Xiao asked if the sudden appearance scared Duan Yan, but she didn’t put down her footsteps and entered the slant hall, then turned and looked to the right.

On the right side of the slant hall, there is a long table with thick stacks of copywriting, and the corner of the table is a black Se lampstand. A small stone is shining at the top of the lampstand.
Duan Yan sat down on the other side of the long table. His left arm bent his elbow and pressed it against the right arm of the table. His right hand supported his chin. He was so sleepy that he nodded straight …
Xiao asked not from wry smile heart way are trapped like this why don’t you go back?
Then an idea floated from his mind, and Duan Yan endured being trapped here waiting for success, which was waiting for him.
He wants to see her, and she wants to see him.
It must be so.
At that moment, Xiao asked, there was a surge of happiness in my heart.
He was reluctant to wake Duan Yan. He stood there and looked at the small shining stone. The weak brilliance cast on Duan Yan made her look thinner. Her eyebrows were picturesque, her eyelashes were long and her nose was shining, and her right palm was on her cheek, which made her skin slightly sunken, but it was more sensual. Her lips were neither thin nor thick, but she was not attractive.
Even so, this girl is more cold and mature than quiet in lighting, but she is not secular but as beautiful as Gu Youlan.
It was not until then that Xiao Wen thought that the girl had honed her heart in unrequited love in 1956, and it was no longer the original.
That little girl is a woman who is more mature physically and mentally.
There are also times when he is shy and blushes to show his little daughter.
I don’t know if I feel someone entering the slant hall. Yan’s eyelashes are trembling and the horse is about to wake up.
Didn’t frighten Duan Yan Xiao asked simply not to shout a "Yan"
Duan Yan immediately opened her eyes and looked up and woke up, showing some embarrassment "Xiao Dage"
"Don’t go to bed?"
"I’m going to finish copying the horse." Duan Yan said in a hurry, and it was already a desk brush to write quickly.
"Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you."
"Well" Duan Yan should be a little.
Duan Yanxian is dedicated to waiting for Xiao Wen to leave one or two lines of accounts. After waking up, it will be completely solved, that is, more than ten interest rates. However, after copying, her face will be slightly hot because she didn’t expect to fall asleep. Now Xiao Wen must see that she is waiting for him to stay here …
It’s too late to say anything now. Duan Yan had to bite the bullet and get up. She first went around the outside of the table and then put out the lampstand to shine on the stone.
But the house did not go dark, because Xiao Wen had raised his hand to hold a purple fire for two people to take photos.
Let Duan Yan out of the door first, Xiao asked, and then he came out and put out the purple fire with his hand, and then the door
Xiao Wen turned around and looked at Duan Yan in the faint moonlight and asked, "Are you hungry?"
It is reasonable to say that it is very late in the day. Xiao asked that Duan Yan should be sent back. However, when the words came to his mouth, he changed "Let’s walk together."
"Well" Duan Yan nodded and replied.
There are several Xiao Wen and Duan Yan strolling in the great light garden of our capital, and soon they are near a garden.
The small stone path in the garden, two people walk side by side, at first, they all have nothing to talk about, and it is a little embarrassing if they can’t find it, but after walking in the moonlight for a long time, they gradually relax, and it is more and more tacit to say nothing and stay quietly.
Think about Duan Yan’s hardship in recent years, and he felt quite uncomfortable. He felt that he should be more active among the two now. Walking, Xiao Wen summoned up his courage and said, "It’s good of you to come."
Yan has already felt Xiao Wen’s change since the last meeting, and she never feels that it is impossible for them to finish. But at this time, she still feels a quiver and a fever when she hears Xiao Wen say "It’s good that you can come".
After a while, Yan only gently replied "Well".
Missing a person is a great achievement, but I can’t recall the smell of that person. More importantly, Xiao Wen was mostly hiding in the distance and peeping at Duan Yan’s place. Xiao Wen was most familiar with Duan Yan’s appearance and temperament. But now, because of the night wind, they have to get closer together, and he can smell Duan Yan’s faint fragrance. It is that she washes her hair. The smell of some ordinary spices is mixed with extremely light fragrance from her body, which is fascinating.
Xiao asked very clearly that he still has a lot of things to do now. If the three pillars of Tianlan demon world can’t be separated, he won’t be idle. Now he guarantees Duan Yan a happy and stable life, but after all, the two have liked each other for a long time, but one broke out several years ago and the other broke out only recently. If you simply finish it, you can directly get married.
Xiao asked what he promised when his life was still unstable, but he could make up for Duan Yan’s late love.
I said that "it’s good of you to come", and after a while Xiao Wen added, "I’ve often missed you since the last minute."
At that moment, Xiao asked as if he had put a heavy burden on his body and mind, because he finally said what he had always wanted to say.
Duan Yan, on the other hand, was just the opposite. At that moment, her heart suddenly tightened and her thinking almost stopped turning. Fortunately, her feet can still get used to walking forward, otherwise I’m afraid Xiao will ask jokes again.
I miss you, and then I miss you. This is Duan Yan’s most longing answer. She never thought that she hadn’t come and said "I miss you" to her personally. Xiao asked her "I often miss you"
Duan Yan wanted to cry at that moment. She almost cried.
But she knew she should laugh, but how could she laugh in such a strong sadness?
I don’t know how long it took her to finally digest Xiao’s question "I often miss you"
Only Xiao Wen knew that the two of them had actually passed four intersections in silence.
After the fourth intersection, Yan stopped and Xiao Wen had to stop.
Moonlight Duan Yan looked up at Xiao Wen and said, "I miss you very much, too."
Xiao asked that his facial muscles almost froze. If he wanted to smile at Duan Yan, he couldn’t look at Duan Yan’s eyes shining slightly in the moonlight and replied, "Well, I’m very happy."
The two men stared at each other for a long time without moving or talking.
But after all, they can’t stay here forever. After a long time, Xiao Wen reached out and caught Duan Yan’s little hand.
Duan Yan is the first time to experience this kind of achievement because she is too nervous and her hands are stiff.