"What do you mean by two …" The page wants to talk about when Xiang Ye two people have crossed him and made her way forward.

At this time, the figure coming from the building also found Xiang Ye, who is the wooden city preparing for a new day. After seeing the two people, she was also one leng and didn’t know what to say. At ordinary times, her fine mind was already ineffective when she saw the boy again.
At this time, in front of her eyes, the teenager was out of the immature category, far from the young teenager half a year ago. At this time, his eyes were full of vicissitudes of life, and his figure was tall and strong. If it wasn’t for the wooden city, she felt the familiar smell, and she mistook one for another. This change is not in appearance but in imposing manner.
At this time, she is still just staring at what the teenager wants to say, but it is the law.
Xiang Ye is also a little surprised at this moment. Although he has decided to treat this woman who has been entangled with him for so long, when the woman is in front of him, his heart is already full of waves. At this time, he is trying to suppress his heart to prevent this unnatural expression.
It’s only been half a year, and he actually saw the traces of time from the front of the woman. It seems that she is also unhappy, but what Xiang Ye wants to say at this time is also a method.
"I said you two have finished? Look here for so long "while blood Wolf is already can’t wait at this moment.
At this time, two people looked at each other to react, and suddenly their faces showed an embarrassed look at the same time.
"Well, let me tell you. I have something to discuss when I come to your place this time." Xiang Ye still refused.
Seeing Xiang Ye’s unnatural expression after speaking, the wooden city was also amused at this moment. She didn’t expect the second meeting between the two to be like this. After all, it turned out that Xiang Ye was pretending to be a magician to see her several times. Although she guessed his identity, she didn’t expose it now.
"All right, you come here with me." After that, the wooden city took the two-story building.
Walking on the road, the three people stopped talking at this moment. The blood wolf didn’t know what to say because he saw the two people now. Xiang Ye still had some bad feelings in his heart at this moment, and he didn’t know how to talk.
Finally came to a room when the whole wood said, "Please sit down and say what’s up."
Two people sitting in a chair at this moment looked at each other or Xiang Ye mouth "miss wood in fact, this time I need your help" said these words when Xiang Ye has returned to normal is no longer expressive.
"eh? Need our help? Hehe, I didn’t hear you wrong. The mysterious sorcerer "At this moment, the wooden city saw Xiang Ye’s expression and expression was already secretly angry in her heart, so she directly exposed Xiang Ye.
She was thinking that Xiang Ye should know that Feng Yuan had asked for relatives and friends from his home, but there was still no response at this time. Is it true that she doesn’t care about these things? And she is now certain that she has only met several times, and this teenager has been erased from her heart.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Hit a wall
The original look at the attitude is not bad. At this moment, the wooden city suddenly turned into a big change, and the attitude also turned sharply. Xiang Ye suddenly didn’t know how to say it.
Blood Wolf also knows that Xiang Ye’s status as a magician caused a lot of trouble in the gambling pit for a while. At this time, it is not decent to be exposed by others, so he can look at Xiang Ye with a smile, which means that he has caused trouble himself and solved it himself.
"It seems that you already know that’s my other identity. Now I want to say that although I did something wrong, it’s even. Today I have another thing to do." Xiang Ye said at this moment.
In fact, when Xiang Ye came, he had already thought about the rhetoric for a while, but he didn’t expect the wooden city to expose the trouble he had caused some time ago. At this time, his plan was a little confusing and he didn’t know what to say next.
"Ha ha, it seems that Ye Dagong is really forgetful. Just one sentence is even? So since we are even, please leave." At this moment, the wooden city is already a gloomy face and said.
Xiang Ye two people at this time is already no steps, the other is the marching orders, stay here is to find their own boring, although they also thought of the wooden house did not agree to their requirements, but I didn’t expect to be driven out as soon as I came.
At this time, the blood wolf saw that both of them had become very ugly, so he was about to bite.
"I said you …"
"Forget it, Xu Xiong doesn’t welcome us. Let’s go." Xiang Ye interrupted him at this moment and said that his face was still calm
In fact, after saying this sentence, the wooden city also regretted it. She knew that her Xiang Ye character would never stay again. Maybe the contradiction between the two people will be more intensified and she will never be able to solve it, but she is also a proud character. She will not take back this sentence again.
At this time, she could keep a close eye on Xiang Ye’s face as if to see his thoughts at this time from his eyes, but at this time, Xiang Ye did not look at her, but had got up and was about to walk out the door.
"Wait, how do you calculate the losses caused to our gambling pits?" Seeing that two people really want to leave the wooden city knows that once they leave, there will be no room for manoeuvre for themselves and Xiang Ye. At this time, she still said something, but she didn’t know what to say. She could have said such a sentence.
"eh? Hum, I said that the matter is even. What else does Miss Mu want? " Xiang Ye at this moment is finally some angry heart way this woman is really understanding.
"If you say we are even, we are even. I also said that we are not. Today, you have to compensate us for the loss of Lingshi." Wooden city can also continue to talk at this time.
See her lai sample Xiang Ye has made up his mind to ignore her "Xu Xiong let’s go".
Xiang Ye, this is still walking towards the door to see the sample. It’s really leaving
Although the blood wolf didn’t want to get nothing, he knew how much Xiang Ye needed the earthworm demon spirit, but at this time Xiang Ye had already broken up with others, and Nai got up and chased him.
Two people haven’t walked to the door at this moment the nearest wooden city is already up at the door just staring at Xiang Ye as if he didn’t give a replacement today, and he won’t let him go.
"What, don’t you want to keep us?" Xiang Ye looked at the changing face with suspicion at this moment and said.
"I said don’t leave if you don’t pay compensation." At this moment, the wooden city is also an iron core.
"Hum, it depends on whether you have this thing. Don’t make me do it." Xiang Ye was already angry at this moment.
At this moment, the wooden city has shouted out that as her voice fell from the building, it was already a group of people who came here. Two of them were strength or four-level monk Xiang Ye’s original opponent Muping was also in it.
"Miss, what’s the matter? What’s the position of these two people?" This is Mu Ping who is already nervous and asked.
"No matter how many people stay, we must not let them leave today." At this time, the wooden city was already in the hands and said.
Xiang Ye at this time to see the whole wood so appearance is also laughed with anger, he didn’t think the other party was really to see the sample must start work today.
"Xu Xiong looks like we’re going to start work again today," Xiang Ye said easily at this moment.
Blood Wolf also didn’t expect the wooden city to do things like this. At this time, he actually didn’t want to make trouble with the wooden house. After all, the wooden house wouldn’t promise them the earthworm demon spirit.