"Jingle bell, jingle bell when …" Sun Jiankang rolled his tongue and smiled simply.

Hang Ningdai nodded disappointedly and agreed to "good"
"Bell" Sun Jiakang suddenly approached Hang Ningdai in the first two steps.
Is Hang Ningdai’s reaction not "healthy?"
"Uh …"
There was a sharp pain in the neck, and it was dark at the moment.
Chapter 964 Our early rage
It’s getting dark. Ruan Danning raises his watch from time to time to look at his heart.
Ning Dai said that she would go back when she got to the car, but at this time, where is she going back?
Xuan place a burst of noise, she is NingDai back busy walked over and mouth still complaining about "you this child day is the wedding how so not sensible until now …"
The words stopped here because it was Hang ‘an in the Xuan place.
Hang An frowned as he took off his coat. "How did Ning Dai go out? Haven’t come back yet? "
"… well," Ruan Danning took her husband’s coat and nodded. "It’s been two hours since an important friend came back. Did you come back today and it was nothing?"
"Where are things busy?" Hang An shook his head. "Of course my daughter will come back early for her wedding."
"Don’t worry too much," he said, holding his wife in his arms. "Maybe it’s just good sisters at school. Let them meet. It’s impossible to invite them to the wedding here."
"Well," Ruan Danning relaxed a little.
However, it was almost time for dinner when Hang Ningdai didn’t come back.
This is even urgent for Hang An.
"Call Ning Dai" Hang An pointed to his wife.
Ruan Danning sighed, "I didn’t pick me up twice before. I’ll call again now."
Said and dialed the number of Hang Ningdai, but this time …
Hang An looked at his wife, Ruan Danning, frowning, and his face was not very good. Hang Anxin sank. "What’s the matter?"
"Machine" Ruan Danning this is completely impatient "Ann …"
"Don’t worry" Hang An heavy eyebrows a twist "let me think …"
Hangningdai’s mobile phone naturally has a tracking and positioning device, but she doesn’t have a machine signal root tracking now.
"Nothing will happen to Anning Dai?" Ruan Danning was in a hurry and a little uncomfortable. He closed his eyes and held his temples.
Hangan busy drink a way "what are you doing in such a hurry? Isn’t there me? "
Holding his wife while talking, "Don’t even think about hearing anything when you go upstairs to rest?"
Ruan Danning settled down and Hang An immediately called Han Xilang. It seems that it is not easy. He has to ask Han Xilang.
Han Xilang soon came from Xuan, and his breath was uncertain. It is rare that he was so confused when he was young and in charge.
"Ning Dai … still no news?"
Hang An shook his head and walked out. "Come with me!"
"Good" Han Xilang nodded and didn’t talk much behind Hang An.
Section 715
Both of them looked dignified and walked all the way to the front yard. In front of them was the office area. Han Xilang rarely went after taking over Korea.
All the way, the guards are heavily guarded, and I don’t respect and salute when I see Hang An.
"prime minister"
Push the office door and sit in the office for a whole time. There are screens in front of people. When they see Hang An, they immediately get up "Prime Minister".
"Well" Hangzhou An Wei nodded "How?"
"There is no news yet …"
Hearing this sentence, Hang An frowned and sighed, "The best tracker in the imperial city is the fire wolf, but it’s a pity that he’s not here now … Otherwise, it’s just a piece of cake to do such a thing."
As he spoke, he pointed to Han Xilang in front of the screen. "Come and try. You are most familiar with Ning Dai, and you have also learned these …"
Han Xilang took off his coat, rolled up his sleeves and sat in the pull-up chair. He took a side hand and handed me headphones. He took a few deep breaths and tried to calm himself down.
It’s really like looking for a needle in a haystack. Han Xilang is so calm that he hasn’t done this for a long time.
He dare not relax for a moment. Things like Hang Ning Dai are important at this moment.
As the minutes passed, Han Xilang was frowning and sweating. God knows how much it consumed his mind!
"prime minister"
Someone is holding a towel and wants to pass it to Han Xilang.
Hang An raised his hand to stop "No … Don’t disturb him"
In Han Xilang’s mental height, the sweat flowed down the jaw angle and suddenly his eyes widened and his right hand double-clicked the mouse!
"Did you find it?" Hang An rushed to "isn’t it?"
"hmm!" Han Xilang nodded and said urgently, "It’s this line that my horse cut off the audio … let them find it along this frequency!"
As he talked and did, the voice just fell, and the audio has been intercepted and sent to various points.
Hang An’s brow didn’t loosen and asked, "Are you sure?"
Han Xilang tugged at the corners of her mouth. "I’ve been watching her grow up since I was 18. I’m not sure. I’m sure."