigade. When the reinforcements arrive, we can stabilize the situation and the Qing army will fight to the death. I think the outcome of both sides is still 50-50. I hope that the Qing army will have these thousands of troops behind us, and once the Qing army joins us, our odds will not exceed 30%!"
ōyama Iwao roared, "The soldiers immediately went to Yuema Mountain and forced Shangmin Department to rush to support the headquarters of Akiyama Haogu cavalry brigade, which will arrive at the west of the city in an hour! The 13 th United turned to attack the Qing army in the rear, and the attack must be suppressed! "