"Where is the little demon jade?" In the face of millions of players pressing themselves like a mountain, they are awe-inspiring, fearless and nervous, and casually say to the little demon, "Give it to me!"

"no!" Small demon shook his head. "I’m a demon jade guardian. How can I give you the demon jade? !”
"Yeah, you are my person now, and you are also the guardian of something demon jade! I want to be my guardian! "
"Shame on you, a big man, and want a weak woman to protect you? !” Although it was taken over by Jiuchong, it was taken over by Jiuchong by unfair means. Now the little demon has a low loyalty to Jiuchong, which is very wrong.
"Cough … you also call weak woman? !”
"What did you say-? Say it again-? !”
"Okay, you are a weak woman! After that, I will be your guardian head office! " Jiuzhong raised his hand and surrendered. "Give me the demon jade first or we will both die here!"
"Hum!" The little demon pouted and refused to take out the demon jade that she guarded and gave it to Jiuzhong.
"People’s pets are bidding to their owners. How can I not cooperate with this pet? ! Hmm … It seems that I have to cultivate my feelings in the future! " In my heart, I muttered a sentence: Jiuchong is holding a demon jade and shouted at the ghost player who rushed to himself. "Who dares to start work?" Do you still want this last piece of demon jade? ! !”
"… give me stop it! !” When I heard Jiugong’s propaganda, it seemed as if I had been stepped on my tail. I gnashed my teeth for a moment and stopped the offensive of the face player.
Before entering the map of the national war, it was already said that the Great God of Jiugong is the supreme commander of this time. Anyone who dares to disagree with the people in the form of his orders will be discussed. Moreover, the players are all white in their hearts. The last piece of demon jade is in the hands of Jiuzhong. If Jiuzhong is killed, they will lose the national war this time.
Although the players were very excited, they couldn’t wait to chop the nine-fold fried skin into ten thousand pieces, but after hearing the command of the Jiugong Great God, they stopped abruptly and stopped attacking the nine-fold.
"That’s right ~!" Nine heavy a face of sunny laughed "have something to say will move knife gun? !”
Jiugong great god crush the heart is about to blow out anger eyes staring at the nine heavy way like a snake "… what do you want? !”
"Simple ~!"
Chapter two hundred and fifty-two Transactions
"Let’s make a deal!" Jiuzhong said, "Don’t you want this demon jade? I can give it to you, but … you need some blood!"
"… mean!" Jiugong Great God couldn’t wait to tear the nine layers alive. "How much do you want? !”
"No more, no more, nine Niu Yi hairs for you!" Nine heavy unceremoniously stretched out five fingers, "I want five hundred million gold coins! !”
Jiugong great god heard that he almost fell off his mount. "A broken demon jade wants to knock me 500 million gold coins. You might as well fucking rob it! !”
"What words!" Nine heavy smell speech face a heavy "YaoYu in my hand you dare not give? !”
"You …! !” Jiugong great god looked at nine eyes bloodshot yazi splitting "good … very good! Fang Sheng, I remember you! Isn’t it 500 million gold coins? I gave it to you now. Give me the demon jade on delivery! "
"You want to be beautiful!" Jiugong great god pie pie way "old now give you the demon jade old ok? !”
"… what do you want? ! !”
"Simple you don’t want to make this nine pieces of demon jade and a map channel seal? That’s where we trade. Like what? !”
"… well you don’t want to play what tricks or you should know! In this enclosure, you enter the underground door! "
"Cut to deal with you this group of gluttons still have to run? !”
"You …! !”
Nine heavy words directly choked the Jiugong Great God to death, and millions of ghost players were even more eager to go crazy and grind their teeth at Jiuzhong.
"All right, hurry up! Where is the seal? ! Lead the way before your head! " Nine leisurely holding the arm way
"You have to ask it!" Jiugong Great God refers to a small demon.
Nine heavy stretched out his hand and took hold of small demon waist attitude intimacy way "demon son know where the seal? Lead the way ~! "
"Let you go!" Although the little demon doesn’t want to play Jiuchong’s hand, she can’t help but obey Jiuchong’s pet’s command. Before taking the lead, she leads Jiuzhong and Jiugong Great God and other ghost players to the seal.
A group of ghost players, such as Jiugong Great God, fell behind. Some people whispered to Jiugong Great God and suggested, "It’s really disgusting that the president is sacred. We must never let him leave the map of the country alive or I will face the nation." !”
"It’s not enough for civilians to be angry at his immortality!" Others hand than a beheading gesture, "just for a while and he in the seal to deal after we … well-! !”
Jiugong Great God’s face is cruel and deep with a smile, and his tone is gloomy and deep. "Fang Sheng, you dare to blackmail Master, and I will let you know the consequences! When I make a deal with him later … You all know what to do, right? !”
"white! !”
The little demon led a group of people to go deep into the big black mountain ahead and pass through the maze-like crypt network to reach the seal place in the deepest part of the big black mountain.
In front of everyone’s eyes, there is a huge pagoda carved with all kinds of strange monsters and ghosts, who worship at an altar like a pilgrimage. All nine shining objects have a groove where nine demon jade are placed. If you want to put nine demon jade in it, you can start this hundred ghost pagoda and get through to a map channel.
"Now can be traded? !” Jiugong Great God has blocked the cave where this piece of seal is located in hundreds of thousands of ghost players, and surrounded Jiuzhong completely.
"Good!" Jiuzhong smiled indifferently and turned to the little demon around him. "The demon will be in chaos here for a while. Go back to the pet first!"
"I don’t …!" Xiao Yao’s voice has not fallen, and Jiuzhong has forcibly recalled it to his pet.
One person with a bare pole left nine times raised his hand to the Great God of Jiugong and indicated "Please!"
The Great God of Jiugong heard that there was no first nine-fold transaction, but he waved and sent one of his hands to trade nine-fold. "Hum, you are not worthy to trade with me!"
Jiuzhong Yi smiled and shook his head noncommittally. He didn’t care who he was trading with. He wanted money to be available, even if Jiugong sent players to trade.
Era trading platform is very strict in the trading process. If the player doesn’t want to trade by stages, the transaction is not limited, but both parties have the benefit of "transaction confirmation" during the trading process. Once one party clicks "transaction confirmation", the transactions or money of both parties will be locked, and the amount of transactions or money will be increased and changed privately. Unless one party chooses to "cancel the transaction", this transaction fails and needs to be traded again.
Finally, the transaction is successful only after both parties click "Transaction Confirmation".
It is forbidden in the Era that the trading mechanism is not likely to be cheated during the trading process. Of course, you have been cheated and fallen into someone’s pit before the trading, which is another matter.
After the two sides click on the trading bar, Jiuzhong puts the last demon jade in, and the other side puts 500 million gold coins in at one time. Then the other side is responsible for trading, and the player signals Jiuzhong, "Please confirm it first!"