Yanzhe is not that kind of person. Even though he is younger than himself, he has never robbed anything from himself as a younger brother.

The pupil of the dark side tightens and then relaxes. Zhou Zichen knows that Gui Yanzhe’s attitude towards Yanxi is unusual by virtue of a man’s instinct for rival in love.
"Alas, when you mention Cai Xinyan, my stomach is very difficult to suppress the fire. Here she comes again. How long is her bravery? It’s so big that she can even buy a murderer to go to our Zhou family supermarket to set fire." At present, Zhou family has blacklisted Cai Xinyan and directly killed the first season.
"I really have a mayor’s father. I think Cai’s mayor’s way is almost defeated by her."
The former mayor Cai has a good image in the public mind and belongs to the kind of person who works hard. However, since Cai Xinyan’s scandals were exposed, many ordinary people have been scolding him for getting special treatment for his daughter.
For example, the disadvantages of TOEFL test, such as Cai Xinyan bullying all kinds of students when she went to school.
"Mayor Cai came here in the last general election, unless he has his own problems, he can still stay in that position for four years less." The restaurant discussion center was moved to see the sharp problem, and Zhou Wenting hit the nail on the head.
"With this big tree, Cai Xinyan will not be too sad in prison even after the bail pending trial."
"It’s time for the child in Cai Xinyan’s stomach to come. It’s estimated that it’s almost been put home again at this time." Empress Jiang was well-informed and naturally knew that the police went to Cai’s house to arrest people this morning.
"No" smell speech elegant picked her eyebrows Zhou Zichen firmly chimed in.
"Oh," the curiosity hummed a wily one. Master Zhou needs a little thought to realize the meaning. "What tricks are you doing in the dark?"
Although at this age, the master has finished the internet insulation, but he still knows that Cai Xinyan has been criticized by public opinion.
That posture can’t wait for the world to know that he wouldn’t believe it if someone hadn’t deliberately tampered with it.
"Grandpa, you also underestimate the grandchild’s degree." Wind up black eyes slightly with a kind of domineering Zhou Zichen’s heart. The real loss is yet to come.
Now Cai Xinyan is standing on a mouse under his feet. Although one or two rats have not been completely trampled to death, the process is the most fun, isn’t it?
"Ha-ha, that’s why my old man has been wiping his eyes." Master Zhou has taught Zhou Shao more than his father Zhou Wenting, and it’s not too much to say that the father and the grandson are in heart.
Very good very good
Cheer for Zhou Zichen
Master Zhou put aside his stinking fart and muttered that he was the heir who was trained.
If Cai Xinyan can’t lift another moth, she has to completely pull out the Cai family’s one. Although it sounds cruel, this is the world.
Either the east wind presses the west wind or the west wind presses the east wind.
It is better to get rid of the hidden danger of being retaliated by others in the future.
When master Zhou was young, it was cruel to expand territory in shopping malls, because otherwise, how could the Zhou group have the leading scale and status in business now?
Chun Qin Ming men hun chong mo si
As Zhou Zichen promised, Cai Xinyan ushered in her first night in prison.
It’s not that Mrs. Cai doesn’t want to help him get a bail pending trial or has been in charge of this matter. Why can’t Mr. Yan even call him? His mobile phone has been on the phone, and the caller said he couldn’t find him either.
I think it’s really strange. There’s nothing Mrs. Cai can do to turn her attention to other lawyers in S city
Because I really don’t have the face to ask a friend with connections to introduce her, so that I can search online for which law firm is more famous and then dial the other party.
But once again, the world is surprised that the law firm is responsible for the case that Cai Xinyan is too busy or the lawyers in the firm are on a business trip to perfunctory Mrs. Cai.
In a dark and cold prison, staying in the same room with five or six female prisoners, Cai Xinyan has a princess temper.
Clapping at the iron fence in front of her, Cai Xinyan shouted at the prison guard who was sitting dozing off not far away, "Didn’t you say you should ask your leader to change my order? It’s been a long time, and there’s no news yet."
"Ha" squinted and almost fell asleep. The disturbed prison guard was wide-eyed and dissatisfied. "How can I know? Anyway, you mean that I have responded to the leader, but it is not something I can control if I answer or not."
"Er, ok, but let’s see if you can lead with you again after you receive a diamond necklace from me." Maybe they were busy at that time and missed it.
"When did I receive your diamond necklace?" The prison guard was actually ready to give the necklace to his girlfriend.
"Don’t talk nonsense. Our prison does stipulate that prison guards can’t accept gifts from prisoners."
"You took it. I saw you put the necklace in your pants pocket." Cai Xinyan, who was almost beaten to death by saliva, understood the darkness of society.
Once upon a time, I used to be a high-ranking woman, so I had her to hack others’ shares. If others wanted to hack her, they wouldn’t even think about it.
"Alas, please don’t tell a dirty lie. Maybe you have the idea of bribery, but I will never do it." Prison guards can also be rich, but before that, did you dare to engage in gray income
Take those young men who have only been in their bureau for example. Because they don’t understand the hidden rules, they will complain about which hall official was squeezed out by people with backgrounds and then they will settle for second place.
Are you stupid?
Those who sit in offices are as fat as their prison guards.
The key is to see if you can make money.
"You are hateful" is so angry that every hair on your body is shaking. Because Cai Xinyan gave it to the other party secretly, she couldn’t say that she had anything to prove.
At the same time, an embarrassing sound came from her stomach, and Cai Xinyan, the head of anger, suddenly realized that he was already hungry and stuck his chest on his back.
It’s not that the prison didn’t give her dinner, but that she disliked the bad food and threw it aside directly.
"Hey, go get me something to eat." Cai Xinyan still feels weak when she commands director Yu Ma at home.
Even if the other person refuses to admit it, he takes it.
"Well, I have a bun here."
But she doesn’t understand that the prison guards at this level have long forgotten what is guilty.
"Just give me this." Staring at the cheap plastic packaging, you know Cai Xinyan has always been baking and making western-style snacks.
"How come I don’t have one less but more?" A little koo shrugged his shoulders. The prison guard thought that he had sent himself out for the night shift.
"Don’t eat, don’t eat, forget it, starve to death. You deserve it." Where will there be any passion left in front of the female prisoners all day? The prison guards tore the plastic bag and killed the buns in front of Cai Xinyan.
In about five minutes.
"Xiao Li, you just cover for me for a while." After eating bread, I felt thirsty. After drinking a full glass of water, the prison guard soon felt urgency.
"I’m going to the toilet." I called my passing colleague and ran away without waiting for the other party to promise him.
On the other hand, Cai Xinyan, who is fed up with birds, is suffering from hunger and sitting in a dark corner of the prison, cursing.
Yanxi, you bitch
If it weren’t for you, she would have fallen into such a mess
"Hey, what did you do to get in here?" The female prisoner in the same cell leaned in to talk nonsense to Cai Xinyan.
"Say it’s not murder and arson."
The other party kept asking, but Cai Xinyan didn’t say a word.
She is not in the mood to talk to this woman who smells strange all over, and she feels that people are not qualified to ask her questions.
"Oh, it’s quite dragging."
"You are dumb, aren’t you? Our elder sister didn’t hear you talking."