Song Chang Gung, that is, when he said that he didn’t promise to kick the ball when he saw Dining Xia, he laughed, "That’s good. If it’s all right, I’ll excuse myself first." Then he led Ling Yunfeng and Dai Xiangying to fight against the wind and went to the roots, ignoring the apes as if they were not there, and even twelve people, such as the real person Zhuo Yuanfeng, didn’t take a look.

The ape wanted to talk to him about his theory, but when he remembered the purple thunder, it was another palpitation. When he saw Dinxia coming, he learned that the six ape-like practitioners were the ape elders in the green forest land of Huanglong Mountain, Shaanxi Province and Zhuo Yuanfeng, a real human being with five immortals in his hand. Twelve people also deliberately admired each other.
Volume 33 Government Celebrations Chapter three hundred and twenty-nine The fate of III
At the beginning, the ape elder looked disdainful, and the real person Zhuo Yuanfeng pretended to casually ask who the man was just now. Master Xia casually said that he was a fairy friend while he was traveling with the guests. wait for a while wanted to know that although there was a word difference in the middle and late stages of Yuanying, it was not easy to calculate the difference in factors such as skill and ability.
The ape can’t grow up. Other animals can tell themselves that the man can’t be provoked, but he is not willing to lose face in front of so many people. Now he hears that the other party is a fairy, and he knows that what he saw just now was a coincidence. In fact, the other party has calculated that he is too weak, and it looks like he deliberately bumped into it.
Dining chardonnay master can’t help but snigger when he sees these people’s eyes, but he doesn’t say anything. He deliberately goes forward to guide him to be short-sighted. Zhou Xiaoyun and other four boys and girls are standing and calling to tell her to arrange these people to two exquisite jade que in the north, and to make the twelve mentoring and the five apes together and place them separately for the government event.
And when traveling, he specially ordered the visitors to prepare more wine and fruit besides the ape elders and five fairy apes, and to entertain Huang Daoyou and other rare birds and animals, such as tiger-faced owls and golden-eyed roe deer, who were not tolerant of restraint. When they arrived at the fairy museum, they promised to release them and told their younger brothers and others to be careful not to provoke a fight when they met.
Zhou Qingyun immediately promised to obey after knowing it, and Master Xia did not accompany him to send it not far away, so don’t turn around and go to find a wonderful lady and others to discuss how to deal with it.
Three-dimensional reality Zhuo Yuanfeng, ape elders and others all thought when they saw that the fairy cloud floor view was too brilliant and gorgeous, "This Emei Sect is said to have occupied Ningbi Cliff, but it has only flourished a few hundred years ago, and the master is a newcomer. Where will these many jade floor fairy halls be established? It must be an amazing move to show off the mystery and embellish ordinary things. "
When I got to the place, I saw Zhou Qingyun with a finger, and a pavilion and pavilion appeared from the horizon. As I saw before, the display in the Golden Pavilion and Yudong Building with a silver wall and a cloud tower was even more beautiful. Everything was colorful and beautiful every day, and it was not human at first sight. The more they recognized that all of this was a mirage, not a real thing.
Zhou Qingyun, because these buildings in Jiugong Rock are very close to each other, put all the people together in two places. In fact, when they are close to each other, they also said, "There are still one or two days in the government when you are busy. If you have the same ideas, don’t ask for new knowledge and old friends, you can go to each other and March and have fun together."
If you need wine, food for fairies, apes and beasts, there are other servants, men and women, who can come and go from hotel to hotel at any time, and they can be served as soon as they are known. However, these men and women are inexperienced, and they are afraid of teachers’ strict knowledge of law and discipline, but they are poor at dealing with it. If there is anything wrong, they will beg for forgiveness and be punished. "
At the same time, he pointed out to them that when the demon people passed by other hotels, they had already seen a few years old. Boys and girls were all dressed in one style. Men grabbed the bun and women cut it short. Yunyan Meixiu was dressed in a blue silk shorts with green leaves and white feet, and everything was abnormal except that she looked wooden like a puppet.
One by one, holding a three-foot jade plate to store wine, fruit and food, flying in and out of the pavilions and pavilions, meeting tall buildings, flying straight without seeing anything to hide from the light and clouds, and carrying them with them is as if something is holding their feet. The strangest thing is that they are not only dressed in the same way, but also look tall, short and fat.
I still can’t guess what the origin of these children is. After listening to Zhou Qingyun’s speech, I realized that it was a fairy house. The children couldn’t help but be very surprised. Then a child sent some wine and fruit to these people. These people are inadvertently observing carefully. Now these children are very energetic, but there is no living flesh and blood. It seems that the spell is condensed.
After waiting for Zhou Qingyun and others to turn around and resign, Tu Shen Wu said with disdain, "What is the mysterious door that the master here claims to be? The authentic monk just said that this abode of fairies and immortals is simple, quaint and simple, and the furnishings make us more culvert. But look at the sample here. This is also called humble? So where do we live? A pigsty? People in Emei are so poor to us. "
Three-dimensional reality Zhuo Yuanfeng mused, "There are dozens of pavilions and pavilions of this kind along the way, and there must be something that has not been shown. It is rare for Qiong Yao to be so successful, and the furnishings of the beautiful jade toilet are also rare. It is not an ordinary time. I think this is not an illusion or borrowed from others.
I don’t think most of these middle-aged people in Emei have survived the robbery, so it is natural to be diligent in repair at ordinary times. Does it take a few days for government guests to make such great efforts to find and build this unprecedented spectacle system? It’s no wonder that we didn’t know the actual situation here when we first came here. It’s inconvenient for us to leave in front of the host. We will know when we turn over the experiment. "
Fire method reality Huang Meng, Zhuo Yuanfeng first took two things in the house to ban the law and tried it differently. Even the houses and furniture were still broken, and the prototype was still untouched. Gradually, I realized that the enemy was really not to be despised. I couldn’t help but be surprised. Reality Zhuo Yuanfeng guessed that these should be borrowed, but my heart became more and more empty, and I told everyone to be careful.
He knows that whether the other party borrows it or does it himself means that the other party’s strength is tough and he provoked the other party. I am afraid that I will not escape for a while, but how can I not? He wanted to think about greeting Longshan Shuangyan to discuss the action in the place where the ape elders live.
After Zhou Qingyun returned to her post, there are two male brothers here, she and another female brother. There are two female brothers on duty. She is with herself when she is on duty. The thirteenth brother of Luofu Mountain Xiangxue Cave Yuanyuan master apprentice Yu Yinggu joked and said casually that Yan’s predecessors brought these waiters, but it’s really strange to hear that they are all vegetarians.
At this time, I have been paying attention to Zhou Qingyun, a handsome and handsome young man among the two male brothers, coming over to salute and saying, "After Sister Zhou and other officials, we will worship Emei, and everyone is a family. I just know these children’s things, so I will explain them to Sister Zhou." Say that finish eyes looked at Zhou Qingyun warmly as if it were a peerless treasure.
Female Yu Yinggu turned her eyes and looked unhappy. After Zhou Qingyun said with a smile, "Yan Renying’s younger brother, I know that you are the disciple of Yan Yingm’s predecessor in Dongting Mountain, Suzhou, but I don’t understand that this door of jellyfish is different from those small doors. How can I let you enter Emei? And the origin of these children. What do you say specifically? Let’s have a long experience. "
As she spoke, she winked at him. It turned out that the female Yu Yinggu once heard the teacher say that this Yan Renying had a three-life relationship with Zhou Qingyun. But after her observation, Zhou Qingyun seems to dislike Yan Renying at all. She is warm-hearted and has a passion for elegance and comeliness. Some men and women also feel that he is obsessed with Zhou Qingyun. Although her heart is a little sour, she still finds opportunities for him to get close to each other.
Today, when they were on duty, she deliberately pulled Yan Renying and Zhou Guangyun. Although she saw disgust in Zhou Guangyun’s eyes, the more strange her little daughter was, the more she wanted to fix them.
Yan Renying bowed his hand and said gracefully, "Actually, it’s very simple. Although I was born in a vein of jellyfish, my grandmaster once studied Buddhism and wanted to be excluded by the same school. I have long been out of contact, but in the grandmaster’s door, except for the robbery and the solution of my mother, there is aunt Xuejun Jiang, and there is no other male school. My grandmaster ordered me to switch to Emei.
In fact, these children are aunt Xuejun Jiang, who saw many years old psychic ancient trees in Dongting and the East and West Mountains when she was practicing in Fairy Mountain. Because the plants and trees can absorb the aura of the sun, the moon, the mountains and rivers to nourish themselves, although they are full of spirituality, the climate has not yet changed, but many of them have already produced spiritual wisdom.
The two mountainous areas of Dongting Lake are rich in water plants and fertile soil. For thousands of years, the residents have been cutting down these plants by firewood workers in vain, but they are unable to defend themselves. Aunt Xuejun Jiang thinks that they are harmful to people, and it is not easy to grow and repair. It is a pity to grind their grandfathers and help dozens of plants with spiritual wisdom and profound skills to get into shape.
Although it’s not stronger than self-cultivation, it can also be moved and slaughtered. Grandmaster Fate considers that these spiritual trees are still in poor condition recently. I’m afraid that Aunt Xuejun Jiang can’t take care of these spiritual children, and they will be injured by wicked people in the future, which will violate their original wishes, and I’m afraid that firewood workers will cut down those spiritual trees that are not yet mature but are old.
These already-shaped plants have been hurt by things, but they have become a little magical. Instead, they have made themselves bear the burden of cause and effect. Most of those that cannot be moved have been moved to other places, where there are no people left, and there are still 36 plants that are Myrica rubra, Piba and Meihua, which are well-known in Dongting.
Grandmaster wanted to take the Emei mansion and send it. First, decorate the fairy mountain as a gift for Miao Yi’s husband and wife. Second, give these spiritual objects a home to return to. With Emei’s shelter, they can practice. After sending it, I heard that Miao Yi’s real palm teaching made these spiritual wood babies appear instead of the base because they didn’t want to go to the mansion. That’s it. "
Yan Renying’s charm is elegant and charming. Now Kan Kan is talking about making the female Yu Yinggu look at his eyes more obsessed, but Yan Renying is oblivious because his eyes are obsessively looking at Zhou Qingyun.
Volume 33 Government Celebrations Chapter 330 Things started here
Zhou Xiaoyun’s eyes are indifferent to his roots. If Zhou Xiaoyun doesn’t feel anything about Yan Renying, it’s a lie. This Yan Renying is charming, elegant, witty, attentive and considerate. Everything is decent and the rules are that he has a long-term relationship. After seeing himself, his eyes are warm, but it’s just warm. It can be said that he is courteous and graceful.
But it is such a Mr. Right, Zhou Qingyun, who can’t treat his heart in any way. She always has that deliberate spell in her heart to calculate her acquaintance’s appearance and deceive herself. In front of her master’s elders, she is a rebellious man. Every time she thinks of that man, she knows that the two of them will have no result, but she just can’t forget him.
Although thinking is a little unruly, she still heard Yan Renying’s introduction clearly. Although her face is expressionless, she was in a big mood. Otherwise, she was just about to say something when she saw the twelve people who just went in to give the Sanhua real person Zhuo Yuanfeng a second delivery of wine and fruit. She seemed to be attacked and flew out. She couldn’t help but feel surprised.
It turns out that nine big men have been chatting since the reality of Sanhua, Zhuo Yuanfeng and Longshan Shuangyan left. At this time, a female wooden boy came to deliver wine and fruit for the second time. On a whim, several people deliberately asked questions about whether these wooden boys were talented or not, but they were barely able to understand people’s words. This situation could not be handled freely.
Although they are barely condensed into a body by this strict fairy method, it looks amazing because the spell can protect outsiders and can’t harm them, but after all, it is a real person with different fire methods, such as Huang Meng and others, who are far more powerful and powerful than those evil sects. Among the twelve people, it is the most important time to bear Dan, and others are more stable in the golden Dan period.
When I first entered the Fairy House, I saw many miraculous signs. Everyone was a little shaken and confused. The enemy deliberately showed off the demonstrations. These handyman children’s skills are bound to be quite impressive. What I saw was that this fairy girl had to leave after delivering the wine and fruit, and she deliberately called her to ask a question. Sure enough, she looked dull and had difficulty speaking.