"You are stupid! Is it necessary to play the game if it is stuffed? All those prizes are the moon in the water! Wages are the safest! The salary is higher! "

"Oh … as high as you can anyway …"
And Reyes’ brother Jesus-jesus’s "Jesus" is a vegetable market in Spain, and I don’t know how many people are there-is patting Reyes on the shoulder and laughing "Great! You are going to be a big star! Valencia! That’s a team that has reached the Champions League finals for two consecutive years! "
Although there are not many people in the small room, it seems very lively.
A typical gypsy family
No matter how good the contract Reyes’ parents want, Reyes is still a 17-year-old boy. He played 20 Serie B games in the season and he lacks evidence to prove himself in the first division.
So his contract is actually not much higher.
Reyes’ agent, jesus Rodriguez, obviously knows this, and his request is not too much.
Even so, Reyes’ parents are very satisfied [w w w]
Antonio reyes Calderon is one of the most promising children in their family. For poor gypsy families, a promising child is a cash cow.
All the income from Reyes in Seville is firmly controlled by his mother. Give him some money every month and he will be very happy.
On the day of signing the contract, Reyes and his family arrived in Valencia from Seville in their agent’s jesus car to attend the medical examination and sign the contract together.
When Chang Sheng and manager pitarch signed a contract with Reyes on behalf of the club, they were all shocked-it was the first time they saw the player signing with his family.
It feels like parents sent their children to take the college entrance examination …
Chang Sheng remembered that he had seen Reyes’ divination before, and he was sure that all those divination should be true …
The Reyes family really attaches great importance to their children. At the same time, Reyes is not embarrassed because the whole family follows him. It can be seen that Reyes is really a homesick … kid.
Reyes was suddenly taken aback when he saw Changsheng, and then he looked at Changsheng in horror.
Changsheng grinned at him.
His expression fell in Reyes’ eyes, just like a monster, and his mouth could crack to the ear and swallow him up with one mouth.
"Look at your face, you don’t know that I am the head coach of Valencia now, do you, Reyes?"
Changsheng laughed
Reyes’s brain has gone blank and he doesn’t know what to answer.
He really didn’t know that Valencia’s head coach was from China now, because he didn’t care at all at ordinary times. Apart from Seville’s accident, the news of other teams was naturally known about Valencia’s hiring of a coach with a constant victory.
"All right, all right, put away your ghost face, Reyes. Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone kick your leg again this time. On the contrary, if someone tries to kick your leg, I will fight him hard." Changsheng came forward and patted Reyes on the shoulder as if he were familiar with Reyes.
In fact, he and Reyes are really familiar with each other, because he has seen Reyes often when he played FM games in his previous life.
Reyes, on the other hand, is very reluctant to let go of his enthusiasm.
He may still accept that once the enemy became his head coach.
He regretted his decision to come to Valencia-even though the decision was actually made by his family.
But it’s obviously too late to regret now …
That’s it. He always wins the thief boat.
Years later, Reyes will still laugh when he thinks about what happened on this day.
But it’s not scary anymore, but sweet …
Before Reyes moved to Valencia, kily gonzalez negotiated a personal contract with Inter Milan and moved to Mei Acha.
He feels that he has escaped from a deadly dilemma, and he will have a better future and win more championships at the giants Inter Milan.
Cooper is also happy to get kily gonzalez to strengthen the team’s strength on the left.
It seems that this is a win-win result …
Ever-victorious turned his head and forgot Cooper and kily gonzalez, two doomed buddies.
He is also very happy, because if it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t have thought of confessing Reyes
If he remembers correctly, after Seville was promoted to the first division this season, Reyes played the main force and performed well, and then became famous.
Although he went to the Premier League later, his performance was average, but he was still very powerful in La Liga.
After such an excellent potential stock is taken by him for 4 million, even if it is to be sold, it can make a fortune.
After winning Reyes, Changsheng announced that Valencia’s season signing and cleaning operations were successfully completed.
From now on, they won’t be concerned about the transfer market.
Changsheng has already got the people he wants in the transfer market: Ibrahimovic, Carvalho, Guardiola, Leila, Villa and Reyes. None of them are waves.
He also sold the surplus players, freeing up more salary budget and reducing the financial burden of the club.
Economically, he did a good job.
However, from a competitive point of view, how well he has done will need to be tested in actual combat.
It is also very clear that an excellent head coach does not prove his ability by having sex in the transfer market unless he is a general manager and finally judges a head coach’s level or competitive performance.
Withdrawing from the transfer market at the beginning of the month can make the players feel relieved.
They are not worried about being cleaned or thinking about leaving now.
Whether they like it or not, they should stay here for at least half a season and train hard to get more chances to play.
Changsheng has started to practice tactics again.
But he seems to forget something …
Valencia B team training ground and the first team training ground are separated by a training ground.
When zahovic finished training, he didn’t want to stay in team B for a second. He walked quickly into the dressing room.
He took out his mobile phone. "No news yet?"
"Yes, but their offers were rejected by Valencia …"
"There is also bad news that Zlatko often announces the end of Valencia’s move in the transfer market … they closed the transfer market before!"
Zahovic paused and then asked, "Does this mean that I can’t leave now if I want to?"
The agent over there sighed naively. "It looks like this …"
Zahovic had a hard time controlling the impulse to drop his mobile phone in the locker room. He was clutching his mobile phone and swearing "Mom! Mom! That damn China bitch! Bitch! ! !”
A player from Team B pushed the door and just saw that zahovic, who was demoted from the first team to Team B, was furious.
They paused for a moment and then walked in with their heads down, just as if the other party were angry and should do what they should.
Zahovic also when the other party is angry to continue to be there, if people curse and win anything bad, they will say it.
Like a crazy psycho.