This time, I suddenly became the practitioner of the dry world. "Is it expensive for you to mix Nirvana Dan here in the world?"

There was a silence in the restaurant for a while. Someone asked, "How many lingshi do you usually need in Yuan World?"
The practitioners in the fitting period of Ganyuan World replied, "There are 70,000 to 10,000 spiritual stones, but it is difficult to buy them. Cangshuozong will release 100 pieces every year. If they don’t have a definite request, they will not resell them at a private price, or they will sell Nirvana Dan to the outside world. I don’t know that the price will be so high."
Or the one who questioned the practitioner, "Why did Cang Shuozong do such a foolish thing?"
Next to an old man who looks like a repairman, he laughs. "This is not a stupid thing. You are young, so you don’t know much about the situation in the dry yuan world. Before that, some layouts in the dry yuan world hurt them a lot. It should be to help the dry yuan world recover in this way."
The foundation of a clan is that no one else is good with them. This is an impossible thing. The master of the clan is a wise person. It is very clear that they will do this kind of thing at this time. Everyone will remember that their good will be very beneficial to their later development. "
As soon as the old man’s voice just fell, someone came out in the corner and said, "Is that amazing fairy the Cangshuo Sect of Ganyuan World?" !”
There was another silence in the restaurant. Hu Yingxue was so famous in the mixed yuan world. She was born in the dry yuan world, and it was not a secret. Before it was added, someone was specialized. At this time, it would be strange to see that it was a young boy with a childish face. Everyone just gave a kind smile.
At this time, someone ran into the restaurant and shouted, "There’s finally something else going on over there."
There means that where Hu Yingxue is now is also the most eye-catching place in the city at this time. When I heard people calling, the people in the restaurant disappeared in an instant, but they didn’t go far, just flew from the door or window to the middle school.
Being a human being for so many days, practitioners in the city can fly for half, and all of them have done this except for the sea of fire, where people are close to each other for 300 meters and half, and everyone has a feeling that it is getting dark in an instant.
It’s normal for Hu Yingxue to receive such a note because she is in the city of Tianjue and almost in the center of the city. Although she is not used to it, she doesn’t feel anything uncomfortable in her heart. Others have to watch her. If she doesn’t interfere, she can look at it as she likes.
Since being thrown into the flame, Lingshi has disappeared in an instant, and her attention has been in sight. The flame has not let her down. After staring at it for almost half an hour, a canopy with a coverage price of up to 100 meters suddenly appeared at the center of the flame.
When sticking your head out of the flame, you can see that the dragon body and the two brothers are still as close as before. The huge body is wrapped around the crown of the tree and the flame jumps from beginning to end. It looks as if their bodies have burned up.
Whether Jia Cheng and his body are on fire or not can be determined temporarily, but one thing is very clear at a glance. After being exposed to the air, the crown of the sycamore tree burns from the top, which looks a little weird because the light emitted turns out to be cyan.
However, this kind of strangeness is gratifying. It is difficult for phoenix trees to burn. Generally, when phoenixes are nirvana, they can be ignited. After being ignited, phoenix trees will release a lot of wood aura and anger. Most of the time, it is by phoenix trees that these phoenixes can be successfully completed.
When the phoenix tree burns, it means that Nirvana is about to enter the end. For Jia Yuan and this pair of purple dragons, whose mother is half of the phoenix family, everything has been done before. Although the chances of success are pitiful, the two brothers have achieved it. They must definitely give a thumbs up to their perseverance.
But doing this doesn’t mean that success is just around the corner. There will be many unexpected situations among the orthodox blood phoenix people, not to mention the two brothers who forced the nirvana avatar with thin blood and the purple dragon blood is very pure. It is absolutely impossible to hang up until the last moment.
There should be people here who will wonder why they are so pure in blood with Jia Gui’s purple dragon that they can still retain the blood of the Phoenix clan inherited from their mother. This should start with the strong fertility of the dragon, knowing that they are a few people who can combine across species and naturally have offspring.
Because the blood is overbearing, unless it is combined with the blood or strength of the other side, the child will be dragon-shaped, but although it is dragon-shaped, it will retain some magical powers of the other side. This should be a result of evolution, and it is by this method that dragons give their people magical powers of five flowers.
If you want to keep the other avatar, you must keep the other’s blood. If you keep more genes, you will become Yalong. Yalong can return to the orthodox identity by evolution. Dragons are divided into three, six and nine according to the blood concentration of dragons.
According to the fact that the dragon has been born with non-dragon characteristics since ancient times, the two brothers should be classified as Yalong, but their dragon blood concentration is much higher than that of their father who defeated his opponent across the Dragon Emperor throne with high dragon blood concentration.
The blood concentration of the dragon is high and profitable, but the blood of the phoenix is relatively thin. If it succeeds, it can be said to be a miracle. Therefore, Hu Yingxue’s eyes have been staring at the crown of the flame from the burning of the phoenix tree.
Platanus acerifolia is not easy to burn, but the burning speed is very fast. From seeing the crown burning from the top to the whole crown burning, it was only a moment before and after, and the blue light exploded when it burned, and it quickly spread for half an hour, covering the whole Tianjue City.
The blue light looks a little dazzling. In fact, what really exists is the aura and vitality released by the burning phoenix tree. The coverage area of the cyan light will be very wide, and the coverage area of the aura will become smaller. For example, 300 meters around the eye scene flame, people can feel that they are enveloped by the aura and rich vitality of wood, and even three or five meters away, they will not feel any aura and rich vitality.
Wood aura can help people speed up the healing of wounds and illnesses, and anger can also have the same effect, and even if they are not injured, they will feel very comfortable because they can help the body automatically expel waste gas and impurities.
A few people who have seen nirvana do not prevent people from knowing what benefits the phoenix tree can bring to the people around them when it burns. Unfortunately, Hu Yingxue and others are watching, and they don’t want to be misunderstood. They can be full of regrets when they look at the crown of the tree, where the flame light has been completely covered by cyan light.
When many people look at the fire, Hu Yingxue and others envy and hate it, the blue light of the crown will be wrapped around the crown of the tree, and Jia Cong and his two brothers will be completely covered up again. At the same time, the flame has been burning for nearly a month and weakened little by little.
The height of the flame has shrunk rapidly, and the coverage area has also shrunk rapidly with the height of the flame. Not long ago, the phoenix tree, which was covered by the flame, clearly appeared in the horizon. Compared with before, the general shape is not much different from the original one, that is, the whole phoenix tree is twice as tall as before.
Like the crown of the tree, the trunk of the sycamore tree also burned up. After almost an hour, the trunk and branches were all red and the color turned black. Then I heard the tiny explosion of the sycamore tree, and then I heard a bang.
Like dumping buildings and houses, the whole sycamore tree quickly became short. At the moment of collapse, the whole tree was full of flames again. When Jia Cheng and his figure were once again covered by flames, there was only blue light in the horizon reflecting the flames.
This time, Hu Yingxue didn’t wait for several days. Near the evening, the last pile of flames decreased as quickly as it was absorbed. It was a blink of an eye, and the coverage area was 100 meters in diameter, leaving the flame the size of an ordinary table.
As the flame faded away a little, two purple and gold things slowly emerged. They were two eggs more than a foot high. Without distinguishing the smell of the eggs, they could be sure that they were side by side with Jia Xuan’s two eggs. Looking at them, it would remind people how close they were before.
When nirvana is burning, of course, it is not an ordinary fire. The biggest feature is that it burns without any temperature. Even if it burns continuously for almost a month, Hu Yingxue can’t feel any heat when he walks to the place once covered by flames.
When Hu Yingxue came to the two eggs, the last fire was just absorbed by them. The sycamore tree didn’t burn out, leaving a pit at the top of the coke pile. The two eggs looked like the coke made a nest for the two eggs.
Grab two eggs from the pit and Hu Yingxue waved a hand to collect the coke in the Gankun ring. These cokes are good things to help refine some extremely rare and very difficult refining materials. It is also a rare thing in the world. Mu Tianxuan definitely has a chance. Of course she can’t let it go.
Put away the coke and pay attention to put back the two eggs. Hu Yingxue immediately frowned. The dragon is very big, so when the normal dragon egg is in it, there will be a person who is held in her hand. Both eggs are more than a foot high, which is very abnormal.
Generally speaking, the reason for this situation is that the young dragon is underdeveloped or the egg lacks vitality. No matter which reason, it will face difficulties. If the young dragon is hatched by itself, the impact will naturally be that the young dragon is suffocated in the eggshell.
Even if it can be traced back, Jia Yuan and the ancient figures can be regarded as nirvana before them. Now they are veritable young dragons, and the situation is far from that of ordinary young dragons. It seems that there is a great chance that they can’t naturally break their shells.
Jia Yuan and his successful completion of Nirvana don’t know if they absorbed the anger before and whether it all went into the bottom hole of their bodies. Their vitality is still poor. Although their vitality has not continued to pass and they look much stronger than before, they still haven’t changed and remained weak before.