Section 24

☆ There is a boyfriend at the end of 23, isn’t it here?
Ling Ye was not asked, but said, "I like you, and I chose this major to be an excellent forensic doctor like you!"
All the people are puzzled. I don’t know what Muming asked. I moved my lips slightly to ask, but I didn’t dare to disturb the two people talking.
"You can sit down." Mu Ming’s eyes turned slightly. "Do you understand what I mean?"
What do you mean, everyone is still at a loss? What is the point of Mu Ming’s talking about these things? Isn’t this a good lecture? Now it seems to be off the topic.
The headmaster, the professor and others are also confused and staring at the stage with a tight face, but they all want to ask some questions like the students.
This good lecture doesn’t feel right now, but because of his identity and Muming’s identity, the principal and others can sit there quietly without saying a word.
"No, forensic doctor Bai Mu, can you tell us straight?" Several boys muttered at the top of their voices, but they didn’t leave a face for Muming.
Tai Muming flexed his fingers and said shallowly, "If you want to learn such a major, you must first make sure what you want to learn and what you do, and set a goal and work hard towards it."
"The former female student did a good job." Mu Ming cleared her voice. "Although she regards me as an idol, it is also necessary. I don’t know how much you know about me, but-"
"You must practice your skills!" Mu Ming raised the clean face of Yerba, which smelled of heroic spirit. Her cold cheeks made people afraid to look straight.
After listening to her words, many students are weak and low-headed. They came here to study without thinking too much in advance, just thinking about finding a stable job after graduation.
"The position of forensic doctor makes many people unhappy. It is very difficult to find a partner in the future, but you have your own reasons for choosing this. You must remember that Do not forget your initiative mind will get the end."
At this time, Mu Ming turned into a positive energy tutor. She squinted and looked around before she really gave a lecture.
"I don’t know how much you know about forensic medicine?" Her fingers were lying on the edge of the lecture table as white as jade, and her fingernails seemed to glow faintly.
"Mu forensic doctor, we all know you!" A senior male student raised his hand to express his views. Many people should say that they know her.
This made someone raise their eyebrows and it seemed a very-wrong decision to let her give a lecture in Taiwan!
If you know that, he will listen to these students’ voices instead of her, saying in his heart that it is not a taste, and there are always some dislikes, especially male students’ voices!
But most of the questions are asked by male students. Do they really think he is a decoration?
Gu Jingke raised his eyes slightly with a tight finger and slowly looked at the corner of his mouth. He was slightly nervous. Cheng Man pestle just got back. Qi Shaochen.
He moved his mouth and snorted, "Is he jealous?"
Qi Shaochen’s heart is nai. He actually wants to say that Gu Jingke is not jealous, but he will be jealous. No man is more heart-warming than his boyfriend!
Chen Jun quickly leaned over to Cheng Man and laughed. "I think the Cheng team is that the police officer Gu doesn’t like the male students in this school. Will this posture run to pull the ghost sister?"
The three men secretly poked at Wei Xiaoguang and poked him in the heart, saying, "The elder has something to say less. We are so close to Officer Gu. Do you really think he is deaf?"
Chen Jun immediately gave his mouth to Wu Chao Wei Xiaoguang and blinked his eyes. The corners of his mouth were slightly curled and he no longer said a word.
Cheng Manchao looked at the two men and silently gave a thumbs-up and said, "Chen Jun said it was a positive solution."
At this time, Tai Muming also said, "The most important thing in forensic medicine is technical proficiency. If you have high skills, you must practice more. I believe there are general teachers in your school."
"A good forensic doctor must know that human body structure is not only general, but also subtle, so that you can give full play to your ability in the process of assisting in solving crimes!"
She looked at the students in Taiwan slightly and asked softly, "I wonder how many of you study this knowledge in your spare time?"
How many students say hello to the general teacher after class? Who wants to go!
Mu Ming, who saw men and women with different faces, did not force him, but raised his eyes to Ling Ye and asked faintly, "This classmate said that you like me. Have you ever done this in your spare time?"
Ling Ye’s face turned slightly stiff. Honestly, she hasn’t done it. Worse, she is a freshman and hasn’t studied yet. She got up and held her head high and said, "I haven’t done it yet, but I will definitely learn from you when I am officially studying!"
Mu Ming shook his head slowly with his fingers. "No, I want to tell you that you can make up for it by hard work. If you are short of talent, you must practice your hands as a teacher, otherwise the technology will never go naturally."
"I am white!" Ling Ye nodded heavily and quickly sat down in the chair. The goddess’ meaning is already very clear. If you are short of talent, you can work hard on your own.
But in this business, who dares to call himself talented enough in front of Mu Ming?
She believes that even those professors dare not, otherwise, how can they sit on the stage and listen to lectures so carefully?
"Forensic doctors need to make their eyes sharp and sharp to see through the unusual at a glance, and practice their hands quickly and sensitively to do what they want to do in one second."
This sentence immediately provoked objections. "This sentence is easier said than done!"
Ling Ye was upset and looked at the sound because she found that the sound was coming from directly behind her, and it was always slightly provocative. She didn’t like it!
Listen to the sound and say, "Can you do it? Don’t say that if you can’t do it! "
Mu Ming’s fingers faintly said, "There is no general teacher here. Would you like to try it yourself?"
She was surprisingly quiet and didn’t see any tension at all. Ling Ye gave a thumbs-up in his mind, and this little thing was not difficult for her!
The female student’s face was slightly frozen, and it was Ling Ye who was in conflict. Just now, she heard Ling Ye’s "confession" to Muming, and she wanted Muming to fall hard.
But now it seems counterproductive. She didn’t expect Muming to make such a request at all.
Female students sat there straining their bodies and finally gnashing their teeth. "Who is still afraid?" ?”
Then she lifted her steps from the chair and walked on for about three minutes. She appeared on the stage and stared at a woman like Mu Ming, who turned out to be more beautiful up close!
She used to make up, but now it seems that something is wrong. This woman doesn’t have makeup at all. She stared back at Ling Ye and smashed her mouth. She was a little embarrassed.
"I don’t know how you want to try?" The female student’s trembling mouth and fingers have pinched out sweat in her palm, so it is not so easy on the surface.
Mu Ming glanced at her and turned to the stage. "I don’t know how you want me to try?"
It’s impossible for the Taiwanese to let this female student go because it’s quiet. It’s not too cruel to let her become a general teacher. The scalpel is a bite in her body …
Seeing that Taiwanese people didn’t talk, Mu Ming smiled gently, "Don’t you have any good suggestions?"
It’s absolutely impossible to operate a knife on a person, but this schoolgirl used her as an air outlet, but she’s not a nuisance!
"Since you don’t have it, I can ask a client for advice." I turned to Muming and stared at the corners of the mouth of the female student. "Please give me a better suggestion, but don’t let you be difficult in the eyes of so many people."
The female student’s heart trembled. At this moment, she felt that she was really stupid. It was simply stupid to question Muming’s technology!
"I believe you now. Can I go? Can you? " The female student is incoherent, and she needs to sit in the chair urgently now.
Mu Ming’s eyes narrowed slightly and turned to look at the crowd in Taiwan. "Now you should have heard that she said she was going, not that I asked her to go."
Everyone nodded quickly to show their willingness to prove that Muming’s finger gently clicked on the desktop and never looked at the female student behind her again. This female student has a personal vendetta and it is not a good person to do so.
The female student who gave her lecture also returned to her position despondently, and when she came, she obviously felt a few impatient lines of sight and followed her feelings.