"Although that girl is not a good generation, let her know that Ren Gui has stopped fighting and killing again, so let’s not think of it again!"

The remaining three brothers looked at each other and immediately took out their natural multiplier.
Zhang Yuanbo took out a ladle and a jar. Liu Yuanda took a leather bag and a sword in his hand, and Zhao Gongze conveniently dug out a half-man high fan.
"Trying to stop me again?"
"if you try to stop me again, I’ll kill you both!"
Zhong Rengui, keenly aware of the malicious ghosts from his brothers, immediately turned around and did not know where to find a hammer. They stood in confrontation.
However, Zhong Rengui turned around and planned to have a war with his brothers when a strange noise suddenly came from Varyag.
This sudden noise instantly attracted the attention of the five ghosts.
Even Zhong Rengui, who has become a ghost, can’t help but look surprised and look at Varyag’s body.
Just when the Five Ghosts thought that the abnormal noise was an illusion, a loud crow came from the night.
Then I saw a dark one-eyed raven slowly falling down Varyag’s body and staring at the five ghosts looking at each other with a very penetrating eye.
"Bad luck actually died again …"
At this time, Bovaryag was abruptly twisted, and his eyes were opened again, and his body also exuded an inhuman silver brilliance.
-Odin Blessing Hero Certificate
It is said that Odin’s preparations for the "Twilight of the Gods" will specially make Valkyria take the warriors who died in battle to the Hall of the Soul and give them a real "immortal body" to become immortal soldiers.
Varyag is not sure whether this statement is true or not.
He knew that he seemed to be endowed with "immortality" by Odin before he died because of some special opportunity.
That’s a hero’s card, and that’s why Varyag was able to wander from northern Europe to the Central Plains alone.
"Hey, are you all so rude as monsters?"
In the face of surprise, the Five Ghosts are getting up from the ground. Varyag first broke his neck and then showed a smile of excitement and belligerence.
Nordic Berserker never refuses to fight. What’s worse, an outstanding warrior like Varyag who won the "Hero Certificate" before!
Meanwhile, outside the palace wall,
Deng Yuanqi, who is protecting the palace with the members of Qin Tianjian Prison, naturally noticed the abnormal crow chirping in the slant hall of Taiji Hall.
However, looking at the direction of Jiutiantan, Deng Yuanqi knew that it was not the time to investigate the intruders in Taiji Temple.
Zhao Guizhen Hui Ji’s second round of fighting has already made himself and others have to go to the Nine Altars to protect the saints.
"Tonight there must be a lot of monsters will take into the palace …"
"But we’re protecting ourselves. Leave those rats in the corner alone for the time being."
After several demon-hunting divisions cooperated with the Imperial Guard to guard the main road of the palace, Deng Yuan started to run towards the Nine Altars without looking back.
In this process, thunder and golden Buddha’s light have spread to the palace.
A suffocating sense of oppression gradually emerged from the beginning to the end, emitting a far deeper and broader fluctuation than the battle in Jionji.
Even the humanitarian peak of Jiutiantan and the gathering place of Long Mai can’t suppress this vision.
What humanitarian power, what lucky dragon …
Absolute power is only nine days, and the roots of the altar are bound by the law, and the wisdom and silence are naturally more bound by the law, and all the burdens are released.
Chapter seventy-nine Human body limits
"Hey, are you all so rude as monsters?"
I also noticed the vision of the direction of the Nine Heavenly Altars, but now the five kids in Taiji Hall are even more surprised that Varyag "came back from the dead"
"Immortality? So you are not a mortal? "
Although he has never been in contact with a foreign god, this does not prevent Zhong Rengui from understanding what happened to Varyag.
After all, the five ghosts are half-human, half-ghost, and they can clearly see the distant, ancient and somewhat desolate divinity.
"I don’t know if I am a mortal now …"
"But my ethnic group is also called’ Berserker’ like me."
With Varyag’s words falling on his lips, the excitement gradually turned into ferocity, just like a giant bear just waking up from hibernation, always ready for the invaders to fight.
Zhong Rengui, a translation word from northern Europe, knew that the soldier from a foreign country was as violent as himself.
And then things really didn’t come out. Zhong Rengui expected that Varyag got up almost instantly, and he had already jumped on himself like a tiger.
"Looking for death!"
Suddenly a binge drinking Zhong Rengui greeted Varyag’s charge without weakness, and the bricks and tiles of the foot soil also split.
Click …
I don’t know if it’s the bone cracking sound or the bluestone road cracking noise …
When Zhong Rengui slowly withdrew his palm, half of Varyag’s head had been shattered by him and could not be pieced together again.
From a distance, dripping blood mixed with brains sputtered out and lost half a head. The body should fall to the ground, adding a bit of strangeness and horror to this upcoming palace.
"This time, it’s always terrible, right?"
As far as Zhong Rengui is concerned, by the time it’s over, the dead body has actually climbed up again.
Not only that, the five ghosts were surprised to watch Varyag’s shattered half of his head quickly heal itself and return to its original shape.
"death? I don’t even know how I should die! "
Just like an evil spirit crawling out of hell, Varyag’s face was bloody and he smiled with excitement-he was happy to meet a strong enemy himself.