"Mr. Longyou, the reason why we invited you here is that you also know when we will start signing the sale?" Nobita finally spoke.

"Nobita, I despise you" Longyou responded coldly.
Nobita didn’t talk and waited for Longyou to answer. Nobita’s identity is extremely shrewd and can’t be provoked by Longyou’s words.
"First, you raised eyebrows and asked me to come to Japan. I won’t resist you, but you coerced a weak woman to invite me to Japan." Longyou said forcefully.
"Second, when I come to Japan, you let the airport people welcome me so grandly, which will obviously delay the take-off and landing of the plane, which will cause their profits to be damaged, so they will spread negative news if they don’t like me in their hearts."
"Third, you invited me when I entered this room, but you never asked anyone to pour me a glass of water and tried to weaken my momentum."
Longyou said again, "I despise you."
Male silent eyes have-fine mans flashing.
"Eyes like a torch" Nobita then said.
At this time, Daxiong regarded Longyou as an ordinary college student with his own talent, and he could not feel these points, and he might be blinded by the shock of erotic flattery.
"Will Mr Longyou attend the signature sale?" Nobita asked again
The next day, at the dawn of Chaoyang, a group of people started.
There are some routine ceremonies in front of the stage, while Longyou carries out final work such as makeup and memorization behind the scenes.
Longyou heard the deafening cheers, which made him frown slightly. It was thunderous and slightly uncomfortable.
Three comic posters were plastered all over the venue, all shouting his name. He wanted to go out and shut everyone up, but he couldn’t do it himself.
"Alas, it’s finally white. So many masters don’t like to show up." Longyou sighed slightly.
His makeup artist laughed and then covered his mouth.
And Yui Hatano still didn’t follow the British Society. It seems that he thought yes. Yui Hatano chose to enter the comic book industry instead of entering the av industry. It seems that his rebirth in this life has brought some unexpected changes.
I can’t help but frown at the thought of Longyou. These small changes are really harmful, but if there are any big variables that affect my future plans, it will be a bit bad.
It’s meditation to continue the dragon tour when it’s noisy outside, such as the old monk sitting still for hours, and then he seems to be isolated from the world, and nothing can move him
Longyou’s heart is not so relaxed because he just felt a strange smell from the deepest part of his heart with the help of the magic hand system.
Longyou has been unconsciously strengthened in all aspects of his body since he got the magic hand system. He has long had a sixth sense and can feel a short-term blessing.
And now there is such a strange smell that he is very puzzled and refreshed, but he is not afraid.
"It’s your turn, Mr. Longyou," a short-haired man whispered, and handed it back to Longyou earplugs. Obviously, the sound outside is too loud and it is also a kind of protection for himself
Longyou shook his head to signal otherwise and went out.
The man heart cold hum "pack to force, etc. Look back at your ears bleeding! Don’t blame me for not giving you earplugs. "
When Longyou stepped out, it was as noisy as an avalanche, which made people endure this kind of noise. Only then did they find that if an ordinary person didn’t wear earplugs just now, it was really possible to have an accident, but he was not an ordinary person, and he was shocked by the magic hand.
A few breaths of strength enveloped the ears, and the overwhelming sound was dissipated.
The anime fans of Longyou table became crazy in an instant, and the roar intensified. Some people were too close to the building window and were shattered at this time.
And at first glance, you can’t see the end of the crowd!
This is a real ten thousand people lane.
Longyou took the microphone and didn’t speak. Everyone screamed at his name. The momentum seemed to scatter the clouds.
"First of all, thank you for your support. Your support is my motivation to update." Longyou said crisply.
Boom The crowd seemed to explode, and everyone was almost crazy when they heard Longyou talking. It was like a beast roaring and shaking mountains and rivers.
"Ha ha, everyone don’t get excited or you can’t hear me." Longyou smiled and waved his hand gently. Everyone stared at him and blinked. Some people felt a sense of peace emanating from Longyou.
Everyone feels that they seem less excited and want to listen to Longyou for a while. Everyone is quiet.
"I’m going to travel today to sign sales activities. I’ll sign as soon as possible for everyone to sign more. All right, let’s line up first." Longyou is the most concise and needs to say what I came for.
He looked at the crowd and smiled. Even if he had an empty pen, he couldn’t finish signing it. Besides, he had something to do. How could he keep signing it here?
It seems that I have to think about how to leave by myself later.
Longyou pen started to sign, and it was very fast. After opening the magic hand system, it was even faster than reasonable, and it also brought up a string of ghosting.
Everyone saw this scene, and the painters didn’t think much so quickly.
More than ten minutes later, the Dragon Tour has completed thousands, which is just a dust in the desert for the total.
Houlongyou tried to leave several times, but he was stopped.
A few hours later, Longyou toilet jumped over the wall.
At this time, the strange smell in my heart filled out again, and he knew that it seemed that he would come out and had been predicted.
Chapter 6 Bird Mountain Request
Woo hoo ….. A dull wind came and Longyou looked like a commercial car, but the galloping speed is by no means the speed that ordinary commercial cars can have.
"Ha ha Buick shell Lamborghini motor" Longyou ha ha a smile. He clearly felt that the car was getting closer and closer, and the strange smell became stronger and stronger. It seems that someone came at this car and Longyou looked at the commercial car with his eyes slightly narrowed.
And the car is as close to yourself as expected, slamming the brakes and swinging the tail to a firm stop in front of yourself.
Click the car door was opened, and a middle-aged man looked at Longyou and said, "Mr. Longyou, please come in."
Longyou also found it interesting to watch this scene. He also went in without thinking, because he always felt that uncertainty was the most dangerous thing. He went to find out the situation and had a bottom in his heart, and he also had a magic hand to strengthen his function.
Even if they are up to their own tricks, can they be worse than strengthening the system?
After going in, everyone didn’t speak, as if there was no him in this car. It was a pack to force that all kinds of leaders didn’t speak easily when they saw people.
However, after all this life, he didn’t speak for nothing, but he didn’t dare to speak. He kept brewing words in his heart. At this level, he made a mistake and lost.
Longyou didn’t think too much, because they didn’t think too much. They came to find themselves and didn’t know what they were going to do.
Longyou began to look at this man. At first glance, he felt a little familiar, and there was a thick callus on the first section of his middle finger, which may be a regular pen.
And his body also exudes a strong smell of paint, which is the kind of paint advanced by painters.
This man is also a painter!
Ordinary people dare not invite themselves into the car like this, and if he does, his identity must be second to none.
A person with this status, who is also a painter, is extra familiar and meets Japan, then he is Bird Mountain!
Dragon Ball!
Thought of here, Longyou also smiled. It seems that it is not a good thing to find yourself. It is estimated that the influence of One Piece Huoying Death is too great, which has seriously hit him, Dragon Ball.
Will he set off a dragon ball boom in Dragon Ball all pressure.
And look at him, it’s neither salty nor light, and his heart is nai
However, when he finds himself, this problem must be solved, but he is still quite good.
As soon as the car stopped at Bird Mountain, it hurried and the car didn’t entertain Longyou, but Longyou didn’t care and followed it leisurely.
When Longyou walked into Niaoshan and entered the studio, Niaoshan had already lost sight of Longyou. Are cartoonists so strange?
"Why don’t I look around myself first?" Longyou said in a low voice.
He looked at the studio and the murals were all birds and mountains, but they were all in the early days, far less powerful than those in Dragon Ball’s late peak period.
It seems that Bird Mountain really loves comics, not working for work or coping with life.
"Mr. Longyou, please sit down." At this moment, Niaoshan handed it over. He exchanged his suit for drawing comic fashion instead.
Longyou also sat there.