"Well, don’t say anything." Wang Baobao decided. "You can trust me with this matter. It’s absolutely no problem."

"Ok, I’ll leave this matter to you. Remember …" Jiuzhong emphasized, "You have ten days, and these ten days are not when you form, but ten days later, when you form a marine force, you can pull it out to fight, so you must hurry up."
"It’s on me, okay? The girl who loves flowers is calling me. Hey, hey, hang up." Wang Baobao said a sentence, and then ended the nine-fold call
"This is small …" Nine heavy also hang up voice communication, said to himself, "incredibly dare to play your future sister-in-law, sometimes have to give you a hard time."
"Dear guests, have you decided which grade of building materials to choose?" Construction foreman to see nine heavy ended the call, timely asked
"That’s it." Jiuzhong casually pulled out a piece of material that he had just looked at and handed it to the foreman.
"Good", the foreman took the drawings of Jiuzhong’s selected materials, and smiled at Jiuzhong again. "Please pay a deposit of 100,000 gold coins first, and then we will return the extra money consumed by planing the materials to you when we are finished."
"I depend, but also his mama is to pay the money first, then work, you really don’t suffer."
The foreman smiled without a word, just waiting for Jiuzhong to pay, and if he didn’t pay, he wouldn’t work.
Nine heavy really want to give him two, but think about your life, or stop, darling pay the deposit.
It’s not cheating. After Jiuzhong paid the deposit, the foreman horse led the construction team to work in a hurry.
It takes ten days for the intermediate construction team to build a five-level city-scale building, but it will be much faster to build a bedroom, and it will take an hour to complete it.
Although an hour is very short compared with ten days, it is still very long for the monkey to rush to do important things in life at this time.
It’s definitely a torment for Jiuzhong to watch all the girls waiting for the project to be completed.
Jiuzhong really couldn’t stand it, and finally decided not to suffer this job here, so I should find something to do first, and when I played.
After thinking about it, Jiuzhong called voice communication again, and found the name of Shuang Lu Bu in the call list. When he saw the online status, the call was connected. "Lu Bu, what are you doing?"
"killing monsters and leveling"
In fact, even if you don’t say it, Jiuzhong can guess that he is killing monsters to train. In the game, Double Lyu3 bu4 does two things, one is to fight, and the other is to kill monsters to train. If you don’t fight, most of the time, Ji is taking his fighters to brush monsters to train and improve the combat effectiveness of the troops.
This is also the reason why the Double Lyu3 bu4 Fighter Corps can become the first trump card force recognized by Hell Blossom.
"Don’t practice yet, I have one for you."
Chapter five hundred and sixty-five fenglei dragon
"What? Go ahead. "
"Ten days later at the latest, our Holy Alliance will unite with All Saints Alliance and Hongwu Alliance to invade the Japanese area. Then I need you to be the vanguard of the Tieqi Legion, enter the Japanese area before, create chaos in the hinterland of the Japanese area, attract firepower, and create conditions for large troops to invade. For example, can you win?"
"… this is very challenging"
"Of course, it is simply a narrow escape in Huaxia District. I can also think that your fighters may win this."
"… OK, I’ll take this, but …" Double Lyu3 bu4 (turn, said, "I have conditions."
"What are the conditions? Just say "
"To tell the truth, this difficulty is too great. Even if my fighters are fighting now, I’m afraid it’s not a big deal to be able to complete the opportunity. I need you to spend all the superior resources in hell to upgrade the fighters’ fighting capacity."
Nine heavy nature also know this difficulty, smell speech nodded, "what resources do you want? Although the mouth "
"First of all, the equipment and weapons department of our fighters should be upgraded, and I want to spend the strongest equipment in hell and arm them to the teeth."
"But, you can choose all the equipment in the arsenal. In addition, I will give you a big gift after you upgrade your equipment."
"Well, in addition, if you want to fight for a long time in the hinterland of the enemy, you need not only extremely outstanding combat effectiveness, but also super mechanical power. Therefore, I need to equip my fighters with the fastest mount beast. I wonder what the scale is like now?"
"This fenglei beast training is really difficult, although compared with heaven, we have taken a lot of shortcuts, and now it’s only tens of thousands, so it’s too bad to equip your whole army of fighters."
"… that’s too bad. If we can equip the fighters with fenglei beasts, it will definitely be even more powerful and get twice the result with half the effort, which will greatly improve the chances of success this time."
"You’re right …" Nine heavy lost in thought, a moment later, said, "in this way, you go first to upgrade the Armament Department of the Fighter Corps, and I’ll do something about it."
"Good, then I’ll get busy first."
"Well" ended the double Lyu3 bu4 call, and the construction team was still busy at a glance, so a ring called out the virtual door and entered the ten levels of hell.
Wind and thunder beasts are the cutting-edge resources of the wild flowers in hell. In order to ensure its safety and confidentiality, the breeding place of wind and thunder beasts is located in the nine-fold and ten-storey hell.
Nine heavy steps, across the colorful magic capital, went to Panlongling adjacent to the Fenglei Valley and found the machine. "Machine, what is the scale of the Fenglei beast now?"
"…" The machine wants to correct the misleading appellation of Yijiu to itself, but after thinking about the previous attempts, I still answer the Jiuzhong question honestly. "With the help of the small demon beauty solution, the breeding situation is very good, but in just these days, the number of fenglei beasts has increased from the initial 21 to nearly 110,000."
"One hundred and ten thousand? The number has doubled again? " Nine heavy smell speech was taken aback. "This speed is really not a cover. My next visit is only about fifty thousand."
"Because with the rapid increase of the number of fenglei beasts, the number of small demon beauties has also increased sharply, which has weakened the effect of Dafa and slowed down the breeding speed of fenglei beasts. If the breeding speed is still the same, I am afraid that the number of fenglei beasts will reach 400,000 now."
"How long is the breeding cycle of fenglei beast now?"
"If there is enough food, about five days."
"That is to say, the maximum number of fenglei beasts can reach 400,000 in ten days?"
"It’s like this."
"No, the speed is too slow. I need ten days. Is it possible that the number of fenglei beasts is small enough to equip the whole legion of fighters?"
"This ….." The machine is very different. "Boss, I’ll tell you the truth. Now, in terms of breeding speed, it is impossible."
"It’s impossible and possible. In ten days, I want to see the number of fenglei beasts that can be equipped with the whole legion of fighters. Is there any way?"
"Oh dear …" The machine eyebrows are almost twisted into a knot in one’s heart, puzzling over it for a long time. "Because the species of fenglei beast is too special, the breeding conditions are really harsh, and it is impossible to change its species attributes, so it is possible to increase its breeding speed by human means as much as possible."
When I heard the word "… species attribute", my mind moved. "If we change species attribute, hey … I can do something about it."
"Huh?" Machine smell speech one leng, "eldest brother you can change the species attributes now? This is too fate. "