But even so, it is still a matter of time before the dreamer team rises.

Even many teams began to gloat.
After all, if there is any team in the fantasy world that can stop the dreamer team, it can be the most respected old urk.
However, there are two main players in the current dreamer team, including Guangguang and Yebu, both of whom are old urk players, and Han Xuanxuan and Jiejing are old urk main players. When the two teams meet, how should the two sides distribute gank?
And some people also smell some movement from Netease.
It seems that from today, after the end of Jingwu Tianshen League, Netease’s hands began to extend to some foreign markets. It seems that those dreamy westward journeys in the United States, South Korea and Europe were also acquired by Netease.
And what does this big move mean?
It means that Fantasy Westward Journey is no longer the national market.
It’s not that competitive game anymore.
If you want to fight, it may be more than just the old urk.
And once they win the old urk, they become the national team.
Take the place of the country and fight in all directions
Only by winning all the teams can such a tense atmosphere become a dream westward journey, which is called the team with the strongest history of dream westward journey.
The rise of Fantasy Westward Journey is unstoppable.
But it is a question whether the dreamer team can really become the strongest team in the fantasy westward journey.
And what they can do now is to try their best to cooperate with this team full of limitations and potential.
Lead them to the highest altar in that country.
Because the dreamer team is not only the dream of westward journey, but also the hope of the whole country!
These people want to wait for people to know something more or less.
But as Fang Xiang said to the dreamer team earlier,
Whether you meet a Chinese team or a foreign team.
There’s one thing he does.
That is, we won’t let the dreamer team try to fail again.
Even if the opponent is strong, it is impossible!
Jia Ling and the dreamer team are already very familiar with each other, so it is also symbolic to ask some dream friends the most heart-warming questions.
For example, what is the direction of the dreamer team, and thinking is also on behalf of the dreamer team.
When the dreamer team was interviewed here, it was 15 minutes in total.
After the interview, I thought I was gloating and shook hands with Jia Ling to let Jia Ling continue to cheer.
Then when the Jia Ling camera turned to other places, it held Fang Xiang’s waist soft.
Speak lightly
"That’s really thank you."
But although the camera didn’t capture it, after all, many teams have been focusing on gathering Jia Ling and Fang Xiang, and this subtle movement has also been seen by many people.
Those people’s eyes are also wide open for a moment.
No wonder Fang wants us to be interviewed by the live broadcast platform.
It turns out that he still has such an affair with this female anchor who leads the team!
At that time, many team members secretly crossed this point in their hearts.
And Fang Xiang, although sometimes dull, is still smarter at this time.
Jia Ling twisted his teeth and thought that he was facing the other team members who were still waiting in line for interviews and bowed to thank them for helping themselves.
Those team members also hurriedly waved and said nothing.
And Fang Xiang’s dreamer team also returned to their room after the interview.
But everyone knows that this time the Jingwu Tianshen League is not over, but-
Chapter four hundred and twenty That’s not the topic
Because they just won the final championship of Jingwu Tianshen League, the dreamer team decided to go out and relax, such as having a celebration dinner.
It is also the time when everyone wants to get together and get ready to go out.
Fang Xiang’s doorbell rang.
When I took a look, it was almost ten o’clock late. It is reasonable to say that no one should come to me at this time, but Fang wanted to go over and open the door.
There is a stranger outside the door.
And the stranger is also holding a pile of information in his hand and looking at Fang wanting to open the door for himself. He showed his white teeth and grinned.
"Fang Xiang, hello, I’m General Manager Ding’s secret. General Manager Xu Ding said earlier that he was going to give you a celebration dinner, but he left Shenzhen because of something sudden. These materials were entrusted to you by General Manager Ding. I hope I won’t disturb your rest."
When I heard the former, I thought that I nodded and let this little Xu Jin enter the room.
And Xu put the pile of data aside and said good morning to Fang Xiang and others and left.
Looking at Xu to leave that pile of information, Fang Xiang and others also frowned.
"Ah? What information do you think Ding Sanshi will give us? "
Looking at Xu’s departure over there, I don’t know anything about it.
"I guess it should be an analysis of the international situation."
This time has not been how to talk ended said
"Analysis of the international situation?"
Fang Xiang and others are turning their attention to the end.
And the end of the curtain is also to answer for all.
"Yes, I have got the news before. To put it bluntly, the official side has set up a springboard, including what it takes to spend a lot of money to buy the best game club here in Shenzhen. That’s it."
"At that time, when our old urk was still galloping in the fantasy world, the fantasy westward journey had already flowed to foreign countries, but because there was no unified place at home, although there were many players playing in the United States, South Korea and Europe at that time, after our old urk withdrew from the fantasy westward journey stage, these devices began to weaken gradually, much like Europe and the United States, where it was already very good to have 10,000 players, and because of this Jingwu Tianshen League, more people realized that the rise of the fantasy westward journey was just a problem, so this rise of foreign markets was unstoppable at this time.
Speaking of the end, I opened the document that Xiao Xu stayed here.
The a4 paper on the front page of the information was printed with the words "Analysis of the Dream International Situation".
Flipped through a curtain and put away his smile. He said seriously to Fang Xiang and others
"What Ding Sanshi wrote here is similar to what I learned."
"This time, we also acted as an official chess game. What can I say? Previously, Suk gave Ding Sanshi a national market and Ding Sanshi agreed to let others look at the international market without saying anything."
The end of the curtain says that Fang wants to wait for people’s minds to start to perk up.
At present, the Dream Journey to the West can rank third in the revenue list of ball games just by relying on the domestic market. If we add the international market, then … won’t we win the championship by overwhelming others?
Of course, the opening of the international market is a challenge for our dreamer team.
When I say this, I end my eyes and look straight at the square.
And the party want to is also this time the corners of the mouth become warped.