The last sentence is toward Hsuanchan said.

Hsuanchan didn’t speak quietly waiting for the punishment crack.
Soft ducking frowns and looks forward to and worried about Yu Xin. A heart can’t help but follow if Chen Xuan is afraid to retreat after hearing the punishment, Yu Xin doesn’t know what it will be like.
"Remember that the two of us are Yu Xin’s elder and his father, that is, our teacher younger brother called Tianfeng, which also soared on this planet 50,000 years ago." Suddenly, a surprising secret story broke out, and Chen Xuan suddenly turned to Yu Xin and asked, "Are you the real daughter of Tianfeng?"
The tone is full of disbelief, which is really sensational
"Well," Yu Xin nodded and confirmed the statement that the punishment was cracked. He looked a little erratic and recalled the past memories. He said to Chen Xuandao, "Since I was born, my father sent me to the nearest place to fix the truth. Yuan Chixing took turns to take care of me with his mother. Later, my father soared, and my mother was destroyed. Finally, I succeeded in soaring …"
"Later, Yu Xin was lucky enough to be found by us. Everyone liked her master very much. When he came, people also regarded her as a granddaughter, but …" Rou ducking took Yu Xin’s words and looked at Yu Xin’s tears when she talked about her mother. She couldn’t bear it. "One thousand seven hundred years ago, a friend of Master visited with his disciples. As a result, his disciples saw Yu Xin who was beside her at that time and immediately fell in love at first sight. Since then, she has often visited her home to seek opportunities to meet Yu Xin."
"One hundred years later, his master finally got married …" Punishment cracked and stopped.
Chen Xuan heart sank.
Chapter 33 Kun Su Palace
"Alas ….." The punishment cracked with a sigh. "No one thought that the master was even confused for a moment without asking Yu Xin, so he agreed to it. After Yu Xin knew about it, he naturally refused to agree with the master, only to know that Xiao Yu Xin didn’t like it at all, although he was very good."
"But at this point, there is no room to go back on our word. After all, Master is a prominent figure in all circles. He promised that it was almost impossible for the other party to spread the news all over the world to save it, and that little attitude was also very firm. If Master insisted on breaking off her marriage, it would not only lead to discredit in all circles, but also lead to a conflict between the two major forces, so that the neighboring forces of both sides were involved in the end …"
"In fact, there is no way that Gonggong can’t help it. I am a troubler of everyone." Yu Xin said in a low voice
"Silly girl," said Rou Dug, caressing Yu Xinxiu, "Although all of us can refute this reason, do you really think that our happiness in life will be ruined like that? Don’t blame your teacher. Do you think you could have rushed into the reincarnation mirror without him? "
Hearing this, Hsuanchan has probably understood that Yu Xin turned out to be so reincarnated. Since he promised to be responsible, he will officially become his woman. If news gets out, the two sides may immediately start fighting, and he, Yu Xin and the stubborn guy must be the protagonists of this war. I’m afraid what he has to bear at that time is not what he can imagine now.
"Aunt duckling, is it true that Master Gong deliberately let me go?" Yu Xin asked, looking at Rou ducking’s eyes with a little expectation.
"Of course, otherwise you can’t even step out of your own door, and we can’t help you at all, let alone anything else." Soft ducking rubbed Yu Xin’s head lovingly.
"I knew that the teacher was the best for Yu Xin, and it wouldn’t be so bad to take Yu Xin as the most sacrifice." Yu Xin smiled.
Chen Xuan looked at the rain with a pain in his heart and smiled a strange feeling rising in his heart.
"Don’t forget that there is me. At the beginning, I blocked the pursuit of the palace for you for ten months. Otherwise, how can you escape to the reincarnation and enter the reincarnation mirror?" The punishment cracked up with a lively credit.
"Punishment uncle is the best" Yu Xin smiled sweetly.
"I’m already white," Hsuanchan interrupted them, indifferently saying, "Now that I’ve promised I’ll keep my oath to the end."
Three drops of JingXie flew out from Chen Xuan’s heart, and the four people formed a virtual shadow of a big word, and then the lotus flower flashed and divided three drops of blood into his heart.
This is the second time in his life that he swore an oath, and it is also the second time that he swore an oath. However, this time he felt a pain in his heart. This time, he vowed to listen to the faint warmth when he remembered the first oath.
Rain Xin smiled with joy. She also remembered Chen Xuan’s first oath and felt moved by herself. However, this time she didn’t know that Hsuanchan felt the first time was the opposite.
Punishment crack, soft ducking two people face to face Hsuanchan answer should they thought of, but I didn’t think he would promise so simply and even made a vow never to violate.
"What a small man!" Punishment crack praise soft ducking is also slightly forehead look like a sigh of relief, such as a mother’s son-in-law identity to see Hsuanchan’s eyes also have some differences, probably think Yu Xin can give it to him.
"Who’s the little one? Tell me all about it." Hsuanchan asked in a rather unpleasant tone. After all, his heart is not frank now because of the little one. Although he wouldn’t have met the rain in Hao Yuxing without himself, Xin Hsuanchan realized that he just wanted to know the details of that guy.
"The man has seen a few faces" and the punishment crack is quite enviable. "Although the minor repair is not very talented, it is extremely high. It seems that it is only now that it has been practiced for less than 30,000 years, but it has been a lot higher than its peers. It is really not easy for ordinary people to chase him. There is no comparison."
"Plus, Xugong Palace is the top power in all circles, and his master is the master of Xugong Palace, and he has given him the magic formula of Yanyang Palace, the town palace of Xugong Palace. But there are the masters and successors of Xugong Palace who can practice and say that this small future will definitely become the overlord of all circles and create a new wonder of all circles."
It’s also a punishment that took millions of years of hard work to achieve the present repair, but it may not be achieved in half the time, and he can’t envy it.
Rou ducking took over. "That smelly little boy named Xiaoyang probably did it because of his excellent conditions at the beginning. Master, his old man’s house will rain Xin, and he will definitely like what he has done. Come on!"
Soft ducking sighed and didn’t like Xiaoyang very much, but he didn’t think Hsuanchan could be as good as what he had.
Rain Xin’s face is not as good as others with a dark heart. She shouldn’t have cared about it, but now it is a blow to her, not because of vanity, but because she is worried that she will return to the world. After two rival lovers who have not yet met, Hsuanchan feels that they will definitely become rivals. But Chen Xuan’s conditions are worse than Xiaoyang’s. How can these gaps be made up?
And Hsuanchan? He looked at the three people with a straight face and didn’t show any strange expression.
"hey! Sister duckling is wrong! You see this little … "Punishment crack suddenly seems to show something horrible, and suddenly stare big eyes and stare at Hsuanchan.
"Huh?" Soft ducking confused eyes turned to Hsuanchan a closer look at the pupil suddenly a contraction.
"enlightened!" Soft duckling consciously covered her mouth and covered two rows of white teeth exposed in her mouth with surprise.
Hsuanchan eyes a clot.
"I didn’t expect you to be an enlightened person!" Punishment crack face is full of surprise.
"You are now" Hsuanchan whispered.
"You even know that you are an enlightened person?" The punishment is even more amazing. It seems that there are quite a few mysterious places where he just earned his nephew’s body!
Yu Xin’s face was pleasantly surprised, and there were still a few lines of disbelief. What did the enlightened person restore her memory? She naturally knew that Hsuanchan was an enlightened person, so she was surprised. After that, she no longer worried about him …
"well! Brother crack, look at his physical talent again! " Soft ducking suddenly exclaimed, her face was almost horrified, but at the same time there was also a surprise, but it was also a worry that she didn’t know.
"A strange … physique is amazing …" Punishment crack expression some dull language to squeeze out a dissonance from his teeth.
Hsuanchan so quietly like a watch to accept the three strange eyes punishment crack face is full of excitement, like accidentally picked up a rare treasure seems even the blood has been soft ducking surprise expression with a few silk inexplicable worry Yu Xin eyes full of joy and pride.
People who are enlightened and gifted are really rare in all circles. Generally, the physical talents of enlightened people are very poor. Even a very ordinary person is worse than a negative Hsuanchan. It is extremely rare. If it is known, it will definitely shake all circles. I have never heard of anyone who can reach his level, and I am afraid it is deeply hidden.