Chapter 375 Stay in Liangcheng (3)

"So please ask my sister to thank Lin Ling for me." Pan Hui took the box aside and Duane took it very conveniently. Pan Hui didn’t feel shocked when he finished this move, which made the two proprietress smile instantly.
The proprietress rubs her hands and laughs. "It will be off-year in half a month, and then two people will remember to come over for dinner together."
Pan Hui smiled and watched the wife of shop-owner leave before turning to look at the white man’s eyes beside him with a sly look.
"What are you thinking?" In Dougan’s language, the funny girl in front of him is really like the way he calculated others when he was young, which reminds him of the old days.
"No!" Pan Hui cocked his head and pulled Duane home with a smile on his mouth.
She never thought that this person would be so conscious and take the initiative to appear in front of her. After all, it has always been her pursuit of the master elder brother, but she has avoided seeing it. Even if she is chased by her whereabouts, she will definitely find all reasons and excuses to throw her away like today. It is the first time that she has taken the initiative to appear.
Duane quietly followed Pan Hui and looked at her back. Suddenly he had an impulse to hold her in his arms.
Although this scarlet figure is no longer as petite as a child, it is particularly exquisite, especially the thin shoulders make people feel particularly distressed. If such a thin body can shoulder such a heavy burden, even if it was personally pressed on her when he left more than ten years ago.
So thinking about Duane’s right hand unconsciously tightening the small hand in the palm to finish the package.
Pan Hui’s cheeks flew up with two rosy clouds and teeth biting her lips gently, which made her even more shy. At this time, she was full of eyes and eyes, and the man with his fingers clasped behind her had long forgotten that there was another man with a different origin at home, so when she pushed the gate into the courtyard, Duane was in the courtyard and took a direct look at the Mohe River with Zamabu.
Mohe’s eyes fell on the hearts of two people shaking hands for a moment, and suddenly "hitched" a face, but soon raised a joke with three points of intimacy. "How did you go out for so long? Did you bring any guests back? Who is this? "
Pan Hui’s face smiled as Mohe’s words gradually disappeared, and her face suddenly sank. She never thought Mohe would put her together, and it was the first time that she felt that this man and punishment were as annoying as before the master elder brother!
Mohe, however, did not see Pan Hui’s face. He strode to Douang and handed over "Little Mohe"
"Duane" big brother smiled faintly and didn’t reply. Pan Hui still shook hands with his right hand like a arrogant posture.
Mohe was not annoyed and continued, "It turned out that Du Xiong was grovelling and grovelling. Pan Hui didn’t say that he would bring guests back, and now he won’t come. Du Xiong is preparing wine and food, and I hope that Du Xiong won’t laugh."
Pan Hui’s eyes almost burst into flames and she was about to speak when she felt a slight pinch from her right hand to suppress her anger and watch the master elder brother prepare for it.
Duane’s smile was still so faint that his eyes didn’t even blink-he bent down and put his left-hand lunch box on the ground and stretched out his hand to manage it. Pan Hui was blown away by the wind, and said with a little reproach, "Tell me before the guests come home. Do you think we haven’t brought enough snacks back now?"
Pan Hui sobbed a little nose and replied, "I’m not going to feed him. Besides, an uninvited person is not a guest. I’ll leave him. It’s benevolence and righteousness. If I don’t want to leave him, it’s a point." Then she couldn’t help but break up and took Duane to her bedroom. At this time, she didn’t have the heart to estimate what others thought. She wanted to be alone with her big brother.
Mohe corners of the mouth hook the heart andao a "interesting …" He also just think this woman is very funny-a woman who doesn’t look at men to some extent aroused his desire but only desire.
But just at that moment, Mohe suddenly felt that the person who could be put in the heart of this woman should be very happy, because that would be the only one, and obviously that man was the only one in Pan Hui’s heart just now.
Mohe laughs deeper and deeper.
Du He, the 36-year-old director of the Changxuan in Douang, was found to be a talented person alone. He was recognized as the founder of the Changxuan Lantern after walking and grew up in a sect scandal.
It is said that after Douan was expelled from his legacy, his personality became extremely extreme, rain or shine, and Mohe was supposed to be a very gloomy and cunning man. But today, it seems that cunning is indeed gloomy, but he didn’t see it at all, but it always makes people feel unfathomable but a little breath, which makes Mohe suspicious
Is this Duane really useless or is there a different way to hide his body? What a rare opponent!
Mohe glanced at the box left on the ground by two people and wandered around in a circle. The box wandered towards Pan Hui’s bedroom.
Just because he lost the first game doesn’t mean he can’t win it back, does it?
Back to the house, Pan Hui sat on the edge of the bed in anger after discovering that the food box had been left in the hospital, but refused to go out and carry things back, and Duane was not allowed to go out.
She really didn’t think that when she met a man, how could everyone be so wonderful! Before the punishment was as true as now, the punishment is as true as now. Finally, another Mohe has come. Mohe has long known that Mohe is a person who is even more ashamed and skinless than the punishment, but she still underestimated the thickness of the other person’s face, which really pissed her off.
Duane looked at Pan Huirou in a funny way and coaxed, "That’s because the proprietress specially left you snacks. Are you going to be so cheap in Mohe?"
Pan Hui snorted and pouted, "I don’t want to see him!"
Although she is very unwilling, she would rather give up snacks than just get angry, and never see Mohe again. When she meets the boss-in-law, just accompany her to sin.
Duane’s heart went to Pan Hui and squatted on one knee and looked up at her. "You …" He said and stretched out his hand and scraped Pan Huiting’s snub nose gently. There was no blame.
Pan Hui’s heart was secretly pleased, and her face showed how clever she was when she finished laughing. Anyway, it was never an accident that she had to ask the big brother to say so in the past.
At this moment, there was a slight footstep outside the door, followed by knocking at the door and Mohe’s generous voice, "Brother Du, you left your lunch box in the yard and I brought it to you."
Chapter 376 No longer separation (a)