When the players leave, the winning team will enter the dressing room.

He is alone here at this time.
There is no rule that the head coach can’t go to the stadium with the team to watch the warm-up
There is no such rule, and it is not a hidden rule.
Not watching players warm up is just a habit of winning.
He needs to be quiet before the game.
One-person locker room is probably the best place
When the players all went out, Chang Sheng pulled a folding chair to the tactical board and sat across the chair. His hands rested on the back of the chair and he put them on his arms, so he looked at the tactical board in front of him.
Chapter two hundred and forty-five Lost your passion?
Changsheng sits in the locker room and has no fixed items.
Sometimes he will be busy writing and drawing on the tactical board, and when the players have finished warming up, they can see the most detailed tactical schematic.
Sometimes he would pace back and forth in the dressing room and think.
Sometimes he just stands in a daze in the dressing room.
For example now
This is his third Champions League final since his rebirth.
The Champions League final is no stranger to him.
He still remembers his first Champions League final, when he was a little excited and nervous. He couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night and woke up at four in the morning.
And then I can’t sleep.
So he simply got up and played the Internet. He often went to that China CM player forum.
Then there was a forced start and someone lost his penis-of course it can’t be true.
This episode is particularly memorable to him because it was his first Champions League final.
At that time, the tension and excitement were like the first time I went out on a date with my favorite girl.
Uneasy and expecting
He also remembers the second Champions League final.
All his attention was on the weather during that game.
He doesn’t know if it will rain, because it may mean that fate has changed.
At that time, he didn’t care about anything else, so he had to compete with God and fate.
Finally, he won.
Then there’s the third scene.
Unlike the previous two games, he appeared calm in this final.
He is not nervous and excited, nor does he care about other external things.
But this calm also made him a little worried.
Because he is not excited at all.
This is the Champions League final!
Even if you’re not nervous, you should be a little excited, right
After all, it is the highest honor in European football …
He wondered if he had taken victory and championship for granted.
This is his biggest worry.
In the dressing room of Lazio, the training base of Vermelot, there is such a sentence.
"Victory is addictive, guys."
This is what Changsheng once said to Lazio when he just taught them.
This sentence is also the creed of Lazio team in recent years.
One victory after another and one champion after another will make people addicted and willing to continue to enjoy this feeling and work hard.
All the people left, but more people stayed.
Because they are really addicted.
They are all victory addicts.
However, if the leader of the winning team has lost the feeling of winning, how can he lead the team and the team to continue their struggle for victory if their hearts are no longer full of those wonderful moments and crazy jumps in football matches?
What qualifications does he have to ask other players to practice hard in training and play hard on the court?