This time, it was not just Brother Liu who was surprised. Several monks in the Temple of the Soul in the Foundation Period involuntarily gave it up.

You know, the second soul ring hall is the patent of the monks in the elixir, and the monks will condense the second soul ring only after they have enough strength in the elixir.
Boy, now there is a little guy in front of them who has refined the second ring faster than them.
Four Elders … At this time, he felt that he might witness a miracle. The patriarch was really good at scheming and designing. It is no wonder that he was indifferent to the big elders’ jumping and jumping when he shook hands with such two cards.
Airship everyone looked at Sun Haotou’s second soul ring.
There is a strange rhinoceros head, horse body and lion tail with wings, and a strange spirit beast is lying lazily like a nap.
What is this?
No one can recognize the sound communication confirmation.
Godsworn in the Hall of All Souls can’t know the soul beast. Today, Liu Jindan had to ask for the second time with a smile, "This soul".
Sun Hao replied "Taikoo Lei Shou"
Compared with Wang Yuan’s introduction, it is simpler.
What is Swire Lei Shou?
A few elixirs. Look at me. I’ll look at you. Once again, I find that no one knows the origin.
Looking at each other, Brother Liu asked "Wei Neng"
Sun Hao thought for a moment and answered truthfully, "It should be able to fight against Suzaku and Longchan."
Wang Yuan …
Brother Liu …
Wang Hui, the fourth elder, said to himself, "Who believes it?"
Wang Yuanxin felt a heartfelt fear when Sun Hao’s soul ring came out, which should be the feeling that vertical-eyed dragon toad brought him.
Sun Hao looked around at a face of disbelief and drank a "hi" in his mouth. The movement of gods prompted Taikoo Lei Shou’s soul ring. Taikoo Lei Shou got up and roared "Ow …"
This voice seems to have penetrated the airship and landed on the beach. Suddenly, the whole beach of 100,000 people was instantly quiet.
Airship, several monks, including several monks, can’t help but step back a few steps, which will stabilize the figure.
After a pause, look at the monster on Sun Hao’s head and lie still lazily.
Look at me. I’ll look at you. Brother Liu smiled and said, "You’ve passed the ghost beast."
Can you pass? Just now, this voice actually made him tremble with fear. This thing is estimated to be an ancient freak if it can’t fight against Suzaku Dragon and Toad.
At the same time, a red light flashed at the tail of the airship, which was as bright and harsh as a red sun in broad daylight.
The airship and warships can’t help but shake again.
This is the first sign that the soul hall has passed the examination.
So even if my brother didn’t pass the examination of the Soul Temple in the end, it was also the battle for the bestseller in the warship sequence.
The friar of the warship cried and got up in spirit.
The second examination in airship begins.
The second assessment is to cultivate the body and cultivate the monk’s soul, but the basic body is not as strong as transformation?
Brother Liu said with a smile, "In the second assessment, you need to achieve great success in bronze fighting."
Two people nodded.
Or did Wang Yuanxian come to Wang Yuanxian’s belly, and his bones crackled all over his body, and his feet stamped his whole body as if he had become shorter and more stocky?
Brother Liu has a good eye and said with a smile, "dzogchen, a bronze warrior, is good. It’s really good that he can achieve this level by practicing himself. Let’s try his strength."
A monk Tsukiji took out a dynamometer and stood in the hall.
At this time, when it was not other people’s fault, Wang Yuanlong’s toad got angry and burst into a "drink" in his mouth. Long Ming roars and "pounces" and hit the dynamometer test monk with a palm. Before he saw it, he sang "A dragon’s strength is as strong as a stone"
In the hall, it is very rare for a monk to become a bronze warrior in the ordinary refining body. It is very rare for dzogchen’s four dragon forces to reach six dragon forces forcefully.
This little guy is actually Long Li.
There are many monks in the hall in the foundation period, even if they are the advanced secret methods of refining the body in the Soul Hall, but they can still achieve the Godsworn Longli.
Four elders are confused. Is this still Wang Yuan? In the eyes of the family? Don’t talk about him. How many people can resist this family?
Brother Liu laughed and said, "Too much exercise."
Westbank > Wang Yuan smiled at Sun Hao and thought of Xiao Hao in his heart, even it would surprise them more.
Chapter four hundred and thirty Soul Nuclear II
Liu Dajin Dan also shocked this small Kowloon force? How much power will dzogchen, the bronze warrior? I forgot to announce the test results at the moment.
It was not until his first monk then came to his senses and gave him a look that he suddenly realized that "qualified Zhong Xiaohao was also qualified"
The second red light lit up at the tail of the Soul Temple airship.
Friars of the airship are full of energy, so that their brother’s soul temple can’t be seen. It’s already a hot topic for them.
Wang Jia’s camp here, Mrs. Wang sat with a smile.
Big elders and three elders are already sweating all over.
Two lights, the airship of Soul Temple has already lit up two lights.
Fang Wangshi and Wang Qiong, look at me. I look at you like a dream.
Especially in Wang Qiong’s heart, I can’t believe that my baby brother, who is always taken care of by himself and always worried about himself, actually passed two? Soul temple two
Before the two of them thought much, a family monk had come to their side and smiled gently. "You are Xiaohao’s mother and sister, right? Please invite the owner."
Wang and Wang Qiong were invited to Gaotai to enter the third place in the airship soul hall test at this moment.
Fit test
The fit should not be high. Four elders thought otherwise, Wang Yuan would have entered Zongmen five years ago.
Liu Yi Liu Dajin Dan knows that the fit between these two little souls is absolutely not low.
It’s easy to make the soul ring scream. Can you do that? I just don’t know if they can meet the requirements of the soul temple.
Ordinary airship recruits younger brother’s soul fit to achieve success, but the soul temple foundation standard is 90%.