Knowing what happened, Bai Qiao quietly stepped back and fell into his brother’s hand. This Liu Min is really

"I’d like to introduce this doctor. This is the famous deputy valley owner Xiao Langzhong of Wanchun Valley. His medical skills are superb and he is known as an imperial doctor." Mu Qingfeng pointed to Xiao Langzhong.
"Don’t dare to patronize" Xiao Langzhong pretends.
"I heard that someone gave me a drug test, but is this person in front of me?"
"I don’t know what else Xiao Langzhong wants?" Mu Qingfeng asked
"Please tie your hands and feet firmly before you gag," Xiao Langzhong said carelessly.
"Afraid of his resistance?" Mu Qingfeng knows the past and asks.
"It’s not that I’m afraid he’ll catch himself dead or bite the tongue if he finally itches too much."
Liu Min stare big eyes staring at the devil duo in horror.
beautiful hair
Mu Qingfeng froze on the spot as if he had been struck by lightning. What is the sound of Yingying? Will Yingying be in her room or naked?
Before Muqingfeng could react, Yinger got into Muqingfeng’s arms, and her fiery body clung to her chest, so she could feel the fullness of Yinger’s chest.
Yinger gently lifted herself and bowed her head to Muqingfeng’s ear. "The male Yinger is here to wait on you."
Mu Qingfeng felt that the horse was going to blow up, and when he thought he was going to lose his mind, a faint fragrance floated into his nose.
It’s a purse on the chest, and there’s snow lotus cutting her hair. It’s her parting gift.
Knowing that I can’t hold on any longer, Mu Qingfeng suddenly turned over from the bed and felt the coolness of the house. He seemed to be awake for a few minutes.
"Inge, what’s the matter? What will you appear in my room? " Mu Qingfeng asked
"Did you tell me? Didn’t you tell me to come to you after I finished washing? It was Yingying who didn’t expect to come so late." Yingying sat up and looked at him puzzled.
Mu Qingfeng saw Yinger so reluctant to return the favor and felt that his reason was about to fly to the outside of the cloud nine again. He quickly turned around and dared not look directly at Yinger on the bed.
"Sloping" saw MuQingFeng hurry-scurry. Yinger couldn’t help laughing. MuQingFeng in front of him was a lot worse than the big fear during the day.
"Yinger, listen to me. You misunderstood me. I didn’t mean that during the day. I mean, you were so stimulated. Wash yourself and rest yourself. I didn’t ask you to wait on me, let alone wait on me." Mu Qingfeng said that he couldn’t go. He suddenly found that he was usually smart and didn’t know where he was.
"But it was the public who saved me. No one forced me to be a volunteer unless the public disliked that I was from a humble background and didn’t deserve you." Yingying said to Mu Qingfeng at the bedside by hand that she found Mu Qingfeng in the moonlight for the first time, giving people a particularly stable feeling.
"Well, we just don’t like the schoolyard bullies. Yinger, you don’t need to do this. Besides, I am the one who contributes the least in our party. Even if it is gratitude, wouldn’t it be better for you to find my eldest brother Bai Wei? After all, he hit the schoolyard bullies and I was watching. In addition," Muqingfeng got up and shook his left hand.
"As you can see, there is nothing left in my left hand base, and you won’t have a good home if you follow me as a semi-disabled person."
After more than a year, Dr. Xiao tried everything, but he couldn’t get his arm back. Now, to be honest, his left hand just looks fine, but he doesn’t have much effort
Yinger found that Muqingfeng’s back was lonely, probably because she was sad. After all, she was in her prime, but she was told that she might be disabled. It is estimated that no one would care.
Mu Qingfeng is sad. He heard the rustling sound behind him, and then he walked barefoot.
Before Muqingfeng Sanskrit came, Yinger’s warm body clung to her back.
"The male Yingying knew" Yingying put herself on Muqingfeng’s shoulder.
Muqingfeng was surprised.
"During the day, I can see that the public body is not convenient, but when Bai Dage and others make moves, although the public has no martial arts, they still choose to stay in front of me. At that moment, Yingying swore that unless the public doesn’t want me, Yingying will be a public person all her life." Yingying returned Muqingfeng’s waist.
Smelling the sweetness from behind, Mu Qingfeng finally calmed down, and his mood fluctuated violently. He suddenly felt very hot.
Mu Qingfeng suddenly turned her head and her eyes met Yinger’s watery eyes. Yinger’s eyes showed a blurred color. It seems that she is really willing.
Finding Muqingfeng staring straight at herself, Yinger closed her eyes shyly. She had seen the desire in this man’s eyes, and sure enough, she was picked up by Muqingfeng and walked towards the bed.
"It’s not that his left hand is still quite strong." Yingying secretly thought with her eyes closed waiting for happiness.
Mu Qingfeng tried his best to put Yinger on the bed, then grabbed his bedside clothes and ran away.
Yinger waited for a long time, but she didn’t wait for Mu Qingfeng to arrive. When she heard a rush of footsteps, she finally couldn’t help but open her eyes. She was surprised to find that there was bright moonlight in the room except herself.
"What about male?" Yinger is full of questions.


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