All the way, the snakehead was not swallowed by evil spirits, but looked forward to watching the throne of hell in the enchantment with a glimmer of expectation in his eyes

"Step in, step in, step in, step in, step in, step in, step in, you are a sinner. If you pull me, you can take me with you. This enchantment won’t last long, and the demon jade will break it!" The snakehead people eager way
Dizang nodded
Hidden treasure dragged the chain and grabbed the big pregnant beast and crossed out toward the enchantment.
The violent course staff in the hands of the Zoroastrianism Lord is about to break the enchantment, and suddenly an’ evil spirit’ rushes to the crowd.
"What are you doing here?" Zoroastrianism Lord surly way
But the evil spirit actually sees himself continuing to bump towards the enchantment.
"unbridled!" When the Zoroastrian Lord is angry,
Only to see the evil spirit crash into the enchantment and then flash into the enchantment.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Face
Zoroastrianism Lord eyes a stare don’t want to this evil spirit actually entered the enchantment?
The evil spirit’s body suddenly exploded, revealing three figures, namely, Tibetan, snakehead and pregnant beast.
"gold!" The pregnant beast proudly looked at the Zoroastrian Lord.
Zoroastrianism Lord face a intensely staring at the snakehead.
The snakehead has four snakeheads that have been drooping and their brains have been drawn out, but this fifth head has never been seen before.
"Are you? It was you? I understand that you have not been in the tenth hell! " Zoroastrianism Lord face a heavy way
The snakehead, however, ignored the fire worshiper and said to the underground storage, "I will help you refine the ten levels of hell. Listen to my sorcery spell and touch this stone platform, and I will read it!"
"hmm!" Dizang nodded
“*&%¥#!” Tibetan learn to read it.
The stone platform at the hand of the hidden treasure gave a sudden quiver.
"Damn it, that shrine is me!" Zoroastrianism Lord nu call way
The staff in his hand was forced again and the outside world shook violently for a while.
The enchantment is also shaking rapidly and it is about to break.
Tibetan still kept reading.
Read read the stone stage a induction straight at my heart.
"Buzz!" The stone stage bloomed with white light.
The outside Zoroastrianism is getting crazier and crazier. Do you want this bastard to be a wedding dress?
"Kid, shut up!" Zoroastrianism Lord angry call.
The Tibetan continued to learn the spell and read it out bit by bit.
Suddenly, the stone platform melted and then quickly rushed into the underground, like a liquid seeping into a sponge.
"Gollum!" The stone platform slowly disappeared.
"no!" Zoroars the zoroastrian Lord
The snakehead’s eyes flashed a trace of regret, but for a moment their eyes were firm again.
The spell stops and hides all over, emitting a rolling white light. The consciousness of hiding is like passing through the ten layers of hell in a flash through this stone platform.
Dizang knows that he has been recognized by the Ten Hell, but he still doesn’t understand the function of the Ten Hell.
"Hey!" Enchantment suddenly appeared a lot of cracks.
The Zoroastrian Lord is about to rush in
"gold!" The pregnant beast wakes up in the basement