But LeiYuan refused to take advantage of the night from fenglei city to the front.

When they passed Wutong Mountain, Lei Yuan suddenly had the impulse to visit him, but Bochang stopped him and said, "The young master has been hiding his identity. If we rashly worship the mountain and meet the young master, it will make him feel embarrassed. Now it is eventful. It is not too late to visit the mountain when there is an opportunity in the future."
Leiyuan thought Bochang was right, so he put out the idea of going to worship the mountain, looked at Wutong Mountain and continued to go west.
Although Leiyuan didn’t go to worship the mountain, the Wutong Sect still welcomed an uninvited guest.
The first ray of sunshine has just shone on the foot of Wutong Mountain. A man in the travel-stained sect, who is in a mess, panted and held the rock road "finally arrived"
After saying this sentence, he fainted when his eyes closed.
Brother Shan, who came to patrol the mountain, found him and recognized that the sect he was wearing was Inca clothing.
Although the six schools are far away from Wan Li and have little contact with each other, they all know each other.
This is that knowledge that every cousin must know.
What’s more, one of the six sects will tell the other sects what happened.
Although there are no people coming and going, they often communicate with each other
When the gatekeeper brother didn’t dare to neglect, he informed the elder Fengshi.
Elder Fengshi quickly came to the mountain to feel the pulse of this Inca brother, and found that this brother was tired and fainted, so he gave him some strength to go over.
This younger brother’s strength attribute also belongs to the fire. After being supplemented by the abundant elder’s strength, he wakes up and turns around.
The first thing he said when he opened his eyes was, "Hurry up. If the Incas are in trouble, please ask Wutong to send friends to support them."
Elder Fengshi quickly picked up the Inca brother and asked, "Whose brother are you from?"
"I am Momodo, the younger brother of the Inca leader," Momodo said.
Elder Fengshi said, "Please follow me to tell the head in detail before we make a decision."
Momodo struggled to get up. "Please lead the way."
Elder Fengshi helped Momodo to the Hall of Ursa Major.
Momodo knelt down and cried when he saw the founder of Creation, "The founder of the Inca Sect is in trouble. My master asked me to come to the mountain to seek reinforcements, and asked the founder to see that the six factions are the same."
The head of Genesis urgently asked, "What happened to the Incas?"
Momodo talked about it.
It turned out that General Manido was ambushed by the Inca faction of General Sidalog on his way back after the General Ranking Conference.
Although the former general Manido has secretly reached an agreement with the Incas to counter-kill Siddhartha.
However, general Siddhartha’s strength is not much different from that of general Manido, and the acting skills of the Inca leader and the elders are really poor, which caused the cunning Siddhartha to be alert.
The anti-killing didn’t succeed, and Sida Locke escaped.
This Inca faction has become the primary target of attack in Sida County.
Although General Manido sent troops to attack Sida County after his return and condemned their crimes, there is a small half of counties in the eastern hemisphere where Manido is located, all of which are from the Central Party.
When Yang learned that his plan had failed, he immediately sent troops to clear the Eastern Hemisphere, and everything that did not belong to him was attacked.
The Eastern Hemisphere has fallen into chaos.
Although Mani County is next to Sida County, a central county, Mani County is afraid of being besieged at the critical moment if it wants to die with Sida County. If it is careless, it will be in danger of losing the county and losing the country. So Mani County can’t deal with Sida County.
General Siddhartha hated the Inca betrayal, and after confirming that General Manido had come to help the Inca, he personally led people to surround the Inca.
Although the Inca faction has a Guardian Array to protect General Siddhartha, it is not so easy to attack, but the energy of the Guardian Array can only last for two months
In two months, the Incas will be exposed to people when the energy is exhausted.
Although the Incas had eleven sacred periods, they saw the great power of the generals after they took part in the ambush and anti-killing actions of the generals. During these sacred periods, the Incas thought they were no opponents and were afraid one by one.