While chasing, Yang Xiu was also observing and thinking for a long time, but he didn’t recognize what this mouse was. The monster beast was proficient in hiding in the soil, and he didn’t see any means of attack, but it was quite different from the spirit beasts such as treasure hunt rats, fire rats, ze jing.

Yang Xiulai didn’t chase after him because he hit himself, but because he was proficient in soil evasion, he should also have something special, so he came up with the idea of raising.
When Yang Xiu was about to succeed, he saw that it had to go deeper into the ground and chase it for about a kilometer. When Yang Xiu saw that it hadn’t stopped yet, he thought to himself whether it had its lair or not. I didn’t know there was danger, but when he saw the yellow mouse close at hand, Yang Xiu decided to chase it for a while, and whether he chased it or not, he returned. No, the mouse was not worth the risk.
Thought of here, posture is not a few minutes faster.
It was then that Yang Xiu suddenly disappeared in front of him.
Before Yang Xiu thought about anything, he felt as if his body had passed through a film, and then the scenery changed and he was already in a cave.
Just saw the mouse running to another room.
Yang Xiu, where is the idea to chase it now? Suddenly, there is a cave thousands of meters underground, and I feel indecisive in my heart.
Yang Xiu has never heard of such a place in Nanling School.
Moreover, it is not a simple matter to build such a abode of fairies and immortals if it is not like Yang Xiu’s habit of hiding in the earth.
Maybe that mouse is raised by a monk who can practice monks here. I don’t know what to do if I catch up with him at home.
Yang Xiu, who is uneasy, considers whether to go out immediately or what eyes should carefully look at the situation of abode of fairies and immortals.
Yang Xiu should be in the abode of fairies and immortals hall now.
The hall is not well furnished, but a few night beads are randomly inlaid on the wall to give a soft light.
There are few stone tables and chairs.
Yang Xiu is still in a state of depression and ruin, as if no one had cleaned it for a long time.
Moreover, although it is not long since Yang Xiu came in, if there is someone in the abode of fairies and immortals, it is time to show Yang Xiu.
As soon as the idea comes out, Yang Xiu feels more likely to put a lot of heart.
At this time, Yang Xiucai noticed that the aura content in the abode of fairies and immortals was amazing. Breathing just after chasing mice recovered most of the aura, and the aura was rich, but it was not exposed to the outside. It should be forbidden in the outer layer, but it made Yang Xiu wonder that it could not stop mice and themselves from coming in.
Thinking of the mouse, Yang Xiu just saw it go to the stone house inside.
After thinking about it for a while, Yang Xiu also walked carefully into it, and did not encounter any obstacles all the way, so he went to the village smoothly.
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Chapter 13 Yaoyuanling Liquid
It’s not as small and simple as a hall, but it’s full of things and full of vitality.
Yang Xiu looked at this ten-acre-sized medicine garden.
The medicine garden feels like people are taking care of it, and it is full of herbs and smells.
There are various kinds of herbs, although most of them are common, but each plant shines brightly. I don’t know how long it has been before anyone has picked them. Most of them are thousands of years old.
There is a stone road that has been paved for a long time, and now it is covered with herbs.
Be careful not to let yourself step on the herbs on the slate. Yang Xiu strongly feels that there is a far higher aura fluctuation in the middle of the medicine garden.
Yang Xiu is curious and doesn’t know what can spread so close as the essence of aura. With a curious question, Yang Xiu slowly moves forward, and the closer he gets, the more obvious he feels.
Yang Xiu went to the medicine garden and saw a natural cave of a hundred square meters.
The cave surface is covered with stalactites of different sizes. The cave is a pool.
And the strong aura of the medicine garden is scattered from this pool.
Yang Xiu saw by the pool that the viscous liquid in the pool shone brilliantly, and there was a layer of glittering fog floating on the liquid surface. The fog condensed into a water drop in the pool and dripped from the stalactites, and so on.
"This is the spirit of ten thousand years!" Yang Xiu exclaimed in my heart.