Pan Huifu will have to observe his foothold clearly in the future when he comes out of the trapped array, and he will be hugged with his waist full, and his head will be tightly strangled, and he will be locked on the man’s chest by pressing the back of his head. After he can’t see anything, he can smell the person’s breath sensitively with his nose.

She breathed a sigh of relief and tried to earn someone, but she was surprised to find that the punishment was really like holding her hands and shaking, not only because her hands were attached to her body, but also because her body temperature was so low that she seemed to be dead.
It’s natural that she can’t see a man covered in magic gas when she is so punished, but she’s afraid of losing the trace of Pan Hui again, and she doesn’t want her to see that she is hugging her now with a thrill. "It’s okay … I … I’ll never see you again."
Pan Huisu’s tenacious heart at this moment is like being drawn a breeze and pouring his eyes straight into the hole, which is also inexplicably sour.
It’s like seeing her master elder brother again. She waited for ten years until she was desperate and met her again in this life. At that time, she was actually grateful to the sky except for not believing more-thank God for not letting her pay her wrong feelings at last, not letting her wait for years, not letting her wait … and then continue to wait.
At the moment, the punishment is really like this, which makes her understand each other’s mind in an instant. Even if there are more suspicions and calculations between the two people before, it seems that it is not important in front of the true feelings, but because of it, she wants to stay away from this man.
I’m afraid he can respond to her feelings all her life!
Pan Hui blinked and struggled to raise her hand and push the punishment, only to find that the other party was still clinging to it.
She sighed a few inaudible words, "I’m going to be suffocated by you."
Punishment is really like quickly letting go, holding Pan Hui’s shoulders with both hands, and looking at her carefully, I can rest assured that I can see her illness.
At this time, Pan Hui, who had recovered his magic gas, saw nothing but a disheveled white man with loose hair, but he still let Pan Hui turn his head to one side and lower his eyebrows in such an open skirt. "I’m fine, you go and get dressed."
Although the cultivation of immortals is informal, Pan Hui is also a big girl without personnel, and there is really no way to face up to the punishment as it is.
Punishment is really like this. Just let go and look for the coat that I didn’t know I had left behind.
Pan Hui took this opportunity to walk quickly to Guanlan and asked, "Are you all right?"
Guanlan smiled slightly. "It’s okay. I should have come out to help you earlier so that you might not be trapped." After all, he was still blaming himself for missing the opportunity because of his poor physique. At least after half a column of incense, it didn’t look long, but it was enough to happen and change many things.
Pan Hui shook her head and was about to say something when she saw that everything around her had changed, and her eyes suddenly widened.
Guanlan also noticed that there was something different behind him. Huo Ran turned around and saw that the temple where they settled was twisted into a ball. It was like a pair of ink paintings that were dizzy by water. The ink paintings were constantly twisted and deformed, and even the vermilion walls became a black mark, then slowly faded and finally disappeared.
What appeared in front of them was a graveyard, and several tombstones stood behind the tombstones in the dark land, which was a towering grave. The carriage they brought was tied to a tombstone not far away.
The original punishment was really like smashing those skeletons. At this time, a section in the east and a section in the west were scattered in the graveyard. There were still several intact skulls lying on the side of the hole, and their eyes were straight and wait for a while cracked at them as if laughing at them.
Cover flow exclaim a directly stunned by the scene in front of me and was caught by Guanlan.
Guanlan grew up among women at an early age, but there is no concept about men’s and women’s defense. Pan Hui looked at it and felt a little wrong, but there probably wouldn’t be many people in Bai Guanlan’s growth environment who didn’t say much about him. He reached out and took it over silently.
When the punishment is really like finding a coat to wear and running back, Pan Hui Guanlan has already solved the carriage from the tombstone. Pan Hui looked at a carriage and found no abnormality. Only then did Gai flow in and Guanlan picked up the parcel that had fallen to the ground and handed it to Pan Hui who had already sat in the carriage.
Seeing that punishment is really like coming back, Pan Hui had a meal. He didn’t worry about the car door, but sat by the door and said to him, "Let’s leave here first! I always feel that there is something weird here, and there will be other changes later. "
Long lamp can’t speak now, and she can’t refine this spiritual vein now. She can’t communicate through spiritual knowledge, so the law asks whether the change around here was swallowed by long lamp before. She thinks that long lamp is naturally not in danger for the time being since there is no warning, but she still feels uneasy at this time. Anyway, three of the four of them are cultivate immortals and naturally are not afraid to walk at night.
Punishment is really like the sudden disappearance of Pan Hui. Hearing Pan Hui say so, he naturally jumped out of the car shaft without any objection, but suddenly he saw that Guanlan pulled up his robe and was about to drill into the carriage. He immediately reached out and grabbed it, and his face turned pale. "Can you be a man and a woman in the same room?"
Guanlan looked at him with a bitter face and said, "Didn’t there be no problem before?"
He was a little puzzled at the moment. He remembered that he was in the carriage when he woke up, and he was still wrapped in Pan Hui’s cloak. What did he say? I was fine earlier, but now I can’t?
Chapter 11 out of trouble (3)
The punishment is really like a blink of an eye and a bit heavy. When Guanlan is deliberately playing dumb, he said coldly, "I didn’t know you were a man before, but now I know that naturally you can’t just ruin the honor of other girls!" Then he directly pulled the door and put the curtain, glancing at Guanlan coldly, and regardless of whether the other party had sat still, he directly threw the whip and urged the horse road.
Guanlan almost fell off the bus off guard, but he grabbed the frame of the carriage in a hurry, and then he sat on the other side of the shaft with a whisper in his heart. No one ever told him to keep his distance when he was teaching!
Pan Hui was already laughing and upset in the car at this time. I just saw Guanlan’s virtuous and ignorant appearance. Suddenly, I felt that this man was much more interesting than a man I had ever seen, so I thought that I would introduce him to my master elder brother if I had the opportunity. Otherwise, it would be a pity.
Two men were silent outside the carriage, one sleeping and the other reposing.
Cover flow seems to have been scared by the bones of the graveyard. I have been having nightmares. My hands are holding my mouth at random from time to time in the middle, and a few sounds vaguely overflow. "Don’t come to catch me … Don’t come to catch me …"
Pan Hui opened her eyes and saw the little girl’s appearance. At that time, she doubted whether it was right or wrong to take her away.
It’s natural to stay with her without having to do the drudgery that the handmaids do, but it’s bound to happen. I’m sure I won’t see strange things in the past, such as what happened tonight. If she hadn’t brought Gai Lian out, I’m afraid my girl wouldn’t have met in my life
Pan Hui sighed lightly and held out her hand to hold the cover flow. She waved her hands at random and the true qi slowly entered the body, which made the little girl quiet slowly.
See cover flow tight frown is finally loose Pan Hui this will hand back lifted the curtain looked at the car is still dark outside the heart suddenly had a little uneasy.
She always felt that something else would happen, but she didn’t notice anything strange around her, especially her heartbeat.
At this moment, Guanlan sound came from the outside with the night wind. "Miss Pan Guanlan has something to ask."
After a pause, Pan Hui said, "Be fair but say no". From the first sight, she had a good impression of Guanlan, especially when the other party’s elegant temperament made her feel comfortable, so she didn’t even take precautions.
Guanlan seems to have hesitated for a moment before saying, "Guanlan just realized that Gai pity is strange and my teaching method in Yue Bai is very consistent. I wonder if Miss Pan can give up what she loves?" He saw that Gai Lian was an ordinary little girl and Pan Hui didn’t practice the fairy method. This is a mountain to collect disciples.
Although he took a fancy to Gai pity bone, if my girl is already Pan Hui’s apprentice, it is too unkind for him to take people away without saying a word, so it is better to consult the other party.
Pan Hui Zha listens to Guanlan’s words, first one leng, then one joy.
She naturally knew that Gai pity had something to do with it, but she didn’t want to walk around with her little girl, but she didn’t want the opportunity to come so fast! Today, I just went out of the city, so I directly picked up a master for Gai Lian! It seems that this girl is not born to be buried at will!
Guanlan didn’t hear Pan Hui’s response for a long time, but when the other party was angry, he was busy saying, "Now it’s just to cherish the gift of compassion. If Miss Pan is really difficult, Guanlan never said anything earlier."
Pan Hui took care of my little girl happily and forgot to take a reason for Guanlan. When I heard his voice, I immediately laughed. "Where are the words?" Mission hills is a blessing to this girl if she can see Gai Lian, but even though I bought her, I still have to ask her own wishes after all, and I will ask her for help when she wakes up. "
"So Guanlan thanked the girl first."
Guanlan sound is still elegant and smiling, but it still makes Pan Hui recognize his happy mood at the moment. Pan Hui smiled and took a look at the curtains. He still fell asleep and felt that the sky was fair. After making a person poor, she would definitely leave a chance for her. It depends on the person’s own wisdom.
After half an hour in the night, the carriage still didn’t see the village looking around, and there were some strange mountains that were dark.
Punishment really like and Guanlan both don’t do it while feeling the cold wind whistling in the middle of the night and paying attention to the surrounding movements.
Cover flow faint woke up at this time to see it was dark and not white. I couldn’t help calling myself everywhere until Pan Huiyin came to my girl to settle down.
Pan Hui glanced at him in shock and said, "Are you awake?"
Gai Lian nodded and saw a glimmer of light in the darkness-that was Pan Hui’s eyes hurriedly climbing to Pan Hui’s side and timidly asking, "Girl, where are we?"
"I’m not afraid we’re already out of there." Pan Hui pulled the curtain directly and let the cold wind pour in.
The little girl who felt the biting coolness really calmed herself down. It was in the carriage that she reached into her arms to touch the fire folding. Unexpectedly, she pounced on her. Only then did she remember that the fire folding she had carried with her had fallen into the mountain temple. When she thought of the mountain temple, she thought of the pile of bones and the skull with green eyes, and even the roots were unconsciously ground.
Pan Hui feel cover flow fear heart way is just a child will directly release five long lamp department.
At that time, the car lit up with five colors.
Cover flow instantly lost his eyes by the light and stretched out his hand to touch a long light, but when he was about to touch it, he shrank his fingers back for fear that he might accidentally break these lights.
Pan Hui looked at her with a smile and suddenly asked softly, "Little pity just watched Lan Gong and I want to accept you. Are you willing?"
Cover flow dazed zheng callous turned to look at pan hui was some head dizzy by this sudden news.
She has been treating each other as if they were heaven since she saw Guanlan easily wipe out those bones and skulls. She thinks Guanlan is not only a beautiful person, but also a terrible thing. It must be a fairy!
Gai Liu thought that she was lucky to see the fairy in this life, but she never thought that the fairy was going to accept her own disciples. She was carried away by this good thing for a while and she was still dreaming, so she directly hit the side wall of the carriage.
Pan Hui saw that when the cover was moved to stop it, it was already coming. I heard "dong". The carriages were knocked to sway in a row. Two covers were held in pity and the forehead was hurt. I laughed stupidly.
Chapter 12 Blood-stained paper cranes (1)