"In that case, then continue to the topic.

Let’s go eat first
Say your money first! "
Feel his solid chest after being hugged by him.
Phil la’s original recovered intelligence collapsed again, directly falling below the bottom line and crashing into the center of the earth.
"Okay, whatever you say."
So they left the fast food restaurant directly in front of everyone and got into the Ferrara luxury sports car.
Drive to the best restaurant nearby.
[I take the devil to be a duck]
[soft! Rice! Tao! 】
[Don! Don! Lian! ! 】
the next day
After cutting the indescribable timeline, the ultimate beast of terror-[River Crab]
Dog man successfully reconnected.
Now it happened yesterday.
Prosperity, democracy, culture, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, patriotism, dedication, honesty and friendliness.
Early in the morning
Still London.
After all, there was no need to travel around the world last night.
A luxury community in Westminster.
Dressed in a black suit with weapons strapped to their waist, the security guards confirmed the other party’s license plate at a glance after seeing the sports car coming slowly from the intersection.
So I hurried to hit a roadblock.
No matter whether the other party can hear you or not, they just line up and say hello, "Welcome back to respect the hereditary count-Ms. Phil Raobello."
Although it is already a modern society, it is clear that powerful nobles still enjoy many special benefits.
Without the birds, those security sports cars are controlled by the intelligent system to drive to the set goal at a uniform speed …
After arriving at the place
The cart door looks at the classical English style luxury villa in front of it.
Olga was satisfied and nodded "It looks good"
Although he doesn’t know the specific price, he can see that he can buy two ordinary properties just by placing statues on both sides of the gate
Hearing his words, Phil quickly put his arm around his arm, and innocent girl smiled all over his face.
"You like it.
If you don’t like the later residence, I still have several sets of his style residence in Mayfair Mansion, so you can choose whatever you want. "
After half a day together.
When I got up early today and wanted to leave Olga directly,
Phila summoned up her courage and submitted her application for regularization without hesitation.
I want to change Olga’s temporary status into a regular job.
And I think it’s sweet to eat a soft meal when I’m weak now.
After a few seconds of hard choices
Olga simply agreed to Phil’s request.
So he followed Filar here.
As the two of them entered the villa, two mechanical maids immediately surrounded them and greeted them, "welcome back, master."
In that sports car, the intelligent system controlled itself to return to the garage and recharge itself.
After all, it is already a mature sports car.
Ignoring the mechanical maids, Phila said to Olga with a happy face, "I’ll introduce you to someone first."
Then he pushed the villa door with him and walked into the house.
And in the face of the room, the girl who suddenly knocked on the door and was sitting in the living room playing games was also conscious and turned to look at it.
To just show up Filar consciousness shouted.
"Mom, you yesterday …"
Words haven’t say that finish, she saw is Filar hug Olga.