"Players in this city have been cleared and besieged at the resurrection point in the central square. What should I do? Kill them all? !”

"Of course! There is nothing to be polite about treating them. Since they are playing the game of extermination in Huaxia District, we naturally have to retaliate with violence! " Jiuzhong said coldly, "Return courtesy to send their department back before liberation!"
"White!" Double lyu3 bu4 hang up voice call immediately ordered "President has ordered to send their department back to before liberation! Kill! !”
Double lyu3 bu4 a cruel and bloody killing.
If the heart of Longcheng city is still there, the resurrection point of Zhanlong Gang will continue to be transported, and the resurrection point will be bound to Longcheng Zhanlong Gang. After the players are constantly killed, they will be re-painted from the resurrection point again and again, and then they will continue to meet the hell’s wild flowers, and the players will be more brutally slaughtered.
In the face of hell, even the most elite combat group of the Star Gang in Vietnam is not an opponent, and it is even more dangerous to fight against the dragon gang. These top combat groups in Vietnam have not even entered the guild forces, and they are still at an absolute disadvantage. In the face of the siege of the hell, there is no chance of resistance and repeated slaughter.
Half an hour later, a mountain of dead bodies were left in the central square of Zhanlong City, and the millions of members of Zhanlong Gang disappeared. Of course, they didn’t run away, but all of them were killed by the hell-mad flower players and sent back to the novice village before liberation.
At the end of the massacre, Lu Bu once again asked Jiuqing for instructions. "After the massacre, I was fortunate to send their department back to before liberation! What should I do next? !”
Jiuzhong simply said, "Destroy the city and leave one million troops guarding the city and other troops …!" Nine heavy rings a finger and calls out the virtual door "Follow me to continue a family!"
Upon receiving the order, Shuang Lu Bu quickly made arrangements, and transferred one million players from various legions H not U to destroy the city heart of Liuzhou, and then stayed in Liuzhou, leaving seven million troops to enter ten levels of hell and temporarily stationed with Jiuchong to a goal.
Seven million troops entered the tenth floor of hell, and Jiuzhong closed the virtual door with a ring, and then directly started the ring-sending function, disappeared in place and sent it to a target.
The virtual light flashed nine times and appeared in the central square of a new city. The figure fell and landed in the light square.
The players in this city were still curious when they saw the sudden appearance of Jiuchong, but they were all blindsided when Jiuchong called out the virtual gate hell crazy flower fighting force and surged out.
By the time they reacted to an enemy attack, they had already died once from the resurrection point.
This city is called the Death City, which is the main city of a large gang guild called the Yan Club in Vietnam. The number of members of the Yan Club is twice that of the former Dragon Club, with 2 million members. However, when the national war broke out, other four districts in Vietnam jointly invaded Huaxia District, and the Yan Club also had 500,000 elite troops to join in the invasion war. Now the Yan Club helps the people at home with 1.5 million members.
There is a reason why Jiuzhong singled out such a large guild player. Vietnam is also full of large and small gangs. Of course, he can pick up the persimmon and attack those small and medium-sized guilds. It is indeed possible to achieve outstanding results in the early stage, but it is passive in the later stage.
Small and medium-sized guild cities can be described as easy to attack but difficult to defend. Now, it is easy to attack with nine heavy troops, but it will become extra difficult to defend the city when the players in Vietnam counterattack for three days after the attack.
The reason is that the city is too small, and people who guard the city put more display, but others put less, which will easily be taken back by players in Vietnam.
I think that the disadvantages of raiding small and medium-sized guilds outweigh the advantages, and finally I changed to raiding large guilds.
With the experience of the Dragon City War, the hell-mad troops will not talk nonsense this time, but simply say "kill!"
Chapter three hundred and thirty-six God bless
? "Lyu3 bu4, a group of members of the Yan will join Sirius and take part in the war of invading China. E Look, if I didn’t guess wrong, once the Yan will fall soon, those members will definitely come back to support you. Besides blocking the resurrection point, they will also send people to block the city and kill them together when they come back!" Say nine heavy led dragon magic team and enchanted team still straight for the meeting hall of the Yan.
For the hell-mad combat troops, there is no difference between dealing with 1.5 million players and 7 million players. Even if there are 1 million combat troops left, they can kill all the people in hell. After all, the strength between the two sides is too much.
The average level of players in the Yan Club is only five or sixty, and the highest president is only ten, while the average level of players in the hell’s wild flower fighting is close to that of the ten-level troops, and the ten-level players are even more grasping.
To bully more and bully less, and at the beginning of the battle, the command system of Yan will be led by Jiu Zhong, and the Dragon Magic Team and the Enchanted Magic Team will be destroyed. This battle is not in suspense.
Half an hour died in vain, and the players’ department of the scattered Yan Club in the city was cleaned up. The next thing to do was to kill endlessly.
The President of the Hades’ Club will live. The Hades’ Cat will quickly put the voice call through to Sirius in the crowd of players at the resurrection point, while avoiding the hell’s crazy flowers and bombing luàn’s bloody slaughter. "Sirius’s leader is not good. It’s not good! My city was raided by players in Huaxia District, and now it is in danger. Please send someone to save me! "
"Player power in Huaxia District?" Voice call Sirius smell speech over there one leng "how is that possible? ! Huaxia district is now being beaten by the forces of our five districts. How can there be spare troops to invade Vietnam and raid your city of death? ! Are you kidding? !”
"It’s true! It’s absolutely true! " The living Yan put the microphone out to a pair of earth-shattering cities in vain, and the brotherhood of the Wolf shouted and killed them. "Do you hear me here?" They’re trapping us at the resurrection site for a massacre. These people are so dark. If you don’t send someone back, we’ll be finished. We’ll all be killed back to the novice village! Send someone to support me quickly! !”
"This …!" Sirius paused "I’m afraid not! Now the invasion of China is at a critical moment. At this time, we must not spread our forces to rock the boat! You’d better do something for yourself! "
"Think of your mother!" When the living Yan heard Sirius’s words, he suddenly flew into a rage. "It was you who said that you would give us prosperity and create a glorious age, and you sent all the most elite players of the Yan Club to you to fight! Now that my hometown is going to be lost, I can’t afford to be rich and prosperous! ! I just want to ask you one more question. Are you going to send someone to support me or not? !”
"impossible!" Sirius sound also sank to "compared with the whole Chinese area, you will be nothing if you die. I can’t. You will just die and give up the whole Chinese area! And you’re stupid. You? Isn’t it just a city in vain? If you lose it, how many cities do you want when you keep hitting Huaxia District? !”
"Go to your grandmother a city! Are you deaf? Did you not hear what I just said? ! We are being driven away by people now. They want to kill all my members of the Yan Club back to the novice village! Let me ask you, we’ve all been killed back to the novice village. Are there any more cities? !”
"The level can be practiced again. If you have resources, you can practice back soon!"
"It’s as easy as talking. You and your star gang were killed by the body and returned to the novice village. Will you give me a try soon? !”
"I don’t mind if this happens to me!"
"Mom to put it bluntly, you just don’t want to come back to support me, right? !”
"I didn’t say that!"
"Sirius, you go to hell! My grass # $% @-! !” Live Yan burst a string of swearing "if you want to take Huaxia District, you can go and dream of your autumn. I won’t play with you!" !”
After that, the living king of Yan directly called the king of Yan to send 500,000 members to participate in the war in Huaxia District. The leading player "The cow ghost’s home was raided by the forces in Huaxia District, and it is in danger. Please come back with your brothers to support!"
"Oh yes! But ….. We withdraw without authorization, don’t tell Sirius leader? !”
"I said his grandmother his root no matter we live or die! I’ve already torn my face with him. Let’s not play with him! Come back quickly! !”
"Yes!" Cattle and ghosts hang up their voice and call the 500,000 Yan Club players in the garrison city of Ma. "Brothers, the city in vain has been raided, and the president is in danger. Let us send troops to help! Get out of here! !”
Immediately, Niu Gui led the 500,000 elite troops of Yan Hui to retreat, and made the scroll back to the city of death to help ~ ~
A dazzling light rose, and the city was full of people. When people went to the building, it was cold and cheerless.
Of course, the city is not willing to be taken away from the guild to which it belongs, and always sends people to watch every move in the city and look for opportunities to attack the city at any time.
At this time, there is just this guild outside the city. Players are looking at the movement in the city. Seeing that the defenders of Chengtou suddenly disappeared, they can’t help but wonder and think for a moment. They have the courage to fly to Chengtou to overlook the city and see the city. There are not even a few crows flying over the middle.
"… ha ha! !” Although I don’t know what happened, this player knew that their opportunity had come. Ma voice called his president, "The president’s opportunity has come! The defenders of the Vietnamese players in Liudao City suddenly disappeared, and now there is no one as big as the city gate. Here is our chance to recapture the city! !”
"oh? How can this happen? !” The president still can’t believe it. "Are you sure this is not an enemy trap? !”
"Sure sure! It’s definitely not a trap. Everyone here has really run away. The first crows are there to send *hūn! "
"good! You wait there for me to lead a large army! !” Hang up the voice call, the president quickly organized 300 thousand people to rush to Liudao City
When I was young, I arrived at the place. The president led the crowd into Liudaocheng and scratched my head. "Hey, this is really evil! Why did those Vietnamese dogs suddenly abandon the city when they were well guarded? !”
"President tube he is what reason? It will do us no harm! It’s now or never, and the president will quickly destroy the city heart and recapture the six cities! "
"Yeah!" The president reacted with a wave of his arm. "Brothers, today is really a blessing. We must never fail his old man’s house. Follow me! !”
Just because the players of the Yan Club suddenly withdrew from a city to attack, it was so easy and effortless that they were taken back by players in Huaxia District.
The city of death in Vietnam
A dazzling light rose and rushed back to help the 500,000 elite players of the Yan Club appeared in the central square of the city of death, and the line of sight returned to normal. These people were all stupid on the spot.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-seven Self-immolation cannot live.
? Seeing that the ground around the array was crowded and covered with people, cattle and ghosts, everyone seemed to be in a huge cage.
"kill!" Cattle and ghosts haven’t reacted yet. What’s going on? I heard a cold "kill" ring out around the hell, and the players embraced them and drowned them completely in an instant.
The strength is far from equal, and the strength is not equal. Although Niu Ghost led 500,000 players and claimed to be the elite of the Yan Dynasty, it was still not enough. The army of crazy flowers in hell was killed in less than ten minutes.
The living Yan expects the 500,000 elite troops of cattle and ghosts to turn the tide and save them from the hot water, but the Tao will be gone without even taking a bubble.