"If that’s all you have, then you can go." Blackwood glanced at Liuran lightly and then said slowly. At the same time, he didn’t move slowly. He took a palm directly over the black stick and patted it on Liuran’s forehead. Linglie’s palm with the ghosting image directly slammed into Liuran’s past. He didn’t dodge, and Liu Ran couldn’t be more relaxed. He waved a palm directly over the black stick to control the surging black fire. Before you knew it, Blackwood recklessly played his last card.

"Black handprint!" Liu ran drank lightly.
Bang, the black handprint is really amazing. It’s simple to palm a black hand and risk the flame. A handprint directly knocks the black wood back several steps, but Liu Ran is still in place. However, his knees have been squeezed into the soil by huge recoil.
The blackwood was directly rocked by Liu Ran’s black handprint, which gave Liu Ran great confidence and encouraged the true qi to be directly shot out of the ground. There were two’ holes’ with the size of a bowl. While the other party was rocked by a palm, Liu Ran hurriedly flew towards the blackwood, and another palm was blasted towards the blackwood. In the past, the blackwood was lifted and the palm was shaken back two steps again, but with the precaution that the blackwood was hit this time, it seemed a lot smaller, but the shock’ swing’ had not dispersed and it was black again.
"It’s interesting to come again!" Blackwood is like a wolf. At this time, the fighting spirit is high, waving the palm of his hand directly towards Liuran, and he didn’t use the really big handprint. He just slapped the palm directly towards Liuran.
"See how long you can stand it?" LiuRan see each other still didn’t use really big handprints, but ordinary palm. I can’t help but be furious at the boom. My hand became more and more fierce. At that time, countless palm prints appeared, which made everyone unable to recognize whether the handprint was LiuRan or the handprint was black wood.
At this time, all the departments are holding their breath and dare not blink for fear of missing a second of "fine" color confrontation. Ordinary military commanders can barely see half of the shadow on the rest of the people, but the root is that they can’t tell Lin Sheng clearly. At this time, they are also concentrating on the field. Both of them are leaders of the younger generation, but some combat experience is of great benefit to the enemy.
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[72] Big handprint vs Black handprint ()
? There is no trace of wind in the field, but it is controlled by the field formed by Blackwood and Liuran. No wind’ waves’ can flow in, and the two sides keep colliding. Then Liuran’s black handprint force is faintly in the wind, while Blackwood seems to be trying to hone his own system by constantly hitting Blackwood hard. Generally, it is a mess to attack the field without defense. It is extremely difficult for two people to find a complete land where they pass by.
The confrontation has been going on for nearly half an hour, and the two sides played inextricably. Peng Yi made a loud noise. Finally, they separated Blackwood and Liuran tandem and appeared in everyone’s eyes. Blackwood got down on one knee and vomited three mouths of blood. Liuran’s mouth was also covered with a trace of blood. Obviously, both of them were not slightly injured.
For such a long time, Liu Ran was panting and breathing heavily. Although Blackwood vomited three mouths of blood, there was no sign of depression. His face was filled with excitement and he was a militant madman!
"The black handprint really deserves its reputation, but now it’s time to try me!" Ebony got up and laughed. San Xiao’s heroism soared to the sky. At this time, the field was scattered. Ebony’s three laughter was so shocking that everyone’s ears ached. The Woods thousands of meters away were a rustling.
"Are you finally coming out?" Lin Sheng narrowed his eyes and stared at Blackwood. At this time, the winning base is already very long. Without any accident, Blackwood must have won. Liu Ran is already the best card, but Blackwood’s really big handprint has not been used yet. A really big handprint? Liu Ran resisted?
The huge handprint was impressively shaped with the laughter of Blackwood Three, and Liuran has quickly encouraged the true spirit to resist the muddy black handprint, which is also slowly formed behind it. However, compared with Liuran’s black handprint at this time, it is not true that the big handprint must be worse than the black handprint, but Liuran has not cultivated it to the extreme.
"Go!" The huge handprint was taken directly in the direction of Liu Ran, and Liu Ran did not lag behind the black handprint to meet him, but went to Peng with a burst of strength and a loud noise. The big black handprint only lasted for a moment, but it was directly disintegrated. Liu Ran was surprised and never thought that his black handprint was so vulnerable, so he quickly recalled the black stick and danced against it. It was a little vain, and the black stick in Liu Ran’s hand was suppressed by the big handprint and cracked a crack, and then the crack became more and more faint. It was already a tendency to collapse. However, the big horror directly sprayed one mouthful blood on the face of the black stick, but the crack on the face of the stick was still expanding. Finally, after insisting on a breath, the really big handprint contained strength, but then it was black wood and another big handprint was taken. At this time, Liu Ran was already a spent force, and there was still strength to defend against a really big handprint, which was directly taken in the hands of Liu Ran, where Liu Ran was located. The black stick could no longer hold on crashing and breaking into pieces of iron, and a huge palm print was impressively formed. Liu Ran directly stepped into the footsteps of Qilian, and was directly taken over by the black wood
I haven’t waited for Blackwood to move, but the bell rang. Liu’s parents announced Blackwood’s victory in a hurry, and then they helped Liu Ran out of the pit with two other Liu’s parents. At this time, Liu Ran was already confused. Fortunately, there was no danger to his life, and he was directly sent away by Liu’s parents.
"This guy’s really big handprint. Why has there suddenly been some change? It seems that Liu Ran’s black handprint is all melted in it. Did he steal it while fighting with Liu Ran just now?" Lin Sheng shook his head all thought low said
"This guy named Blackwood is really fierce. I guess I’m no match for him with my second brother, little teacher younger brother. You should be careful. This is a really big handprint, but it’s a beautiful trick …" Xiao Yizhou couldn’t help but worry about Lin Sheng after seeing the power of this really big handprint. Although they have confidence in Lin Sheng, they are also nervous at this time.
"Rest assured" Lin Sheng nodded lightly and then moved his eyes to the dark wood again. The dark wood seemed to feel something, but he also shifted his eyes to Lin Sheng’s place. The four eyes of the two were just right. He looked at Lin Sheng in the dark wood and smiled. Then his mouth moved three times and didn’t make a sound, but Lin Sheng also knew through his mouth’ lips’ that the guy said "it’s your turn"
"Anytime!" Lin Sheng’s mouth also moved a few times and then he didn’t look back, that is, he walked towards the mountain with a line of people.
Blackwood stared at Lin Sheng until Lin Sheng’s figure faded out of his sight, and he withdrew his eyes and then left Nanshan directly.
"Do you really want to pin all your hopes on the little Lin family?" A hunched old man muttered in the dark, then looked at his arms and looked at the direction of the disappearance of the dark wood and disappeared directly into the original place.
After the first world war, the forces of all parties moved a little. Is it really necessary for a westerner to win the championship in the competition of the younger generation in the fairy mainland? This is not what they want to see. Although all the major’ doors’ are used to fighting, if the champion of this young strong competition is really like this, then the West is suspected to have slapped several major’ doors’ in the East, and then all the major’ doors’ will be humiliated.
At this time, whether it is the science of uniting the "door" faction or the things discussed in the street are almost all about this young strong competition. This matter has been out of people’s control, and it seems that there are people pushing the "wave" to help the news to the ordinary people. The mysterious war is about to break out, and people in the street are in a state of panic. Many people are already preparing to escape from the fairy mainland.
And all this just happened when Shi Huo’ Hua’ just started the competition, but as soon as the competition was over, there were rumors in a few areas, and finally it became more and more out of control. It took a long time to make such a deadlock.
Lin Sheng just returned to the post soon after hearing these slanders, people still had nothing to do casually, but then things got worse and worse, and many people couldn’t do it, especially the Liu family. Now the rumors have become so dangerous that Guo Bang, Chu, sent a large number of people out to spy out and finally found out that the place where the rumors were first spread was actually handed out by others directly.
"Is this the old man who never dies behind? Does it still show that things are not chaotic enough?" A quiet small courtyard in Baihua Valley The ancestors of Baihua Valley frowned and scolded.
"Is it him he appeared again? It’s really a wicked heart … "A fat monk said while drinking with a hip flask that if Lin Sheng and Duan Xin were here, they must be able to recognize that this was the wine’ meat’ of Duan Jia. At this time, he didn’t know why he ran to the Hundred Flowers Valley. In addition to him, there are also Liu’s hunchbacked ancestors, alchemists, ancestors, and several great guanyu masters in the Ministry.
"Who? Who did you say showed up? " Liu’s ancestors quickly asked, he is the only one who is most eager at the moment. After all, he can’t help but go to Liu’s basic industry.
"I don’t know. I’m guessing, too." The fat monk took a sip of wine with a hip flask and said in no hurry.
"You’d say, this is no time." Liu’s ancestors complained and scolded.
"Wait, which escapee did you say?" Refiner cases seem to think of something suddenly.
"To me, it’s him. No one but him has such a strong soul force. At the same time, it’s not necessarily possible for you and my department to join hands." The fat monk said that it’s rare to get serious and pin the hip flask on the waist.
"This ….." Everyone was lost in thought, and the silence lasted for half an hour, which was broken by the ancestors of Baihua Valley. At this time, it is important to send the news to the Palace of Eternal Life for the people inside to make a decision.
"Don’t worry, I have informed the old guy who is breaking bad that he should have arrived …"
"You flower monk!" The fat monk’s voice just fell and a figure suddenly appeared in the courtyard, and he was kicked directly in the fat monk’s ass. The fat monk was directly kicked out without warning.
"I%%% RMB …" A fat monk’s swearing sound came from the side, but it was directly filtered out by others.
"how about it? What’s going on in this matter? " Bearer is Lin Sheng master absolutely old appeared a kick to fly the fat monk is directly asked.
"It is found out that the source of the rumor is a person’s divine knowledge. Everyone in a small town heard the news." It is not good to joke directly when you see a serious fat monk with breaking bad.
"God is sound? A small town people’s department heard? " When you hear this news, you will never move directly to a small town. If you are less afraid, ten thousand people will hear it. What does this mean? Wu Zun is strong?
"Escapers appeared thousands of years ago?" Never old low murmured
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[73] Abandon
? See absolutely old deep in thought, the rest of us are quiet, and we don’t bother absolutely old again. After a while, absolutely old finally returns to absolute being and says.
"What do you think?"
"We are also wondering which old guy ran out to make trouble again. I didn’t expect this old guy to have a mind to come out for thousands of years." The fat monk said that it seems that the so-called escapees have any holidays
"Look at the current situation is not very serious. Now all hope is to keep the champion of this young strong competition. If someone finally defeats Blackwood, then all rumors will naturally fall apart, but Blackwood is really a big handprint …" The ancestor of Baihua Valley said leisurely.
"Ha ha SIRS, don’t think too much about the really big handprint. Although it’s powerful, it’s not without martial arts that can restrain SIRS. Don’t forget that thousands of years ago, the magic show brought the really big handprint to an extreme state, and finally someone stopped him." A smile made the atmosphere relaxed, but the brow worry about’ color’ was still lingering.
"You mean the Lins have broken their fingers?" Everyone here is an antique who has lived for hundreds of years and thousands of years. Naturally, they have a thorough understanding of some old things. When they say that they are old, they immediately remember them.
"I’ve also thought about this, and I’ve already talked to the Lins’ fellow students. It’s really a dragon and phoenix among people. I just don’t know that he has cultivated the broken finger to a kind of level now …" The ancestor of Baihua Valley took over and said.
"Now everything is still uncertain, or wait until the game is over before a deployment game. Everyone should not look for him. The pressure is too great, but it will not be beautiful."
"Well, that’s what I think of the Lins. I think there’s still a little weight, and maybe it can really turn the tide." The fat monk also nodded and said that the Duan family was attacked by the Liu family on a large scale. It was Lin Sheng who finally arrived to solve the problem of fencing and killing dragons a few days ago. Everyone was not very skeptical about Lin Sheng’s strength. Except for the embarrassment of Liu’s ancestors, the rest of them agreed and then dispersed separately.
Out of such a big thing, Mu Jia actually responded that no one was sent to talk to several giants, and Lin Sheng didn’t hear the wind and was still waiting for the next day’s game.
One day passed quickly, and Lin Sheng was woken up early by the Xiao brothers, but they made a special trip to watch the game. They just dragged Lin Sheng out of bed, and there was no way for Lin Sheng to follow them to duel field early. At this time, people were crowded with people. Although the rumors were very fierce these two days, many people actually still had great hopes for the contestants from the fairy mainland. The number of people watching the game not only did not decrease at all, but increased a lot.
But in the end, everyone was disappointed. When the game was about to start, everyone simply didn’t see the figure of Mu Yaoyao. Finally, Liu’s parents always took a middle-aged Hantai to announce that Mu Yaoyao had withdrawn from the game and abandoned it. The middle-aged Han was Mu Yaoyao’s father. Looking at this Han Linsheng, there was a very dangerous feeling that the late peak of King Wu was only a thin line away from the warrior!
"It’s no wonder that ….. longed for home not the kui is a family in one thousand, such a background is really not comparable to other families," Lin Sheng heart andao beside look at the xiao brothers and looked at Lin Yun couldn’t help laughing. These people are all watching his game, but now … Ah, at this time, they have no other ideas when they are depressed.
Taiwan arrived early, occupying a good position convenient for watching the war, and everyone was even more angry. But they ran to this bird in the south mountain early in the morning, but now the contestants are simply "waves" when they say they will abandon it. Their expressions are so angry that Liu’s parents are always reluctant to flatten it. They directly threw this rotten stall to Mu Gulai, the middle-aged man. It seems that it was unexpected that he was provoked by such a few things, but then he recovered his calm. After all, it was a big family who had seen the world, and such things were not enough to make him unprepared.
"Everyone, this is really a sudden incident. Muqiao will compensate you first. It is not a little girl. This competition is purely her own. She ran out without the permission of her family. I used to know that this little girl was spoiled at home. I didn’t know that there were people outside the mountain. Fortunately, it has not caused a big mistake. Now it has been taken away by her family. I can’t come to the competition. Please forgive me!" Muqiaoyuan once again bowed his hand toward the crowd and then left with Liu’s parents.
At this time, Taiwan is still a discussion, although it is still dissatisfied, but people are all saying that they are eager to get home. What else can they do? Even if they are dissatisfied, they can say a few words. This big family, such as Mu family, is a country that dare not offend him easily, not to mention that they have no potential and small forces. Lin Sheng and others can leave slowly with the crowd.
Although everyone is a little depressed, they are more looking forward to Lin Sheng’s promotion without fighting this time, but the west is coming to Blackwood, and the battle must be a’ fine’ color.
Here, the young strong competition is still going on, but the older generation of several major forces are extremely busy at this time to deal with rumors, but what they can do at this time is only to temporarily appease the people’s hearts and minds, and it is only after Lin Sheng defeated Blackwood that it can be completely solved. If Lin Sheng is unfortunately defeated in the end, then the problem will not be under their control.
There are only three people in a dark hall of the Palace of Eternal Life. One of them is a half-white-haired old man sitting in a stone chair, and his face happens to be Lin Sheng, who met the two law enforcers of the Palace of Eternal Life after Du Jie that day. At this time, the two law enforcers seemed to be respectful and waiting for the old man to lecture on the stone chair. At this time, the old man in the stone chair seemed to be thinking about something with his eyes half closed.