Although skeptical, Guo Yi picked up the second trick, and after playing it, there was also a piece of paper to meet and write, "The former ares flag was in the hands of the witch Feng Chang Fei."

Face also attached this line of fine print "witch is now the god of war"
After seeing this note, Guo Yi was even more shocked, but soon he slapped his face and cursed, "Mom, I said I’ve seen it somewhere. I knew that the golden flag was extraordinary and it was the flag of God of War."
If you want to go to Ares Station, you have to go through a golden snake forest. Then Xiao Fengfeng must have taken the witch to Ares Station. Then what is she doing at Ares Station?
What Guo Yiyuan wanted most was to go to Motome Zen Zhai to see the fun of marriage proposal, but now he finds that he wants to go to Ares Platform, which is also a place full of mysteries. He left in a hurry because of the low repair, and many secrets were afraid to explore. Now, Guo Yi was more than a hundred times at the beginning. Naturally, his skill was high and he was bold.
But at this time, he looked at the third kit!
This trick is a little different from the other two tricks. It’s very bulging inside, and there are nine layers of spiritual tattoos on the outside. Even if you are conscious, you can find out what’s inside.
Guo Yi and Mr. Chiba are fighting. He doesn’t believe that Mr. Chiba is really so unpredictable.
What’s in the third kit? How should Guo Yi ask this third question?
Chapter 427 Blue Sea Star Wheel
In a mansion made of jade in the holy city of Huadu
This is a mansion with an area of 100 miles in Fiona Fang. Everything in it is particularly aura and pavilions are quaint and vicissitudes. Obviously, this mansion has been built for many years and has not been weathered by the times because of the blessing of the law.
Liu Yan ran sat on a balcony and looked at the familiar and unfamiliar garden. A pair of beautiful eyes blinked gently and no one could see what she was thinking at this time.
Her pair of jade carving hands stretched out gently, and suddenly a large piece of Psylocke fell into her hands, and her fingers danced.
At this moment, a few footsteps sounded and Liu Er gently walked into the pavilion, watching Liu Yan ran and playing with Psylocke from a distance.
Liu Yan ran to do one thing, no one can disturb Liu Er. She knew this rule when she followed her for too long.
Liu Yan ran naturally saw Liu Er and sat back in the crystal ebony chair. "Where did you send her?"
"A place where it is absolutely impossible to see Guo Yi?" Liuerdao
"Is it possible for Guo Yi to find there?" Liu Yan ran way
"Absolutely impossible" Liu Er way
"Is it possible for her to escape?" Liu Yan ran way
"Immortals can’t escape from the inside" Liu Er said.
"That’s good. I always trust you to do things."
Liu Yan ran ha ha a smile and then stretched out a weak bone hand. Soon there was a black token in her hand. This token was originally rolling with the necromancer airflow and stinking yellow, but when it fell into Liu Yan ran’s hand, it suddenly became the purest thing in the sky.
The token flew from her hand and fell into Liu Er’s hand.
"Take this token to find heaven back" Liu Yan ran.
Liu Er tightly holds the token in his hand and gently smiles at the corner of his mouth. "That guy is too unruly to move a token. I’m afraid it’s hard to move him. He listens to a big man. I may not be able to move him if I go."
"Then you can tell him that this is what I mean. If he doesn’t come back, he will never come back." Liu Yan ran’s smile suddenly disappeared, and Liu Er was so startled that he knelt down directly.
Liu Er trembled and said, "handmaiden, dare to ask, it’s not yet ripe, Miss Xiu hasn’t finished her recovery, so you are in such a hurry to recall Heaven?"
Liu Yan ran’s face softened and slowly said, "Because Guo Yi is the Guo family, once he is promoted to the star master realm, he will be brought back to the Guo family. I don’t want this to happen. Heaven must come back to cover up his life. Only when he is trained in heaven can he deceive the Guo family and the bodhi old zu."
"Handmaiden white" willow son to liu yan ran a deep worship this just got up.
Liu Yan ran said, "Still not going?"
"Handmaiden, there is one more thing to leave to miss" Liu Er said.
"say it!"
Liu Er paused to say "Yin Hou wants to see you"
"Yin Hou" Liu Yan ran gently read 1 and then lost in thought.
Liu Er added, "She said that the big guy gave something to Guo Yi and asked Guo Yi to give it to her. This thing is very important to her. She wants to ask the young lady if she can ask Guo Yi for it back?"
"Guo Wei has seen a big guy?" Liu Yan ran some surprise way
"Seen at that time, Miss Xuanji Tandi refining nine coffins Guo Yi once broke into the abandoned world" Liu Er said.
"so!" Liu Yan ran’s face showed an intriguing smile and then said, "Heaven is a big disciple, and Yin Hou is also a big disciple. That’s good. You won’t go this trip. Let Yin Hou ask Heaven!"
The big guy is Guo Yi’s abandonment to see that a star giant was locked by Kowloon, and the big guy is the one who wants Guo Yi to find a cloudy month.